Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Am In Jail, Please Send Purrs

Well, I tried to make my mum feel as guilty as possible about putting me in kitty jail when I have just been poorly, but I still had to go. My humans are going to Mericky tomorrow (to Seattle, then to Victoria, BC, and then to Montana where Uncle Sim lives) and this morning I was packed up with all my special food, my comb, my Scratchy Mouse, my Greenies, my kidney pills, my Gizzy quilt and all my luggage and taken to the kitty jail.

This is the same kitty jail I have been to several times in the last two years, and it is not too bad as kitty jails go. It is attached to the the cat rescue centre where my sister Hattie and I were adopted from seven years ago. The people who work there are always very nice to me. My mum spent ages this morning explaining all about my recent ailments and my medicine and my food and my likes and dislikes. I sat in my jail cell and looked at her as if to say "How could you abandon me here?" and then I got distracted because one of the ladies who works there offered me a dish of sardine and mackerel stinky goodness and I started eating it, and when I had finished, my mum had left. I know she feels bad about leaving me and she wants me to keep eating and try to put some weight back on, so I will try. I am here for a long time, until August 26th. I am sorry I won't be able to get round the blogosphere to visit my friends. Please send purrs for me to eat well during my time in kitty jail and for a happy reunion with my humans in three weeks. I wonder if Leo will miss me?
Purrs to all. F.E.

We're purring hard for you, Eric, that all goes well while you are in kitty jail, that you keep eating and that you have fun. We wish your mum a safe trip too!
We hope you are pampered Eric and manage to gain some weight. Your mum and dad will miss you while they are away. We are sending purrs and wet nose kisses.
Luv Hannah and Lucy
Eric, we hope you don't get too lonely. We will teleport over the moment you need us...

We hope you eat and rest and fatten up a bit in jail. We've heard the a lot of jail inmates lift weights and stuff...are you planning a routine? hee hee!

Of course Leo will miss you! We're sure he'll keep Marmite in line and out of your garden.
Oh Eric, you poor thing but maybe you will get to play with someone there or meet some new friends. That is so sad when the hoooomans leave us. Try to have a good time. Sounds like the food is good in jail.
Try to enjoy your time at the cat resort, Eric. We will be purring for you and hope the three weeks goes by fast!
OH dear! I am so sorry you are in kitty jail Eric!!! I hope you eat lots and lots and are nice and plump again when your humans get back. I know your Mum is worried about you.
Oh, no, what a terrible time to have to leave you in kitty jail. It's so hard for humans to do. They worry! We hope your mom has a good trip and you have a healthy stay at kitty jail. We will look forward to hearing good news of you when your mom returns.
Eric, think of this as a little vacation for yourself. And just like the humans that go on vacation, you should eat too much, play too much and just have a good ol' time! We'll teleport over and help you have a good time if you want!

We hope you have a good stay. We'll be thinking of you and sending some purrs your way...
we is purring for you - we hopes when your mum gets back you will be back to your floofy self!
Oh, that was just wrong of them! But be sure to eat lots while they are gone, so you can be healthy. We'll miss you!
Oh Eric, I am purring that you feel better and start to eat more. I know the kitty jail people will take good care of you and just think about how much love and sympathy you will get when your parents come home! You could look pathetic for weeks and get lots and lots of extra love : )

When your Mum and Dad visit Victoria they will be quite close to where I live! We are only 360 miles from Vancouver!

Take care dear friend and talk to you in late August!
We hope you continue to feel better and that you get lots of stinky goodness and that your appetite continues to improve while you are at the kitty jail.

I'm sure Leo will miss you as well as your mum and dad. Hope they bring you some really wonderful toys and treats home with them from America.
It sounds more like a kitty spa than kitty jail. Worst thing is you are away from your Mom and Dad. We hope you enjoy your visit and that you get lots of good foods and you eat and eat and eat and gain all kinds of weight.
We'll keep you in our purrs


Oh Eric, we are sorry to hear you are back in kittie jail. We will watch and wave for your humans if they fly over.

Rest, eat and get better. I hope Leo keeps a good watch on your garden.
Rest up and get well at the spa Eric.
It is another long trip they are off on and we bet Leo will be somewhat confused about where everyone is!
That place actually looks pretty cushy for a kitty jail! It's too bad they don't have wi-fi there so you could keep in touch with us!
Oh Eric ~ that was a bit sneaky giving yoo food ~ and then leaving while yoo was eating. There's no level these beans won't sink too.

We are sending yoo PURRS and hoping yoo have as nice a time as yoo can in kitty jail.
We are so sorry that you are in kitty jail, Eric. But sardines and mackerel sounds pretty good to me. (I think)
ope the time goes fast for you.

Roxy & Lucky
We will purr hard, but maybe what we need is to organize the CB for a jail break. I don't know why you weren't allowed to teleport around to visit your furriends!
Eric I shall be sending you a large Catnip and Mackeral cake, eat it carefully because inside there will be a large saw for cutting through bars and breaking out of prison.

Schlurps for freedom (and eating lots)

Eric old pal, we'll come and visit. Maybe we can pass some 'nip through the bars.
Two Weeks? OMC. And we were annoyed at just ALMOST ben inna like place few 4 days! Our purrs to ya in this hard time. The prison Beins better be REAL NICE to ya...

See ya when yer sentence is up.
Eric, we're sending more purrs and tail wags for you to eat well and be well. We know you miss your mom but she'll be back.
Hey Eric, we heard you weren't eating. That's not good....go chow down on some nommy foods. You don't want to worry your humans (or us) do you?

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
Hi Eric, we will teleport over and bring you some nip from Noll's nip patch. It'll give you the munchies and make your time in kitty jail fly by!
Dear Eric,
We haz nots been gettin' round da bloggospear lately but we saw dats you were not feelin' well & dat got us concerned.
We wants to send you our bestest purrzez!!!
~Dr Tweety, Iris, Delilah, Maximillian, & Auntie Stinkie
We just read on the CB that Fat Eric isn't well. We don't do facebook so can't read any updates. We are sending him healing purrs. We hope he's OK.

Love Mlo and Alfie xx
I heard you weren't feeling well and my sisters and I are sending you lots of purrs!
I saw on CB where you, Eric, are not eating well. I hope it is just because you miss your mommie and daddie. They will be home soon. You need to eat and get ready for their arrival. They will give you lots of hugs and kisses when they get home. I know too you and Flynn will be spoiled good when they show up.
Eric, you must eat and be a good boy. The world cannot do without a Fat Eric, it just can't.
Eric, we just read you are not feeling well on the CB page...please eat and get well, you Mom & Dad will be home soon.

We'll send you big purrs!

XX Lounge Kats
Sending many Purrs for you to feel better, and start eating a lot!
~ Anna Sue and all The Bunch
Hello Sweet Eric!

Our hearts were warmed when you ate your welcome luncheon on arrival to your temporary abode. Think of it as your holiday as well, and as Beans are known to do, eat all the "local cuisine" you can fit in your tummy whilst there!
We are sending plenty of purrs and prayers your way for wellness and health to be yours. We have been Secret Admirers of yours for quite some time now, and have faith you will be well very soon!
Peace and Blessings!
Rose and the Royals
Eric - I hope you are eating and feeling A OK!
Hope you're feeling well Eric!
Sending purrs your way up big will be home soon to spring you from the jail!
We really hope your parole comes up ASAP!
That was kinda sneeky, giving you great stinky goodness, then leaving while your chowing down.

Hope you are eating well and often.
we're purring up a storm!!!
Purrs and Prayers for you Eric that you will be all better when your human beans come home. Won't be long now. Sounds like you are getting some good stuff to eat there at the cattery. Mom had to go see the site and see where you have been staying. Looks really nice but bet you are missing your humans as they are you. Take care Eric.

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