Saturday, May 01, 2010


Saturday Caturday - Captions Please!

Eeeoooooooww! It's my yard, outta MY yard. NOW!

Eeeoooooooww... I was here first!
Well, the orange guy is saying,"look at this cool round thing I found"
and you are saying "get off that big round thing, I found it yesterday. It is mine"

Eric's saying it's my turn on top now and your turn to push
Every time our mewmie sees something rolling--even a cat...she starts singing "Roll, Roll, Roll in the hay". She says it's a line from one of her favorite movies, Young Frankenstein. keeping with that theme, her caption would be
"Wanna roll in the hay?"
Leo to Eric: I know it's your yard but this is just how I roll!
xx lounge kats
Ducky's caption - Wanna' play big kittie?

Derby's caption - Get outta here you little squirt!
Roll with it baby!!!
Oh oh. We have to keep our language clean Eric, but we think we know just what you're thinking.
"If yoo don't get owta my space I'm gonna FLATTEN yoo wiv that roller! Comprendo?"
I would tell you two to .. share. Which it looks like you already were.
HAY!!! This is mine!
No lesson leo I going to give you a pice of adivce one Gorgorge giner to another ..... MOVE YOU IN MY YEARD
1. "C'mon Eric, help me roll this log an we can flush out some mousies..."

2. "No dont push wif yer nose, get yer strong chest into it"!
Hi, Eric, you're looking handsome as ever.

A comment was left on the CB asking about the Gorgeous Ginger site, which has your name on it, so we thought you might be able to answer it.

Come to think of it, we had two gorgeous gingers until we lost Crystal in January. But we still have Rusty.
What is that little ginger cat doing on my face scratcher! Who cares, I'll just leave my facial pheromones right here.
Leo: Um, I'll come down if you promise not to whap me

Eric: Pay the toll, 5 Greenies, and I'll think about it
How about

"common Eric, let the good times roll".
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