Sunday, May 03, 2009


Easy Like A Ginger Sunday

A busy day in my garden today. My mum was gardening (mostly weeding and cutting the grass), my dad was giving my mum's bicycle a spring overhaul, and I was sitting in the warm sunshine. Apparently the humans are growing carrots in this red tub as an experiment. I wonder if they will grow? I examined the tub closely. I will keep you updated on whether the carrots grow.

Meanwhile there was more than one ginger in the garden...the Skinny One was sunbathing by the pond. He really does have the skinniest tail I have ever seen. Not at all like my floofy tail! Earlier I had chased the neighbour kitty (and sidekick of Marmite) Spike out of the garden. I gave Skinny a hard stare... ...but decided it was too warm and I could not be bothered to chase him. Actually I have been wondering lately if I need a sidekick of my own, since Marmite has one. My mum thinks I have been developing some tolerance for Skinny. Maybe I could start a Ginger Posse? He certainly is very skinny! Uh-oh, what is that I see? It's that dratted Spike back again. Go away Spike, there is not room for three cats snoozing in this garden, and you are the wrong colour to belong to my Ginger Posse. OK, he's gone away, back to sunbathing and snoozing for the Ginger Posse.

Eric, can ME join the gingerposse?? - Billy

It looks like you haf a new furriend!!
Can my Dante join your Ginger Posse, too? You can have an international posse because we lives in Catanada!
Poor Spike. Isn't Ginger a state of mind? He can't help what color he was born.

Poor, poor Spike...

Can I join the ginger posse too please. That would be quite fun.

I am glad you are letting the skinny one stay, he looks as though he needs a friend.

Hugs GJ x
I think you make a great ginger posse! And think: he could chase off the other cats while you enjoy the sun!
Aww that is so nice of you to let hims stay.

PS we can see you bloggie quite fine. :)
Eric, we think a Ginger Posse is a great idea! Wally wants to join!
Look at tha mini-me...!
Love & Purrs,
Mom actually called that kitty Marmite for a while this winter, but it just didn't seem to be right.

We just posted again about our black kitty friend! New developments this afternoon! Come back to read all about it.
We like the idea of a ginger posse! We think that you should allow Skinny to move in with you, get a new name and become Fat.
we got here no problem today eric!
I am glad you convinced Spike to leave you gingers alone!
Well, either they fixed it or we have a vivid imagination. We can see you fine, Eric. Whew. That would be scary to think no one can find you.
Hi Eric! We see you and you look very cute!
It was very nice of you to let the skinny one stay! He looks like he needs a friend and maybe a meal or two! You have quite a large ginger posse growing here!
Count me in the ginger posse, Eric!
I may not be floofy, but I am well padded.
Dear Eric, we think you need to fatten Skinny up. He is not nearly as handsome as you with your floofy tail. But if you want him as a sidekick and part of your Ginger posse, that is fine with us.

Ooooh, Growing carrots!! That sounds cool. You look adorable sniffing the red bucket.
We hope that your carrots grow Eric.
A ginger posse sounds like a fantastic idea!!!! Embrace the enemy!

-Kodak, 3 Perf and Blossom
Hay Eric, just wanted to let you know that we can see you and your bloggie!
Thank goodness!! :))
But Spike looks so cute and friendly and colour is only fur deep!

Can't wait to hear how the carrots do. Mom grew vegetables for a few years but she said it was hard work, and then they all ripened at once and she hadta give them away before they rotted. She said it was satisfying tho.
I definitely want to join the ginger posse! I've never been a part of a posse, and it sounds absolutely fantastic. Perhaps we could even be like West Side Story and slick our fur back and wear leather jackets and go around singing showtunes! Fabulous!
I think Skinny could be a good friend to you. That's great you invited him to join your Ginger Posse :-D
we hopes yer mum has good luck wif them carrots; best not try to hatch them in that pot, though. you'll get told off;-D

nitro volunteers to be in yer posse!
Ready to join the Ginger Posse!
A Ginger Posse sounds cool Eric! Mebbe that would make Spike stay outta yer garden...
Hi Eric... I sat in our garden this past weekend, too. Good luck growing the carrots. We're having only a bit of luck with some beets and -- alas, so far only one runner bean.

You're very tolerant of Skinny. It's not easy sharing space with other kitties, I know!
We are glad you are becoming more tolerant of Skinny. Maybe he will move in with you one day. It is good that you are letting him sun near you.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
Great yard for catching the sun and some zzzzzzs. Too bad your rest was bothered when you had a visitor trying to mess up your quiet time.
Happy Cinco de Mayo!
I think you rather enjoy the company of the skinny-tailed cat! But maybe you should reconsider letting Spike join in. He looks like an OK kind of guy. And maybe your mum could paint his grey spots and then who'd know?
Can we join your ginger posse Eric? We get released tomorrow so we will be available from then onwards.
A Ginger Posse?! That sound so cool, Eric. We think Skinny One would be an excellent sidekick.

Looking forward to updates on the carrots too ;-)
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