Monday, October 05, 2009


Dad's Big Weekend

Well, there were good and bad things about the weekend just finished. The bad part was that my humans left on Saturday morning and didn't come back till Sunday evening. Once again I was left to rely on Uncle Andrew to come and feed me and keep me alive. I showed my displeasure by throwing up on the kitchen floor.

My humans spent the weekend in Brighton & Hove because on Sunday morning 2000 people were running 10 kilometres along the seafront to raise money for Cancer Research UK. My dad was one of them. He finished in 1 hour 10 minutes and raised about £400. Altogether the humans running 10k in Brighton this weekend raised about £130,000. I guess that is a good thing.

Even if it does mean abandoning the kitty for the weekend.

Hi Eric! Wow, your Dad ran 10K, that is alot of steps, how wonderful that he raised money for Cancer Research, but too bad they had to abandon you. Maybe your Dad can get you a stroller and you can raise some money next year too : )

I'm glad you re-discovered your radiator bed, I remember it from last year and it looked very cozy.
Yaay for your dad!! What a good thing he did!!!
Oh Eric, we're sorry.. but your abandonment was for a good cause.
Doesn't Uncle Andrew have the innernets? I know there were several blog postings and a postcard (in snail mail form) about the proper mashing of food. Throwing up should get his attention!
Good for you Dad! YEAH!!!
Eric, I'm sorry about your abandonment, but it was for a very good cause. I wish I'd known in advance - is it too late for us to sponsor him?
Hooray for the DadPerson for raising money for cancer research. Boo for you being left alone. Glad your mum wasn't trying to run on her crutches!
Sorry that you were left home but your dad was doing a good thing. Raising money for cancer is important. Congrats to him.
Wow, your daddy did a good thing. He still loves you, fear not.
Sally Ann
Yeah for your Dad! Throwing up is a good way to show your displeasure!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
thank you dad for running for a good cause, maybe fat eric can join next time although in a much shorter distance.
Wow, what your dad did was great!!!

(Oh, and I guess Uncle Andrew didn't let you starve or anything.)
That is so cool of your dad to do that. We are also proud of you that you threw up so strategically...
Yoor Dad is so cool ~ yoo must be so proud of him. Tell him well done!
Wahey.. Tell your dad very well done.. Mum did the lady's race for life in June for the same cause.. Your dad looks happy that he did it.. Hugs GJ x
Hurrah for your Dad!!!
Well done Eric's dad!

You were very gracious to let him go Eric!
WTG DAD!!! That's a wonderful cause that you took part in!!! Our mom tries to do her best over here in The States with causes like that! Sorry that you were left by your beans, Fat Eric! that's neffur fun! But, they came home to you!!!
Hi Eric,
I'll bet you are very proud of your Dad! What a wonderful thing to do raising money for cancer research. Congratulations!
Your friends,
Shilgiah, Tommy and Hope
WOW! Congrats to your dad! He's in great shape!
Currently our dad can walk about 5 steps without his crutches. But that's not a fair comparison, is it!
Kudos on the kitchen floor episode! A cat must always express displeasure at the humans when they go off & leave you.
Your daddy did a very good thing.He helped a lot of people with cancer.
eric, im sure you loved owning the house for 2 days!! and i high paw you on the hairball treat. and congrats to your human dad! what a feat!!
They sure did a good thing wunning for the cancer wesearch thing, but it wasn't nice weaving you awone!

Oh my, I don't know what 10K is fur sure, but it sounds like lots! We're proud of your Dad doing that for such a good cause too. Way to go!!!
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