Monday, May 25, 2009



This is turning into a day I would rather forget.

First I find out that my mum is abandoning me AGAIN - she has the week off school for half-term holidays, but instead of staying at home to pamper me, she is flying off to Barcelona this evening with Cornish Auntie for a girlie trip, and not coming back till Friday. I am being left in charge of looking after my dad, the house, the newts, the plants and even the 10 caterpillars which belong to my mum's class which have come to our house for the holidays. It's a lot of responsibility!

Second, I was lazing in the sunshine in my garden this morning when I saw that pest Marmite terrorising the newts in the pond again. I chased him away, and SOMEHOW, (my humans didn't see it but I'm sure it was all Marmite's fault), I ACTUALLY FELL INTO THE POND!!!!!!!!!! This has never happened to me before, and now I am all wet and dirty and not allowed into the house until I have dried off a bit. My mum even tried to spray my muddy paws with the hose!!! The horror! I have been provided with some Greenies to try to make me feel better but really my nerves are extremely shaken! Is this the time for her to abandon me???


Today our momma putz up a page to thank all 'a da veterans an' soldiers frum warz dat makez us safe. And, 'specially, the solders that spilled their blood and gave their lives so we can have freedom.

Eric, you'd better dry off quickly. Maybe if you make a very sad face youz momma will let youz in da house.
Oh, Eric, we are so sorry your mom is ignoring your more pressing need for her comforting presence and taking off without you after such a horrible experience. We hope you will be okay and not traumatized for life.
Oh Eric, what a horrid horrid day. I hope that the rest of it goes better and you get extra treats and scritches from your Male.
Oh Eric, what a traumatic experience...and then to be abandoned by your mum at a time when you most need comforting...tsk!! (Are you sure you might not actually have tried to catch one of the newts yourself and in an excess of enthusiasm leaped in after them??) Anyhow, when we were indoor/outdoor cats and would get wet and muddy, Meowmy would wrap us in a bath towel and snuggle us while drying us off. She even would squeeze our paws with the towel to get the water and mud off and we all liked that!
Oh Eric! How awful! You certainly deserved some Greenies after that terrible experience.
Oh Eric.. Be strong!
Eric, this is a cat-astrophe! I hope you are all dried off and clean now. And full of Greenies!
What an awful day you're having, and your Mum is abandoning you :( I'm so sorry, Eric. I hope time will pass quickly for you while she's gone.
Eric, get on the train and come here, mum says you can have a sleep over. I will be watching for you.

The nerve abandoning you Again..

Hugs GJ xx
You fell in the pond! Oh no! How terrible!
Oh Eric! You are having the day from h-e-double hockey sticks, aren't you?? We can't believe you are being abandoned again...and falling into the pond! How humiliating! Guess the only good thing is nobody saw you fall in....
Eric, dude! Don't Panic. Haf you got yur towel? Dat's what you need is a good towel rub. Not the hose! (it's towel day)

I thot marmite was sumfing beans in Ingland eat. Make sure yur mom brings you sumfing speshul from Barcelona.

Dude, Bonnie gotted to play wif pet caterpillers once, too. An then they became butterflies an she soooo wanted to play wif them! But Mom wouldn't let her. Gosh, what IS it wif Moms?
Poor Eric. You fell in the pond? How embarrassing for you.Your mum should have brought you in and gently mopped your muddied paws instead of banishing you to the outside until you dried. Just a minute! did you say you got Greenies for getting wet? When are you jumping in the pond again?
Actually, if it was me, I would quite enjoy a paddle in your pond, but then, mum does tell me I'm an oddball.
Your friend (Big) Eric
Oh noes! Poor Eric! And then to make matters worse, your Mum just takes off anyway! We are hoping you get lots of cuddling and treats from your Daddy this week to make up for everything.

Oh Eric, we are so sorry. What a horrible experience. And your mum abandoning you again. We hope you get lots and lots of greenies for all the indignity you are putting up with.

Oh no, you took a swim? Did Marmite grease the edge of the pond so you fell in? Mooch lots of Greenies and then ignore your mum when she gets back. It is not nice of her to abandon you at your time of need.
Oh Eric, what a distreessing turn of events! Mom leavin ya with only Dad, newts. plants, ans caterpillers...

And then falling in the WATER! Well, I know about that cause I fell throught the ice once an it was just HORRIBLE!!!

Glad you are dry again though. It does take a while ta calm down.

Wow, Eric, I feel horrible for you. I can only imagine how falling into the pond must have felt. Thank goodness you're alright. I wish, though, your human pet were going to be around to help you in the days ahead with your recovery. I don't think it was a good time to leave your side at all.
Oh Eric! Don't worry, you mum will never abandon you! Even if she has to go places for a bit (even a long long bit) she will come back. Next time you see Marmite you should sneak up on him and push him in the pond! Hope you dried quickly.
Eric! How horrible!
She has left you with a huge amount of responsibility, which we know you are more than capable of handling, but oh the indignity of falling into the pond! We are certain that Marmite arranged it!!
We hope you have dried off by now, and when Mum gets back, come over to see more kitten pics! (After you give her a good scolding!)
That...that's not right. o0

I have an award for you when you get back!


Seriously? She used the hose??
Oh no (trying hard not to laugh) you was pushed into the pond (trying, trying, trying) and got wet and dirty (sorry) hahahaha.

That's not fair!
Oh, Eric, it's not bad enough your mom is leaving you, but to fall into the pond! Eeuwwwwwww. That's enough to chill my bones! And a hose? Whatever was she thinking? How awful!
Eric, I tagged you for the International Bloggers Community Award. Details and info on my site.
Oh my cats! Eric, are you OK?!
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