Sunday, October 25, 2009


Farewell Beezer

I had a post lined up today all ready to tell you stuff that's been going on - my mum is on holiday from school for a week, so lots of quality time with her lined up, my neighbour kitty Lofty is doing really well running round his house on three legs, my dad has gone off for the weekend with one of his French friends to climb Mount Snowdon in Wales, my Cornish Auntie had a birthday and that Evil Intruder Kitty Marmite is back and more of a pest than ever.

But I'm changing my post because I am sad today and so is my mum. We found out that my good friend Beezer has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Beezer was one of the founder members of the Gorgeous Gingers and he was one of the best ginger kitties I knew. We are very sorry that he got ill and had to go to the Bridge. I am sending lots of purrs to his mum because she is really sad.

Also today we heard that Kimiko and BG have gone to the Bridge too. It is a sad day in the Blogosphere. Give your humans a few extra purrs today.

It is so sad when our good friends leave us for the Bridge. Beezer was such a handsome ginger and he will be deeply missed.
Blog again when you can and let us know how your kitten nephew is doing.
There's alot of sadness in the cat blogosphere today...we're sorry about Beezer...he will be missed...
We were quite sad to learn about Beezer. He has been around the blogosphere forever!
It is very sad about all those furries leaving. We enjoyed their posts.
It's hard enough when one of our friends has to take off for the Bridge...when it's more than one it just sucks :(
We were so sad today because so many kitties and a woofie had to go to the Bridge.
It has been a sad week with the farewells to our furends. Hope you have a good week with your mum on her holiday.
we are all having ham tonight, and living in the glorious moment.
Oh Bast, that is Skeeter starin at us...
We are so sad too. Tears in all of our eyes.
I am also very sad about Beezer. I had so much fun reading his posts.
I just found out that it's your birthday/gotcha day, Eric. I know you are sad, but Happy Birthday and Happy Gotcha Day, Eric!
It is sad noos and we are sending purrs.

But we just found owt it's yoor birthdy today and we know that all yoor friends that have gone to the Bridge would want yoo to celebrate living.

PS: We are puzzled did yoo get adopted on the day yoo were born ~ 'cos both days are the same?
We were sad to read about all of the great kitties and woofies going to the bridge this week too.

We hope you have a good Birthday/Gotcha Day today in spite of the saddness.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
We are very sad that we lost so many furiends this week. Our thoughts and purrs are with their furiends and families.

Happy Gotcha/Birthday, Eric!!!
It is realy sad when we have lost friends, I am purring for their beans who will be feeling so sad at this time...

On a beter note Eric.... Happy Purrday and Gotcha day..... Love and purrs GJ xx
Happy Purrfday Fat Eric! Enjoy da day and life. We'll send hugs and purrs to owr lost furriends too.
May all of the kitties rest in peace :(
Really such a sad day ... we had a busy weekend and hadn't had a chance to check in, then saw all the sadness.

I heard today was your birthday and gotcha day, so that's a happy thing! Get some chin scritches from your mom...
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