Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Fat Eric Has Gone To The Rainbow Bridge

This is Kate, Fat Eric's mum, here.

This is a very sad post for me to write. I have been in America and Canada for the last two weeks and I am in Montana now where Eric's Uncle Sim lives. I have been in touch with the cattery where Eric has been while we were away and I knew on Friday that he was going to see their v-e-t as he was not eating well again and didn't seem to be feeling well. Unfortunately I then spent this past weekend in the mountains where there was no phone or internet, so I have had to wait several days to find out how he was doing. When we got here tonight I had several e-mails and a phone message from Kathie at the cattery, who gave us the devastating news that her vet diagnosed Eric with a tumour on his kidney which had become very large very quickly. He consulted with our own vet and did some more blood tests which confirmed that Eric had begun suffering considerable pain. He was unable to stand up properly at that point. These symptoms had come on very quickly. Kathie and her staff were terribly upset and Kathie had stayed up with Eric nearly all night before he went to the vet. I had told her that I authorised her and the vet to do what was best, and the vet strongly advised that Eric was now suffering and there was no effective treatment at this point, and at his age (nearly 15). They took the decision to send him to the Bridge and put him out of his pain yesterday, Monday. Kathie then had the horrible job of letting me know what had happened today, Tuesday.

Thank you, everyone, for your good wishes to Eric. I am so sorry that I don't have good news to share with you. We will miss him so much. I have told Kathie that she did the right thing and, although I wish I had been there with him at the end, I am glad that he did not suffer for longer than necessary.

When I get home to the UK, which won't be for another week, I will post a proper memorial for Fat Eric with pictures. I know it's going to be so hard when we get home to a house filled with his stuff. Thank you all again for your love for Fat Eric. He was a great character and we will all miss him so much. I have had more than one cat in my life, but he was special, and all his friends knew that.


O, Noes. Not mine Prince Eric.
Can't say no more.
Mine heart is broked.
Oh Kate,

I can't imagine what you must be going through at this point. Words just fail me. I am sorry to hear about Eric and his trip to the Bridge, but I know that you made the only decision you could. How hard that must have been to be so far away. Hugs and good thoughts.
Kate, I am so saddened for you. Fabulous Fat Eric was one of the first blogs I found and lurked at. I am grateful My Horde got to meet him properly in the last four months. Eric was a Monument, a Character, a fantastic member of the Cat Blogosphere. He will be missed, terribly.

Love and hugs,
MomKat Trish and the Lounge Kats
Oh no! We are so sad to hear this news about Fat Eric. And Eric's mom, we can only imagine how you feel. We will miss Eric...we enjoyed visiting him. We send you comforting purrs...

Wally, Ernie, Zoey & mom Sue
The Cat Blogosphere has lost a legend.
And poor Mom Kate, we are sending prayers to you.
Thank you for not letting Eric suffer.
ML & The Sherwood Kitties
we are so saddened by the passing of fat eric. sending comforting purrs and healing prayers your way.
Hug all
Oh, no. We are so sorry for your loss, especially at a time when you are so far from home. We always enjoyed reading Fat Eric's posts and will miss him. We're relieved his suffering wasn't prolonged ... but the heartbreak.

Purrs and tail wags and a hug.

Jan and the Funny Farmers
We are leaking all over the place. We are so sad to hear that Fat Eric went to the Rainbow Bridge.

Purrs to you,

Cory and family
Oh no!!! We are so sorry to hear of Fat Eric going to the Rainbow Bridge!!! Our purrs and purayers are with you!! We are leaking all over the keys!!
(((((((HUGGGGGGSSSSS))))))) from your TX furiends,
We are so terribly sad for your loss. We will miss Fat Eric so much. We've always enjoyed visiting him. We're just incredibly heart-broken for you. Mom's first cat had a kidney issue when he went, and it came so fast. But he was loved, and that's what matters most. Keeping you in our thoughts, prayers and purrs...
--Jasper, Josie, HB and Maggie (and of course, our Mom and Dad)
Sending love to you - I am so sorry to hear about Fat Eric.

What devastating news! That must have been so awful, having all this go on while you were so far away. It is clear that the humans who were in charge of caring for Eric had his best interests in mind, and everyone cared for him a lot. We are all very sad here right now, but glad that at least Eric is no longer in pain.
I am so, so bummed...Fat Eric was like an ORIGINAL. He made this whole thing so much more fun for me... I'm gonna miss him a lot. And I'm really sorry you have to go through this. :(
Kate - we greive with you in your lost. Eric was a special cat. Purrs to you & your family.

Jade, Myst, Blackie & Jen
We are so very sorry to hear this news. You are in our thoughts & purrayers.

Fat Eric, you will be so missed. Please say hi to our Joey for us...
We are so sorry to hear that Fat Eric has gone to the bridge. We know he was special and very much loved. Thanks so much for sharing Eric with us all here on the blogosphere. We are happy that he is flying free now and we are purring for Kate & the rest of Eric's humans. xoxo
Oh no! We are so sorry to hear about Eric passing on. Please take comfort in knowing that Eric is now watching over you from heaven just as you watched over him when he was here on earth.

You are in our prayers!
Dear Kate--

Along with so many others, we are leaking all over the keyboard. We are so very thankful for Fat Eric's wonderful long life and the fantastic voice you gave him.

Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers--soft rumbly purrs and our love--

Meepsie, Smokey and Old Mumma Jan
We've lost a legend and a frend we loved furry much. We're sure his sisfur met him at da bridge. We is sending yoo purrs and some hugs cuz we know how much dis hurts.
We did not know Eric but read about him in several other blogs, and wanted to pay our respects. Losing a loved one is always hard but somehow so much more so when one is far away, as or #1 knows from losing Sen-Chan that way. We feel for you.
We're so sorry. Our eyes are leaking.
We are so very sorry for your loss of sweet Eric. We have read about him on Chey's blog and read your lovely post here. May you have comfort in the fact that he did not suffer for a long time.
Oh noes! :(

Purrs and headbutts from myself and Ashley kitty
I'm so dreadfully sorry to learn of dear Eric's passing - I was privileged to have met him in person, and he was a darling boy.

My heart goes out to you, Kate and John - he was very special, and he will be hugely missed.
We're so sorry that your beautiful boy is gone.
Run free at the Bridge, sweet Eric! You are a legend and will never be forgotten.
Eric was one of the first cats we ever met when we found the Cat Blogosphere. My heart goes out to you, and to your family.
Our sincerest condolences,
Mo & Eyad
and the Purries from Purrchance To Dream

Eric was truly in the vanguard of cat blogging, set the highest of standards and has been much copied and admired by other bloggers who no doubt have been inspired by you to share their cats' lives with their readers, just like you did. I've been reading Eric's blog since the early days and will miss reading about him very much. At least he is no longer in pain now and you have the comfort of knowing that you gave him a good life for many years. The pain of loss will ease in time.

Thanks again for sharing all the fun!

Much sympathy from Pam, and the cats Bonnie and Bertie in Bristol
Am so sorry to hear about Fat Eric. We will miss him. Our thoughts are with you.

Puss in Boats
Sending snuggles and purrs to all that loved Eric. He was a prince among cats and he will be missed.
Mommy says she knows the pain of being far away when you lose a baby like this, so she sends hugs and the wish for your memories to carry you though.
Taz, Runt, Charles and mommy, Anna, in Illinois
I can't begin to know how you must feel at this moment being away at this time. We have been following Eric for a long time and loved visiting his garden and meeting his intruder kitties.

He is now running free at Rainbow Bridge and playing with those who came before and is in no pain.

Our thoughts are with you
Luv Hannah xx and Lucy xx and mum Sue xx
The cozy cottage is deeply sad for all of you. No words can comfort at a time like this...only the memories of times spent together will be a tonic in the days ahead.
Soft hugs....Miss Peach
We are so sorry for the loss of your special boy, and know you must be heartbroken being so far from home.

We send you hugs, and hope to meet Eric at the bridge one day.

Julie and Poppy Q
Yes... he was special! And we will miss him so very much.
Purrs to all, from Maggy and Zoey and Ann.
oh no, MomKate, and MrEricsDad, we are so very very sorry. Eric was very special and one of our oldest and dearest friends in the blogosphere. We are devastated that he is gone, but so glad that so many people cared that he was in pain and did the right thing.
Eric, we know that you will be watching over your mom and dad always. We cannot say goodbye, so we will just say
Until we meet at the Bridge
Kate & Family, we are all so very sorry to read of Eric's passing to The Bridge. He was a superb character of a cat and we know how very much he was loved. He will be playing with Hattie now and all the other Gorgeous Gingers who have left us with such good memories.

Oliver sends special schlurps to lick away the tears and we all send you rumbly purrs and love.

Whicky Wuudler
& Jane
We are so very sorry for your loss. Eric was very special indeed.

Purrs and {hugs},
Goldie,Shade and Banshee
Dear Miss Kate,
We are so very sad to hear this news about sweet Eric. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Much love to you,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang...and mommy, too.
Kate, I'm so, so deeply sorry. Oh, I'm so sorry....I wish I had words of comfort for you. Please know I'm sending healing Light and wishing you universal blessings and peace. (((Hugs))) for you and kitty kisses to Eric at the Bridge.

-Kim with the Fuzzy Tales crew.
There are no words for the sorrow we feel. Heaven did get a wonderful and handsome new angel, but we cannot imagine your hurt over losing sweet Eric.
We pray for you, please know that you are in our thoughts - sending love,
Parker, Puff, Powder, Rudy, Diamond Doggie and Helen and Scott
My sisters and I are so very sorry to hear about sweet Eric. Our whiskers are so weepy wet but we send you our purrs. Love you Eric.
We have sad hearts and leaky eyes. We're sending purrs and prayers to you. Mom says she can't imagine how you must feel right now, but at least you know Fat Eric was in good hands.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
I'm so sorry. :(

Purrs from Leslie and the topcatrules girls. XXX
Fat Eric was one of our furry first friends in the kitty bloggy world. We ♥'d Fat Eric. Dear Eric, please remember us when we get to the Rainbow Bridge because we will be looking for you. We will want to know all the best places to nap and to nibble on 'nip and to watch the birdies. We are so sorry you had to go to heaven, Eric.

We gotta go now 'cause our momma is gettin' all wet all over her face...
So very sorry to hear about Eric's passing. Our thoughts & prayers are with all of you. My friends at Zoolatry told us about Eric. I wish O had had the chance to know him. He looks like my kind of kitty.

God Bkess...Mona & the Nommy
Oh! Mom and I am so, so sorry, and saddened to learn that Fat Eric has gone to the Bridge. We are sending purrs and hugs at this sad time.

more leaky eyes here...
SO sorry to hear about Eric.
We are very sorry to hear about Eric. Huggs and purrs.
Oh this is so sad! We are crying here too. Many hugs and purrs and purrayers are being sent to you, and we will see Fat Eric one day at the Bridge. Much comfort to you in the days ahead.

Luf, Us and Maw
We are so sorry for the loss of Fat Eric. Hugs and comforting purrs.
I am so very sorry sweet Eric had to go to the Bridge. I will miss him terribly. Thanks for sharing his life with us on his bloggie. Soft purrs to you during this sad time.
We are so sorry to hear that Eric had to be helped to the bridge. He was a wonderful cat and will be missed by cats and people around the world. Our hearts are going out to your family. When Tiki was diagnosed with diabetes, Mom took comfort in knowing that Eric was doing so well with the disease. We will miss Eric terribly.

Tavi, Cody, Gracie and Mom
I am so sorry to hear that Eric had to be helped to the bridge. I am sending special comforting purrs for you during this time.
We are so very sad to hear this news. I know you must be feeling truly devastated and I am crying for you and for Eric. If it wasn't for you and Fat Eric we wouldn't be blogging today. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.
The boys send their comforting purrs.
Jackie, Eric and Flynn
We are so sorry for the loss of your beloved family member. Eric was indeed a legend and we will miss him.

We're so so sorry that Eric had to go to the bridge. We will miss him greatly, but we're glad that he is now at peace and free from any pain.

Please know that you and your family are in our thoughts, purrs and prayers at this most difficult time.
We are heartbroken over this news of Eric. Please know you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time. We wish we had the magic words to make this easier for you, but we don't. (((hugs)))
A giant hole has just open up in our earthly universe with the leaving of Prince Eric. Eric is now and forever King of the Rainbow Bridge. Reign free dear Eric. Purrs and hugs to your Mum.
I am so very sorry. I loved reading about Fat Eric and his adventures. He will be missed terribly. My heart goes out to you.

The mom has tears, we dun know why. We know Eric is no longer having owies and dat is gud. His light shines high up on the bridge and will guide us all when it is our time.

I is Jake!

Peeeeeeee ssssss - We know Eric is watchin our word verification is large!
Dear Kate,
We are so sorry to hear about Eric. We all loved him and my Mum especially liked seeing the photos of him in the garden.
We're crying here, but glad he is no pain.
We'll light a candle in his memory and pray for you.
Kate, Ken, Toby, Cupcake and Grandma
I'm so sorry to hear that Eric has gone to the bridge and I can't imagine how terrible it is for you to be away when his time came.

It is a comfort to know that he is no longer suffering.

He was indeed a beautiful boy!
I am so sorry to hear this. Words cannot express how I feel, let alone how you feel. I'm am thankful he did not suffer longer. We lost a cat to a tumor about 6 years ago. They take a chunk of your heart with you.
We is so, so sorry to see Eric go! He an Hattie will be watchin ofur you an the garden furever. Purrs an tears, Victor, Nina, & Jen
So sorry to hear about Eric. Sending purrs to you today. Eric will never be forgotten.
MomBean's speechless. We're all so sad to hear that Fat Eric left for the Bridge. *headbumps* for you from all of us.

...I have somethin' in my eye...
We are so sorry for your loss. We are purring for you and yours.
We are all so sad to hear the news about Fat Eric's sudden passing. A very special cat and good friend to us.
Dear Kate
We are so sorry to hear about Eric. He was such a good kitty, such a great character. We will miss him very much. You will be in our thoughts and prayers in this difficult time.

Roxy, Lucky & Mom
This is such sad news. All of us send comforting vibes and purrayers for your loss.
How sad this news and how difficult it must be to be far away,too. It sounds like Eric was surrounded by those who loved and cared about him and we hope that can be a comfort to you.

The love he gave to you was reflected in your tender care and may the happy memories help you though this saddest of times.
We are quite Saddened to hear that Our Original Idol of the Blogosphere, Eric has run off to the Bridge. Yet, we are gladdened to know he feels no pain, and has full knowledge of all Our purrs and prayers being sent to him on this Earthly plane.

Many warm hugs and bickies being sent your way, Mum. You were given strength to do make a painful, but wise choice for your Furchild.

We also, light a candle to carry Our intentions Heavenward.
With Much Love,

Rose and the Royals
Mom is so devastated to hear this news. she can't stop crying. She sends you many hugs and I'm sending you lots and lots of purrs. I know that I will more than likely be joining Eric at the bridge soon and I will give him some head butts for everyone.
Dear Kate
Mimi told me about the departure of your dear kitty and I am popping by to say how sorry I am for your loss.
The loss of a beloved companion is devastating news and I am sending my sincerest condolences.
May you be comforted by the thoughts and prayers of friends and strangers at this difficult time.
With lotsaluv
Our eyes are weepy and our whiskers are wet. We are SO very sad Eric had to be helped to The Bridge. Just take peace in knowing that he is no longer suffering and that he is healthy, once again, at The Bridge. He must look amazing with his new Angel Wings. We are all sending comforting {{{HUGS}}} to you at this difficult time.

Fly Free Fat Eric

Gentle Hugs and Purrs,
The Kool~Kittie~Krew and Shannon
Oh, no. This is such sad sad news. We will miss Eric terribly down here but I think he's probably made lots of friends already.

Eric's mum and dad, we will keep you in our thoughts. Purrs be with you in this sad time.

William, Olivia, Caroline, Russell, Gracie and mom.
woe. woe. woe.

we are furry saddened by this news, and send purrs and purrayers to you, miss kate & mr. eric's daddy!!

oh, dear fat eric--old, wise furriend--we will miss you efursomuch, but feel sure you are already organizing the gingers at the bridge into a force to be reckoned wif. we grieve your loss, an' rejoice in your freedom, ol' dear. may you know greenies an' nipsticks wifout limit, and may you hunt mouses an' voles to your heart's content until mum an' dad collect you someday.
Dear Kate

We were so sadden to hear the news about Eric. Our hearts break for you and dear dear Eric. We have followed you from the beginning and we feel a Eric sized hole in our hearts knowing he has run off to the bridge. But we know he is running free of pain and been made well again. We will keep you in our purrayers.

Abby,Boo,Ping,Jinx,Gracie & Mom Debra
Oh Katie we are so sorry for your loss. Of course you all did what was right for him and I know he is running free at the bridge and free from pain.

I'm sure he knew how much you loved him and lived the happiest of kitty lives.

Deep purrs and Mom Hugs to you!!
So sorry to hear about Fat Eric...Mom and I learned the sad news from Zoolatry. While we didn't know your beautiful boy, Mom & I wanted to send our condolences.

RIP Fat Eric

Wags, wiggles & sorrowful slobbers
We are so sorry for your loss!! We are glad Fat Eric isn't in any pain!! Rest in Peace Fat Eric!

Kodak, 3 Perf, Blossom,Skye and mom Penny
It's hard to type this through our tears. Eric was a magnificent ginger cat, and most definitely a fine role model for ginger kitties everywhere. Big purrs and purrayers to you and Eric's Dad,


Gypsy & Tasha & Karen (Mum)
Ohhh Mom Kate, we are so sad and leaky eyed to learn that sweet Eric had to venture on to the Bridge, and are so sad for you that you couldn't be there with him. Our Momma is having a hard time typing this because of the tears in her eyes. You and Eric's Dad are in our most heartfelt purrayers, and we will have our brofur Max at the Bridge greet him and be his furriend ...
Hugs, purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam, Simon and Momma Jan
Dear MommieKate, we are just devastated. We loved Eric very much, and now we are crying. He was THE ICON of the kitty cat blogosphere, one of the reasons that Caesar and Princess started blogging in the beginning.
We are purring for you dear Katemom,
I know that Caesar and PRincess were there with open paws to gather him into restful eternal peace. They will be watching over us!

gentle hugs and bonks
We are so so sorry for your loss - we didn't know Eric before but we know how much everyone in the CB loved him and we have been purring and praying for him since we heard about his illness. We are sending you lots of comforting purrs and prayers.
Dear Kate- We are so very sad to hear of your loss, and the tragic circumstances. Our hearts break for you. Eric was a legend here in the CB, he was loved by many.
We purr for your comfort.
I am so sorry to hear of Eric's passing. He will be missed. ((Hugs)) and purrs to you.
we are so sorry to hear this, and very heartbroken! our thoughts and purrs are with you kate, we know it will be hard times for you without fat eric. fat eric was one of the very first cats we met in the blogosphere:
"Hi Karl and Anastasia. Always nice to meet new catbloggers. Come and visit me some time, I'm the big floofy ginger cat who lives in London.
Fat Eric"
that was his first comment on our blog, now the big floofy cat can play at the bridge with anastasia...
we will miss you dearly fat eric and never forget you!
lots of love for the poor mom,
the cat realm
Oh, I'm so sad to hear those news. Goodbye Fat Eric, you will be missed.

Lots of purrs from Gotchi to all of Fat Eric's family and friends.
I am so vewy vewy sowwy to heaw this..what sadness to have happenend especialy when you'we not thewe to hold him and say goobye. I know that he got the best cawe and love possible and had a soft jouwney to the bwidge whewe he will be welcomed by so many of his fwiends
sad smoochie kisses
I am soo soo sorry to learn about Fat Eric. He was a wonderful fellow! I am especially sorry that you, his mom, were unable to be with him at the end. I'm so thankful you had such a good vet and loving vet techs who cared for him and loved him through it.

I send my bestest purrs for your heart, dear Kate.

Your friend,

Angus Mhor
We didn't know Eric, but we know he must have been very special. We are sorry that you weren't able to be with him at the end, and know that must be so sad for you.

We send our love and purrs to you
from your new friends, Peanut, Marshmellow, Ruby, Pearlene and their mama
I'm so sowwy to hear this, and mine heart and mine purrs go out to you, Fat Ewic's Mummy. I'm sure he had the best possible care and tumours and all those icky stuff are howwible things. Fat Ewic is going to have a bwast of a time over at the Wainbow Bwidge. Take care yourself, and I'm sending over wots of purrs for you.

...we offer a hug (( ))
& are very sorry for your painful loss and erics loss of having to cross over away from u.

Eric will be missed.
Oh...this is sad. Goodbye Eric, we will miss you!

Miss Diamond and Sir Tristan
OH, we are so so sorry to hear of Fat Eric leaving for the Bridge.

We'll see you at the Bridge, Fat Eric.

Love from Iowa,
The Cyclone Cats
Conner Cloud and their own mom
We didn't know Fat Eric, but we just had to come over and give you our condolences. We're so sorry that you couldn't be with him at the end, but he had a wonderful vet who took care of him. He'll be waiting at the Bridge.
Dear Kate,
One of the worst things that happens regularly is that I wake up in the morning, go to the Cat Blogosphere first and get hit with the loss of another dear friend. No, not Eric!!
We are terribly saddened to hear he is gone. We've known him for so long and he was very dear to us.
He and Shaggy were partners in girth (or is that floof?) and we are going to miss him greatly. I can't find the words to say because of my tears, we truly loved him so much.
Willow and I were so sad to just find out about Fat Eric going to the Bridge. We loved visiting him and seeing him in his garden, watching out for intruders. We will miss your Gorgeous Gingerness until we someday see you at the Bridge. We're sending over soft purrs to your Mom and Dad.

Purrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat
We are so very sorry about Eric. He was one of the first kitties we started reading about. We will miss him greatly. Sending you lots of purrs.
I'm very sorry for your lost............
I'm sad loosing furriends :(
*sobs* O no we will miss having yoo heer wif us, Fat Eric. We is glad yoo don't have pains no more tho. We see yoo at tha Bridge sum day. *wave paws to sky* We will purr lots and lots for yore beans sads to helps them how we cans.
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree, Pepi, George and Mom Robyn
Dearest Kate & fambly,
We iz so sad to hear dis terrybull newz abouts Fat Eric.
We hopes dats our ginger kitty who came beefore, Tiger, & our other angelz Princess Ozma & Trixie will be dere to help him at da bridge.
How hard dis iz when you are so far away.
We send purrz to you & know dats dis waz a furry hard, hard, deeciszion to makes.
Much much love,
Dr Tweety. Iris, Maximillian, Delilah, & Auntie Stinkie
Oh i cant even think what to say FE was one of the frist cats who we meet we tears leaking he was tursly a great cat there something speical about ginger boys and FE was no expexption we are so sorry for you loss
We are so sorry to hear this news. We are all sending over lots of hugs and comforting purrs.
--JB, Chester, CB, Armani, Gaia, Charli and mom Deb
Godspeed Sweet Eric. You will be missed.
soft husky wooos to you,
purring for you and Sweet Eric who is waiting fur you over the bridge.

Katie Kat

Psalm 91
Romans 8: 9 & 10
I just found out from Eric and Flynn. I am so, so, so very sorry. I loved reading about Eric's adventures. Such a beautiful, sweet cat. I have an orange myself whom I love dearly.
I understand completely how you feel. And now I think I'm going to go cry.

Me and my cat Charlie came from Manx MNews blog. We are so sorry to hear about Eric. We are lighting a candle in our hearts for sweet Eric and for you all.
Take care
Although I've never commented before,I loved following the adventures of Fat Eric. He SO reminded me of my sweet Butterball who passed away in 2008. Yes, even though I still have plenty of cats, I miss Butterball still.

So, so sorry for your loss.

christine and the herd at possumlady place.
Our hearts are broken. We are so sorry to hear this news. Our most sincere condolences. Fly free sweet prince!!

Brenda, Boots & Ozzie
We are so sorry to read about Eric's sickness and Free Eric pain free...If you see Milky-Way over the Bridge,give him a head pat for us
So furry sorry to hear this news . . . You are in our thoughts & purrayers. Gentle headbutts to you.
Came here after seeing the sad news about Eric on another blog.

So very sorry to hear about your loss. Sending love and hugs to the humans Eric touched and wishing Eric an eternity painless days filled with nothing but head rubs, toys, and treats.
We're so sorry to hear about Eric and send our condolences. We'll miss him.

Cliff, Olivia and Humans
We're so sorry about Eric.

Sadly, these things come so fast. We're sure, though, he's enjoying himself over The Rainbow Bridge and meeting his fellow blogging cats ... telling tall tales and adventures.

With our warmest regards and purrs.
We are sorry we didn't know dear Eric but we heard about what happened from Ann of Zoolatry. That must have been a very difficult decision for Kathie to make and then so difficult for her to have to break the news to you. We are so sorry you could not be with him, but he had to know how much you loved him and would not have wanted him to suffer. Hugs to you and your family.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara
Mama knows how hard having a loved kitty die is. But you must really feel horrible not being able to be there. But Eric knew how much you loved him, and I bet his last thoughts were a gentle goodbye to you and thank you for his wonderful furrefer home and your love. In fact, I know. His angel wings will touch you all your life.

I am sorry to hear about Fat Eric. I have enjoyed reading his posts over the years. I thank you for sharing his life and adventures on this blog. As you can see by all these comments, Eric was greatly loved and will be missed by his fans.
Including me.

Lots of purrs are sent to Fat Eric's Mum and Dad. He wuz the ultimate floofy ginger poodin and mine hero. We'll miss him so much!

Pumpkin, Tiger, Bebe, Sophie, Benson the woofie, Quincy the birdie
So so sad to hear this news. I send you loving thoughts as I know from exerience how awful to have it happen while you are away from home. Take care and know that many many blog frienda are thinking of you.. GJ and Carol x
So furry, furry sad to head this news. Purrrs.
We are beyond sad. Eric, every time we lick our humans' hair, we're gonna think of you.
Oh Eric, we are so so sad! We are sending purrs and hugs to your family. We will miss you.
Oh no. We were hoping for good news and instead we see this. Please accept our condolences on the loss of our old friend, Eric. I can barely type for the tears. He will be sorely missed in the CB.

Crew's Mom
My heart is heavy as I leave words of comfort to you. I know you loved Eric so much and gave him such a wonderful home. Thank you for not letting him suffer anylonger and let him go even though you were not there. Forever he will be free of hurt and will run and play with those that left before him and were waiting to see their dear friend again. Some day I will meet Eric and I too will play forever over the bridge with loved ones and friends. My thought and prayers are with you as you go through this hard time.
I saw this at lunch at work, but couldn't add a comment at that time. Our hearts are broken from the news, we loved Fat Eric, his adventures and love of his Greenies.

You and the staff at the cattery did good for Eric. It will be so strange when you get home with no Eric. I know how quiet my house is with no cats and that is just for an evening or two.

Hugs and purrs.

Janet, Derby and Ducky.
We are so sorry you were far away for his passing to the bridge, sounds like he did receive love and attention from those women at his end and his suffering was brief.
I didn't know your precious little boy Eric but me and my mommy are very very sad that he went to the Bridge. He will be like a kitten again and playing with my Robin and all his other new friends till we come to meet him by and by.

Soft hugs and much love to you.
Oh, this is just so sad and our hearts go out to you. Even though we haven't blogged or visited Eric since last year because of our mom's illness & surgery, we had to let you know how sorry we are and how much we'll miss our dear friend Eric. Peace to you ...

Rocky, Sharolyn & all of us at Artsy Catsy
I'm so sad to hear the Eric has gone to the bridge. Sending love and purrs to all of you. He will be missed.
Our Mom received a call from the Mom of the Rocky Mount Meezers today, to let us know that Eric had gone to The Rainbow Bridge. Please know that we are very sad to hear this horrible news, and that we are purring for you. Eric will never be forgotten, he was loved by so many.

~Tristan, Crikey and Angela
i am so brokenhearted!
WE did hot know Eric well, but knew he was a legend on the CB. He will be missed by many. We are so sorry that this happened while you were away. We know how heart broken you are. SHareing his memories Will help some.

We know that no words can take away the pain you must be feeling right now, so instead we are sending you are biggest(((Hugs)))...

In the coming days when you try to put back together the pieces of your heart, remember this...

1. Eric touched the lives, hearts and minds of many, and he will be sorely missed...

2. We are all here for you should you need us.

3. And perhaps most importantly, Eric had a live well lived. He was surrounded by friends and family, who all loved him as if he were there own...
We are so sorry that Eric had to go to the Bridge. Our hearts are absolutely breaking for you. Please know that you are in our thoughts and purrs.
So sorry, Kate.
Goodbye, Fat Eric.

Your friends at The Morning Scratch, Bogdan, Sara, Kat3, and the whole gang
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. How horrible to be away, but sounds like you had someone very loving looking out for Fat Eric while you were gone. I know it will be hard to go back home and see his stuff. How wonderful that he had a long life.
I am a long time lurker who has always loved orange kitties. I will miss Eric as if he were my own cat. My heart goes out to you.

Love, Debby from Philadelphia and my cat Cocoa!!!
I am so, so sorry. Eric was one of the old time cat bloggers. We lost Rascal not too long ago too, so the grief is still very real. I don't keep my cat blogs up anymore, so I'll sign it

AKA Rascal & Catzee's Mom
Oh we are so sorry to hear about Eric. To many of our old buddies are passing and we are so sad. Purrs and prayers for you Kate and your family. It is a very hard time for you right now, but Eric will live on in your hearts. God Bless.

Casper, Cleo, Patches and Mom too!!
We are purring for you and we share your pain.
Things have been crazy around here for the past few weeks. We are so sad the Eric has left the Blogosphere. He will be sadly missed but lovingly remembered=^Y^=The Cat Street Boyz & Mom Holly
I am so sorry for your loss, I know Eric heard all our purrs for him and it helped him go gently to the bridge.

We're purring for you now Eric Family.
Thank you so much for sharing Fat Eric with us. He was a wonderful cat & I will miss him.
Love & purrs from Mr Woo xx
Hugs, prayers, and purrrs!!!!!!
We are so sorry!
till we meet again dear friend Eric - we loves you!

*hugs* to Mom Kate!
It's been at least one year or so since the last time I visited this blog...and now this! I can't stop crying , I cannot cope with pet's death, Shoot!
I'm so, so sorry to read ths, I hope you get well one day, and I don't know, but some people say that adopting a new kitty helps a lot.
Big hugs
Ana Inés
Dear MomKate, we are so so sorry to hear about the death of the wonderful Fat Eric. We all loved reading his humorous, slightly curmudgeonly takes on life around your house and in your garden. Meowmy knows how horrible it feels to be so far away and not able to do anything. It's a good thing that Kathie and the vets were so responsible and loving, and what a difficult decision for them to make--yet really not so difficult, since Fat Eric was in pain. Please accept our deepest condolences and many affectionate purrs and ankle rubs.
Louie, Fuzzy, Sylvie, Gingy, and the Meowmy, whose eyes are leaking all over the keyboard.
How very sad! Our hearts go out to you dear Kate and your husband. We can only imagine your anguish at being so far away. Eric was a wonderful kitty and we will always think of him in his beautiful garden near his little pond.

With hugs and purrs,
Nancy and Mr. Emerson
So so very sad and sorry to hear about your loss Kate. Fat Eric was a very special boy indeed. Our family enjoyed reading his blog.

SarahX KipperX and CasperX
We are so sorry to hear the sad news about Fat Eric. We have always enjoyed readin his posts, as did Skeeter and LC before us.

PS, The Verification Word is "cryng", which seems so appropriate...
Oh nos, we are so sorry to hear the sad news. He was one of the first kitty bloggers that we visited when we first started. We hope that he is running free across the Bridge. Our thoughts are with the family in this difficult time. It would be so hard to return home without the Eric being there.
We are so sorry.
We hope that ,in time,you will be comforted by your 15 years of memories with wonderful Eric.
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie
Oh no. Not Fat Eric. He is such a character.

I hope he had not suffered much from the pain.

It must be painful that you are not able to accompany him on his last stretch of the journey. Gotta keep your chin up and remember all the good times you have with the little fella.
I cannot express any more than the comments above. They've said all I wanted to say. Fat Eric was special. He was one of the first I discovered in the CB and I loved him as if I had known him in the flesh, so to speak. I will miss him so much but obviously not as much as you dear Kate and John. My heart goes out to you... {{{{{HUGS}}}}}
Oh nooooooo. Words cannot express how we feel. Hugs and more hugs to you. We are wrapped around your heart in comfort. Peace to Fat Eric. May he have much fun in dreams and the Rainbow world over the bridge.
My mommy, the FD, the CCB, the Tortie Twins, and both doggies all send you love and purrs and prayers. We can't even begin to imagine how difficult this must be for you. We are devastated at the loss of such a great mancat, but we are glad he will suffer no more and is happy at the Bridge.

We are all here for you. <3
Oh, our hearts are aching and our eyes are leaking at this sad news. Please accept our sincere expression of sympathy. We will miss you, Fat Eric.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel
I am so very sorry for your loss. I have been following Fat Eric for years and am just sick that this happened while you were away. RIP Fat Eric.
My dear friends. We are so sorry to hear the news about sweet Eric. He has been such a wonderful friend.
Our hearts are aching for you. You are in our thoughts and prayers during this time. purrrrrrrrrrs and hugs.
This was huge sad news all over the kitty blogosphere. Sending healing purrs from my gang at Cat Saturday.
Many hugs to your family. Lucky Eric had such good luck to be adopted by you!!!

Purzzzzzzzz & more hugs
So sad to hear about wonderful Eric and so sorry you weren't able to be with him. We look forward to seeing all his wonderful pictures. FAZ
I am so sorry for your loss of Eric. Many many headbutts and purrs for you. We will miss Eric and his blog very much.
I´m sorry for your loss :(

A big hug from Spain.
I am so sorry to hear such a sad news. I have gone through all this when my Bobo had to put to sleep due to his illness. I really understand how you feel Kate.

Be strong.

Hug and kisses from Malaysia
Just to let you know, we are still thinking of Eric, and missing him.
Oh my gosh - I am so sorry to hear that Fat Eric has passed to the bridge. I know I will miss him alot. My Mum and I both leaked some tears at hearing this news. At least he is no longer in pain. Our prayers are with you at this difficult time.

Kellie & Mum Shelley
We are so sorry to hear about Fat Eric. He was our friend across the pond. Mom says all her kitties who went to the bridge before him will be there to take care of him.

Spot, Puff, and baby Jake.
OH no we are so sad to hear of Fat Eric going to the Bridge. I know your loss is painful, to lose such a beloved one. We also know that Hattie has been waiting for such a long time for her brother, she will surely welcome him and show him off to those who went before him.

many headbutts and purrayers for you all.

Zorro, Bonnie, Bill, Bobby and Buttons and the mom
Thinking of you.
Fat Eric was one of our first furriends in the Cat Blogosphere and we cannot believe that he has gone to the Bridge so soon. Our sincerest purrs and purrayers go out to you. We'll miss his presence terribly.
DMM, the Feline Americans, and Jessica

I had the great pleasure of looking after Fat Eric whilst he was in kitty jail and he was a model prisoner even during his last days.I spent many a evening laying down in his cell with him feeding him treats and giving him plenty of cuddles and kisses as I know he was missing you. I,m so sorry for your loss but Fat Eric will always live on in many peoples hearts as the true celebrity he was and always will be.
Jo (prison warder Chestnut cat sanctuary)
We are so sad.
Nelly & Mikey
I never had the chance to meet Fat Eric but he seems to have been a delightful chap. My condolences.
I just found out about Fat Eric and he's gone already. I'm glad you had a long time to enjoy his company though.
It's been a long while since we blogged and some of us are new here, but the older ones remembered Fat Eric very fondly. We are all sad that he's crossed the bridge.
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