Friday, March 26, 2010


What's Happening?

Well, lots has been happening around here. Actually, something terrible happened.

I RAN OUT OF GREENIES! Yes, completely! This was, of course, a major crisis, because they don't sell Greenies here in the UK and I had eaten all the ones I got for Christmas from Mericky.

Then I got a package! From my good friend Derby! I was very keen to get it open because it smelt very interesting!
You'll never guess what was inside...TEN WHOLE PACKETS OF GREENIES!
I had a good look and there were all kinds of flavours...including several of my absolute favourite, Tempting Tuna!
Thank you so much Derby! (and his mum and his little brother Ducky). My mum thinks it will be some time now before I run out of Greenies again! Phew!
Lots of other things have been happening...I need to post again soon and tell you about my spring flowers...and the fox in our garden...and the latest adventures of that Evil Intruder Cat, Marmite...and the new little ginger invader from next much going on!

Oh yes, and it is my mum's birthday tomorrow. I will be waking her with licks and purrs...but maybe not too early! Have a great weekend, everycat!

Phew! Thank goodness Derby came to the rescue. Happy Birthday to your mum for tomorrow.
Good job on Derby and Ducky for coming to the rescue! How horrible, running out of your favorite crunchy treats!
Yay, glad the package arrived. We had mum stuff as many packages in the box that would fit.

We both love our Greenies, it is the only treat mum give us, so can't imagine running out! I know we have a stash in the cupboard and of course we can easily get more from the store!


Extra purrs and headlicks from us, well from Derby and Ducky and hugs from mum on your mum's purrthday.
Whew! Eric, we started to panic thinking you had no more greenies until we saw that package from Derby and Ducky! How nice of them to send you more greenies!!

And Happy Birthday to you mum!!
Wow, you hit the jackpot on those Greenies! Our human bought some for us, but we don't like them, actually. She feeds them to the neighbourhood kitties.

A very happy birthday to your mum! We hope she has a wonderful day and does something special to celebrate!
Happy Birthday to your mum.. Great stash of greenies you got there.. Hurray for good friends.. Looking forward to hearing all your adventures.. HUgs GJ xx
Hoping yoor mom has a great birthday tomorrow!

And we're glad yoo got greenies ~ one can never have enuff.
Oh my Ceiling Cat! Look at all those Greenies. Derby was such a good friend to send you all that.
Happy Birthday to the Mom.
Oooh what a wonderful package! I can't see you running out again any time soon. Just don't eat them all at once Eric.

Happy Birthday to your Mum for tomorrow. Give her some extra Birthday schlurps from me please (ta)


Oliver :)
Wow! That was so thoughtful of Derby and Ducky to send you all those greenies.

We can't wait to read about all the stuff that has been happening to you.

Happy Birthday to your mum for tomorrow.
Derby & Ducky to the rescue!
You are very handsome surrounded by all the packets!
Thank goodness for Derby & Ducky - no greenies - that could lead to malnutrition. Will you spare a couple of greenies for your Mum tomorrow as it's her birthday?

Looking forward to hearing about the goings-on in your garden
Greenies are our absolute favorite too. Maybe we should check our inventory? How nice or Derby and Ducky to send you a care package!

We are eager to hear about your garden! xo
Happy birthday, FE's Mum
Happy Birthday to your mom!

So glad you got your greenies before you had to go into withdrawal. Friends are great.
Eric, that is great news!
Hurray fer Derby! Greenies fer you ferever...
We just saw yur comment from the ofur day(?). owr furiends were in Bozeman today. That would be fun to meet. Momma IS on FB (Becky Sain). She's got a pic-shur of Rachael as her photo.
~Meeko & Kiara

pee ess- We's glad that you gotted LOTS of greenies!
We can't wait to read about all the stuff that has been happening to you.
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I Love you Eric, my cats are persuading me to help them create a blog. D'you know where you can order feline greenies from the tinternet?
OMC, that is the biggest stash of Greenies we've effurr seen! You lucky cat!
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