Friday, July 03, 2009


Floofy Friday - Where's Eric?

It has been very hot in London this week. In fact, you won't believe this but on occasions my mum has refused to let me guard her and the leg by playing lapkitty - some excuse about "it's just too hot to have a warm furry kitty on my lap"! Luckily we have got an electric fan so mum and I have been spending a lot of time sitting in front of it. I have also found some shady places in the garden to get away from the sun. Can you see me in this picture? This is my new favourite hiding place. But I have to be careful in case dad decides to water the plant pots...last night I nearly got watered!

Be careful Eric - wet kitty is no way to be!!!
Oh no! It took us a moment to find you there. I hope you all get cooled off. It's just starting to get hot here.
That looks like a cool spot!
Looks like a great place to hide, Eric! But definitely be careful of the water.

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew
What a great nap spot! Hmm, we hear from da naybor kids dat getting watered wif da hose is a good way to cool off. We wouldn't know and we don't want to find out.
Good spot on the nice cool pavement!
Private too, so those introoder kitties can't find you, and you can spy on them if they come!
Eric, that's a most excellent spot! Next to the cool bricks and shaded by a little tree.
We hope your Mom is feeling better and your Dad is coping wiv all the things you Mom normally does!
We like you hidey place - it looks really cool!

Milo and Alfie xx
Looks like a gret spot to rest Eric.

Gosh your mum must be hot in her cast, in your heatwave.

Tell her to take it easy.
Hi Eric. That looks like a very cool place to lie...the pot is probably especially cool if there's water evaporating from it. But you're right, you've got to be careful not to get watered by your Dad. We sure hope your Mum's leg is starting to feel's no fun at all having to wear a cast in hot weather.
Now that looks like a very cool place to wait out that nasty ol' heat wave! Your poor Mum having to wear that hot, heavy cast!
We had to look very hard to see you. We were supposed to get thunderstorms yesterday to cool the air, but they missed us. We have been collapsing all over the place. We hope your mum's leg is healing well.
Oh no, getting watered would not be fun at all!
Hi Eric, We watched the two Andys today. We are sorry your Andy had to lose. It was a TERRIFIC match!

Mom loves Federer too, and until our Andy won, she was going to root for Roger. Now she will be happy if either one wins.
I can barely see you hiding behind the pot, Eric. I know all about the lack of attention due to the heat. My human pet will barely come within five feet of me. Hopefully, with a little luck, some rain will fall soon.
We haf "hair-conditioning", so we stay cool indoors. But we still love to go out an sit onna deck in the warm.
Sorry you have the hots Eric, that is not good for either you or your mum. Stay cool by the potted plant, but don't get wet.
We like the heat, but a lot of beans don't seem to like it as much. We hope for your beans' sake, it cools down a bit. That is a great hiding place. Tell your dad to always check there first before he waters so that he doesn't water you.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
If you get watered and start producing F.E. seeds, Mombean would like a few.
Eric, we are glad you are finding ways to stay cool! *purrs* to you big kitty! :o)
So dat's where owr warm weather went? Can yoo send some of it back dis way to Mericky?
It might feel good to get watered on a hot day.
We reely can't see yoo dare Eric! Yoo just melt in wif da brick.
If he accidentally waters you, will you turn green and grow? No? Then we wouldn't worry about it. Might even cool you off.
It looked pretty hot over there when we were watching some tennis last week, so we can understand why your Mum might not want you on her all the time. You're got a good hiding place there, 'cos we couldn't find you when we first looked at the photo. Sending purrs to help your Mum keep healing,


Gypsy & Tasha
You are a good hider for a big guy. Hope your Mom is feeling better.
Eric, my mom says the same thing to me!! What is up with that, anyway?
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