Sunday, September 13, 2009


Paws It Forward!

My mum is just not making the effort to help me blog as often as I want to. And I'm not accepting her excuses about having to train her new class and getting tired by hobbling around on crutches at school, etc, etc. The least she can do after maiming me with the scissors (see previous post) is to help me blog! (And give me treats, obviously).

Anyway, the good news is that my injury is healing up nicely. I nearly had to go to the V-E-T because I kept licking at the cut on my hip and making it bleed again - in fact my mum had actually phoned and made an appointment at the V-E-T's! Of course, when I heard that I immediately stopped licking it and left it alone. Luckily for me, when she got home from work that evening my injury looked much better so she decided to cancel the V-E-T's appointment. Now I have a big bald patch with a scar in the middle of it, but it is healing OK now and the floof will soon grow back over it. I think scars are very Macho Kitty anyway. Thanks to all my friends for your concern over my well-being!

More good news! Look what I got in the post this week!
It's a parcel from Milo and Alfie! They sent it to me and my mum as part of the "Paws It Forward" gift-giving. Wasn't that kind of them? Here I am sniffing at the goodies.
Look what I got! Two different flavours of treats, a packet of mousies, some yummy foods...(check out my whiskers in this picture too, looking furry whiskery!)
...and a REAL seagull fev-ver from the beach at Sidmouth, previously played with by Milo and Alfie so it smelt furry furry interesting!
They also sent some goodies for my mum - a pretty candle and some coasters and a funny book with cartoons about kitties!
We are furry grateful for the kind Paws It Forward gifts from Milo, Alfie and their mum, and we want to say thank you and also send our best wishes to their mum Jan, who is going into hospital tomorrow to have her poorly leg treated (and we know it is no fun to have a poorly leg).
Many Purrs to them!

P.S. I will be sending some gifts to another kitty to continue the Paws It Forward chain, but I need to decide who to send them to first!

We are glad your poor mutilated body is recovering after your mum attacked you with the scissors. That is a lovely Paw it Forward from Milo and Alfie. A gift like that will help you recover from your trauma. Have we made your mum feel guilty yet? hehe.
Well, we're glad your mom stopped hobbling around on crutches and stabbing you with scissors and got down to blogging!

By the way, how is your mom doing?
So glad your cut is healing now. I think your poor mum will be very tired when she gets home after struggling with crutches every day. I hope the leg is all better soon.
Great paws it forward gifts you have there.. Enjoy..

Hugs GJ xx
Oh how exciting that you got a package. And I am glad that your life threatening injury is healing... are you still getting extra treats? It is important to make the human think you are suffering but not so much that they insist upon taking you to the vet and I think it sounds like you are playing that role quite well..
Good to know your owie is healing and that you didn't have to go to the VET! YOu got a great package too!
What a great paw it forward package you got from Milo and Alfie!! We're glad to hear you are healing...and that you didn't hafta go to the v-e-t!
Your a awfully cute little man cat. Please be nice to your Mommy. She loves you dearly, and she will help you when she can.
I am so glad you didn't have to go to the Vet Eric. You and your Mom sure got a lot of neat things in your package.

We're so happy you didn't have to go to the V~E~T afterall! That's GRR-8 mews!!! And, you sure got aome really pawesome stuff in your package!!! We really loved the piccy of yer furry, L~O~N~G whiskers!!! Have fun with all of your new stuffs!
I am so glad that your boo boo is better! What great goodies you got!
Cool stuff! You are a lucky mancat - and remember, ladykittehs dig scars. :)
She trimmed your floof?? I may faint...
wow fat eric!!! look at all those toys you have!! you are one lucky fella!!

Looks like you got a great stash of prizes there. I can't believe your Mom cut you grooming you. Mom gets so nervous about that when trying to get my mats. I'd keep working the guilt.
Its good ta hear that the scissor attack wound is finally healing!

And wow, that so much cool stuff from Milo an Alfie...
Poor Eric, you've been having a rough time of it lately :( I hope your boo boo heals quickly. And that your Mum's leg gets all better so she can ditch the crutches.

Those are nice presents you got from Milo and Alfie :-) And they even sent you a real feather that they played with. That's very special :-)
You are right, scars are macho Eric. We are all glad you are healing up. What lovely gifts! That feather is a great idea for an interesting present.


Hi Eric,

We're glad you're feeling better and hope your Mom is too.
We're glad you liked your paws it forward ~ we didn't send a lot 'cos Mom donated to Cat Rescue as part of paws it forward.

Love Milo and Alfie xx
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