Monday, July 27, 2009


Mancat Monday

Not much to report. I am worn out from taking care of my mum and her broken leg. Tomorrow it will be six weeks since her accident. Six weeks has taken a lot of napping, sitting on the mum, and generally making sure that she rests the leg like she is supposed to. Tomorrow she is going for another X-ray and to see the doctor again. If she is lucky he might say tomorrow that she can start putting some weight on the leg, and then she can start getting around better.

My dad abandoned us this weekend and went off adventuring in the Yorkshire Moors with some healthy friends of his. Luckily my mum is able to feed me and Uncle Paul (another friend of ours) very kindly came round and cleaned my litterbox and watered mum's plants, two things that she can't do because of her leg.

It's a tough job being a carer but some kitty has to do it. Zzzzzzz....

you're doing a excellent job of helping your mom!
Oh, what a tired little mancat you are, Eric. But you are doing an excellent job of taking care of your Mum. We are so proud of you!

(((HUGS))) to you and your Mum.
I think you should lick her toes. A lot. That would probably help her heal quicker. Plus, it would gross her out and that's always a bonus.

But spit heals. True story.
We are impressed with what a great job you are doing taking care of your mom. We hope she gets good news at her check up.
Eric, I am impressed at the level of work you are doing for your mum. She is lucky to have you.
Oh your poor mum! She must be as tired of this broken leg as you are, Eric. We hope she gets some good news from the doctor. Keep taking care of her, okay??
We know you've been doing a great job taking care of your mum, Eric. Just awhile longer and hopefully she'll be good as new!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew
Nursing broken legs is very tiring work Eric, so it is good that you are getting plenty of naps. We can see you are doing a good job. We hope the X-ray is good news.
That's a lot of work, but we know your ManCat enough to handle it!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
You are doing an excellent job taking care of your Mum. We hope she gets good news at the doctor's tomorrow. Purrs for it to be healing correctly.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
Thank goodness you are there to help out your mom!
Eric, you are doing such a terrific job taking care of your Mum Bean. We know she appreciates it!
Eric, you should have your own medical degree after this is over. Dr. Eric is a very impressive name!
good luck at the check up!
Hope Dad had a good time traipsing over the moors!
Eric don't overdo the hard work. Kittie naps on her it good.
We hope your Mom's check up goes well.
Yoo made need to convo-less after your Mom has recovered Eric ~ 'cos it's been so hard for yoo coping.
Best of luck for the X Ray. Eric, you must be exhausted. Once that leg is healed you must spend the rest of the summer sleeping (and schlurping)...oh! hang on, er, isn't that what you are doing now?



You just keep takin cre of the Mom fer now. She will return the favor when she can walk again!
Hi Im Chilli!
Im a Ginger cat too!
I just wanted to say well done for helping your mum, my mum is at home with swine flu just now and im helping her! Its a hard life!

Hope our mums are better soon!
And we can see that you're giving it your all, Eric. Good work!!
It is apparent that you have been taking excellent care of your Mom. I hope she got a good report from the doctor.
We hope your momma's leg is feelin' better. Would you please send us your wet and rainy weather an' we'll send you a box full of the HOTS?!? That would be a furry excellent trade, Fat Eric.
We love those pictures! Proof positive that you are doing a splendid job as carer for your mum.
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