Monday, October 26, 2009


It's My 14th Purrthday!

Yay! Do you know, last night I was wondering if my mum had forgotten it was going to be my purrthday today, but when I got GOURMET TUNA AND SHRIMP for breakfast this morning I realised she had remembered! She says we will celebrate properly with my presents this evening when dad gets back from climbing Snowdon.

Thank you to my friends who have already left purrthday wishes for me. I am officially 14 years old today, I think that qualifies me as a Geezer Kitty, don't you? My friend Derby sent me a fun e-card, thanks Derby! Milo and Alfie wanted to know why my Purrthday and Gotcha Days are celebrated on the same day - well, it's because my humans don't know my real Purrthday, because I was already 8 years old when they adopted me and Hattie from the cat sanctuary. So today is my Gotcha Day because it's exactly 6 years since I came to my forever home, but we celebrate it as my Purrthday too. Since my mum is on holiday from work today, I'm planning a full day of sitting on her lap and demanding Greenies. Come over for treats, everyone!

Happy Birthday Eric! You are a beautiful boy...
Happy Berfday, Eric! I hope I look as good as yoo in 10 years since I'm only 4 now. I LUFF Greenies and I'll share mine Temtayshuns wiff yoo.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Eric.
Happy Birthday to you.

Hope you have many, many more birthdays. I am glad that your mom didn't forget your birthday. I bet she was just trying to trick you into thinking she forgot. That way she could surprise you for the great breakfast.
Hi Eric. Happy Gotcha Day and Happy Purrthday! your mommy was very nice to start your day off with such a yummy breakfast for you!
Happy Purrthday and Gotcha Day, Eric! We hope you have a fabulous day!!
Happy Purrday AND Gotchya Day, Fat Eric!!! We hope you get lots of treats and toys today!!!
Happy Purrthday my wonderful furiend. Glad the ecard made it. I am glad your mum is on holiday so she can spend the whole day with you.

I wish you many, many more happy years.
Happy, happy purrthday, Eric. I must say, your Senior Catizen status looks good on you!

George & The Crew
Happy Purrthday, Eric! We hope you have the greatest day!
Oh what a great day! Happy Birthday and Gotcha Day Eric! I have ham to share!!!!
Happy Purrsday wishes from Germany
Happy, Happy, HAPPY Birthday, Eric.
Happy happy birthday! You´re looking real good! Wouldn´t have thought you were 14 years old if you didn´t tell us! Would have guessed five! ;-)
Happy Birthday and Gotcha Day! We love you!
the FurryPurries
Ozzy, Alice, Bootsie, Freckles, Lola, Dandelo & Honey
Happy Birthday, Eric! I hope you have an extra-special day!
Willow and I hope that you have the most wonderful 14th birthday! Your breakfast sounds delicious, indeed! And what a handsome mancat you are at 14 -- I'm only 1 year younger than you as I just turned 13 in August!

Purrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat
HAPPY BIRTHDAY... I will come and join you, on the way now... Hugs GJ xx
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Eric
Happy Birthday to you

And many mooooorrrrreeee

Roxy & Lucky
Happy Purrthday Fat Eric! We's hafin a cuddlepile at our howse fur our sads. I fink we'll all come to yore house n cellybrate tho - that is efun better for our sads. Yoo can come bak n cuddlepile later too.
We luves you!
Sanjee and tha resta tha Hotties
Happy birthday/gotcha day, Eric! At 14, you deserve lots of extra treats and attention today!
Happy 14th Purrthday, Eric! You don't look like a geezer yet to me! You're still a healthy, vital mancat from all appearances.

We brought some of our own brand of nip for you to try, too! Let's get down and partay!
Happy purrday, Eric - hope you're having a wonderful day, and it's nice you have your mum at home with you.
Happy Birthday to you, Eric! We're glad your Mum gave a you a posh breakfast and we're sure there'll be other treats as well.
14 isn't old- Toby is 15 and still enjoys chasing Cupcake around the house. You're ageing beautifully like a fine port...
Toby, Cupcake and Mum
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! What a great party!!! We had to come and visit!!!

Love, uSSSSS
Happy birthday Eric! I am very glad your mommy remembered and you'll get even more treats and toys tonight

I hope that Evil Intruder Kitty Marmite stays away so you can enjoy your birthday uninteruppted.

My birthday and Gotcha Day are the same too!
Happy Purrthday & Gotcha Day Eric... looking very handsome even at 14!
Happy Birthday to one of the manliest mancats I know!
Happy birthday dood!!! You look really good for being really old!
Happy purrthday, 'Fat Eric.' but you don't looks fat to us.

You iss a very handsome kitteh! May you enjoy all ur speshul treets and have many more healthy happy years.
Happy Purrday Eric!
Happy Gotcha Day too!
So much to celebrate and let's give a little tail tippin to Beezer one of our original Gorgeous Gingers...

Abby,Boo,Ping,Jinx and Gracie
Happy Purrthday Fat Eric! Many, many more please!
happy birthday to you. : )
Happy Purrfday Eric!!! Here's to many, many more!!
~meeko & kiara
Happy Purrfday Eric!!! You look great in your Purrfday photo!

Luf, Us
Happy, happy birthday, Eric! Your special birthday dinner sounds yummy!
Happy Birthday Eric!

We are late, but Happy Happy Birthday in any case.
.....have a good one, FE...
Happiest of Days Fat Eric!!
Sir Eric, all best wishes from all of us Good Cats! Wishing you many more happy years ahead...
Happy Birthday Eric. We hope you have a fabulous birthday/gotcha day.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
I thought I'd stop by again to see how your birthday went. I am glad to see that your Mum remembered and you got a special breakfast and lots of lap time with Greenies.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Eric.
Happy Birthday to you!

I would never call you a Geezer Kitty, Eric! You have too much flair for that! Have a great day!

We hope yoo had a very Happy Birthday Eric ~ and fanks for explainin' about the birthday/gotcha day.
Hope you had a great day at home with Mom!
What a great way to celebrate with gourmet food, greenies, & mums lap!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC! Sorry I am a day late - you know how hard it is to get our beans to go on the computer when we want them to : (

I hope you had a wonderful birthday and gotcha day! Did you spend it on your Mum's lap like you had planned?
You are double by age. Happy Birthday Eric FAZ,

p.s. Birkenhead said you are about 100 times his age (he is 4 monnths)
Happy Happy Birthday dear Eric!
We love you!
Happy Birthday Eric,

Better late than never, right?

Feline Kisses from Gotchi - The Cat

Happy Birthday Eric!! I hope this year brings lots ot wonderful adventures, treats, chin scritches and lap time.

Sorry this is a bit late but I've been a little under the weather.
We're sorry we missed ya purrthday. But we all hope it was a great day!

Didja get some good new toys or treats?
Happy Halloween, hope you got lots and lots of treats this week.
We missed your purrthday! Mewmie was away and the computer was turned off! Well, just think of it as our way of letting you be 13 for a little longer!
Woo !! Happy Purrthday!!!
Happy Birthday, dear Eric!
Sorry for being too late ... but I was so busy the last time. Next year I will not forget your Birthday!
purrs from Nelly
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