Friday, February 05, 2010


Floofy Friday - And A Missed Blogoversary!

My human has been pretty rubbish at helping me blog lately. OK, so she has been ill a lot (first with the throwing up and then with the coughing and the lost voice) but that is NO EXCUSE!!!

What is worse, we forgot that it was my Blogoversary on January 24th. My fourth Blogoversary, I have been blogging for four whole years!

In honour of my Blogoversary, I have been looking through all my old pictures and choosing some floofy highlights for a truly Floofy Friday. Have a good weekend, my friends.

Oh dear...I think that we need LOTS and LOTS of ham to make up for being so overdue on your FOURTH blogoversary. In face, you know what? I think I might have missed mine too...
Oh no! That is terrible. We are glad there is a lot of floof to make up for your neglect. We like the pic of you on the pillow. You look very comfy.
We hope your mum is feeling better now.
We hope Mom gets better soon...and think the last photo is the best!!
Well, she may have missed the date, but at least you're celebrating now! Happy Blogoversary! 4 years is great!! And we love these pictures of you!
Congrats and well done! Four years!!
Great pictures of your fluffyness.
Hope your mum feels better soon. Hugs GJ x
Belated Happy Blogoversary. It is a pleasure knowing you for these past years.

Plus mum was in a store that sells foods from other places. They had PG Tips tea. She didn't get any, says she has enough for now.
Floofyness Supreme!
Happy Blogoversary Eric! We are so happy to know you! -SS&S

Scooby may be diabetic. You have controlled yours by switching to all canned, is that right? But you took insulin for a short time too? -SSS'S Mom
PeeEss: Glad your Mum is better. Did she have the flew?
You must be exhausted from caring for her. People are so pathetic when they get sick like that. It's hard work nursing the people back to health.
Happy belated Blogoversary, Eric. Those are some great floofy photos of you.

Hope your mom feels better soon.

Must. Snorgle. Tum. Foof.
OMC, dat is some handsome floof. Sorry yoor mom haf been feeling poorly, yoo must be really tired from taking care of her.
Better late than never! Congratulations on blogging for 4 years. I love your pictures.
Happy Belated Blogoversary, Eric. Your floofy fotos are a joy to behold!
Awwww, happy blogoversary!
You put other kitties to shame with all of that excellent floof!
Happy belated 4th blogiversary Eric!

Better late than never...
Well belated happy blogerversary! It seems that blogging involves a lot of floof and laying around!
Hi Eric.
You look good. That is all that matters.
Humans are nothing but trouble, huh?

You look great there, Eric! Happy Blogoversary!
Wow, we liked the Floofy Highlights! And humans love licks, even if they say stop!
There's always excuses, excuses, excuses. Like my SS. These are some good shots though.
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