Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Wordless Wednesday

Yikes Eric! There is another ginger, and he is giving you the lasers.
OMB, Eric and Flynn are right!
I see Leo! Is he coming for a lesson from you Eric? He needs tutoring on being all things ginger!

You are look furry handsome Mr Eric!

Do you have that sense of....being watched, Eric?
Hey--who is watching you?! Remain vigilant Eric!
We think you have a stalker!
Don't look now, Eric, but somecat's watching you!
2 garden cats...beware!
Who's lurking in the bushes?
*Cue spooky stalker music* -- MOL!
Uh oh! Two gingers in the garden, both with lasers turned on!

Maybe Leo is looking to you Eric for mentorship?

There's a spy in your midst Eric!
He's behind you.
Ginger lasers!!
Leo looks up to you Eric. We think you'll be a fine mentor.
MOL is that Leo?
You sure look manly in your garden Eric!
Eric you look like you have a mirror image in your garden!

Eric, we only had eyes for you -- we didn't see Leo in back for a minute.
That is a great shot ~ after staring at Eric's gloriousness, I did see Leo's lasers peeping out from behind!
That picture looks purrfect! It would make a great portrait for your beans to show off to all their friends and family!
Eric, you and your neighbor look like twins!
Eric is floofier.
Do I detect a touch of feline envy? You MUST feel the vibes behind you!
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