Sunday, February 28, 2010


At Devon Grandma's

Well, once again my mum has been hopelessly negligent about helping me to blog. Even though she had a week off school. And so much has been happening that I could have blogged about. First we all went for another short trip to Devon Grandma's house. Then I had to snoopervise while there was a lot of house cleaning going on. And there has been a LOT of Winter Olympics watching. I like sitting on my mum's lap watching the curling.

I love my Devon Grandma. She gives me treats (she can't resist my pleading eyes!). Devon Grandma said she'd like to keep me but my mum said she couldn't spare me.

This time the weather was a little bit better so my mum let me go out with her for a walk around Devon Grandma's garden. I walked around and had a good sniff. It smells different from my garden. There are lots of rabbits who visit here so I could smell them.

We found lots of snowdrops, so that's a sign that Spring is on the way.

I didn't stay out for long because I wanted to get back to Devon Grandma's cosy sofa.

While I was snoozing on the sofa, my humans went for a walk round the village. This is the view looking over towards Sidmouth, where Milo and Alfie live.

There were lots of new lambs in the fields. Maybe Spring really is on the way!

What a wonderful adventure!!
We can see how much you love your Devon grandma, Eric!
Eric, that's a whole bunch of good things to enjoy in Devon. Since we just got a foot of snow here, it's comforting to know that spring is coming soon!
Hi Eric. We can see that your Devon Grandma loves you a lot! It's also nice to see that it's becoming Spring somewhere...everything here is either still covered with snow or brown and muddy. Lovely to see the baby lambs!
It looks like a great trek to your Devon Grandma's! I am glad you are treated so well!
Hi Eric! I think my last comment may have gotten lost in the 25 comments you received for your last post!

I wanted to be sure you saw that I gave you the "Hi my name is" Award on my blog at

I'm glad I did because I like this post even better than your last one!

Cheers ~
Cokie the Cat
I can see that you and Devon Grandma love each other very much. There is lots going on at her house. I am very glad to hear that Spring is coming. Most of my yard and garden is still covered in snow.
We are glad you had better weather at Devon Grandma's. We like to watch the lambs in our neighbours fields, and they come over to the hedge to look at us. It is very windy here today but it looks like we are going to miss the worst of the rain that was originally forecast.
Your Grandma looks so very nice!
Please say "HI" to Devon granma from us ALL. We love the photo of her and mom and dad said she is a very nice lady. We also like the pic looking over towards our place!
Devon Grandma looks really nice. Enjoy your visit with her!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
Hi Eric, it's nice to meet you! We just found your blog today. :-)

What grand adventures you have! We're looking forward to following them.

-Annie, Nicki and Derry at Fuzzy Tales
It's a good thing you didn't roll in the rabbit poop like Eric & Flynn do, or you never would have been allowed up on that cosy sofa!!

The little lammie is darling!
Happy Spring to you. Glad you enjoyed your trip to see Devon Grandma. Plus mum is drooling, something about lambchops.
Devon Gramma looks nice, she kinda reminds us of our gramma. Mom keeps saying spring is coming but den it snows again so we is not sure.
Its good to see you back Eric. We've missed you, though it looks like you've had a grate time on holiday with your Grandma.
We luff that pic of you on the sofa with Grandma Devon.
That was nice ya got ta walk around a new garden! And smellin rabbits, too...
Grandmas are grate! We love owrs too, efen tho she's a little bit scared of Buddy. Grampa is furry nise too.

Finny Buddy & Jazzy
It looks like you had a great time with Devon Grandma!
Alla Us Hotties
Looks like you had a great time with Devon Grandma! But it's a good thing your mom said she couldn't keep you. How would your mom manage everything she has to do without you there to snoopervise? And if you stayed with Devon Grandma, that Marmite might think he could just move in!!!
Awww! The picture of you and your Devon Grandma is precious! How nice of your mum to give let you have a little outside time to sniff and see things.
Yay for Spring! And your Devon Gram sounds like such a sweetiepie. Wonderful pictures!

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Hi! I'm very glad you have a great grandma who spoils you. It is nice you get to go visit her and not be left behind.
My mommy has been way behind in helping me blog too. We miss our friends.
Give your mommy many headbonks and purrs for me for her suggestion to my mommy on Facebook the other day. After Joel went to bed after the rough day, she broke the "no food in bed" rule and snuggled up with me, a good book and we shared a bag of CheezIts! yum.
Lamb, yummy, oops I probably shouldn't say that. FAZ
Your Devon Grandma sure lives in a pretty place. Mom was watching some of the Winter Olympics too. What a nice garden for you to have a walk in.

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