Sunday, August 01, 2010


Fur and Flowers

Well, once again I have to thank all my friends for their concern over my health. Things have been going along quietly here. My mum is on holiday from school so we have been spending lots of time together while my dad is still at work. I am still being quite a picky eater so she has been tempting me with different flavours of stinky goodness. I am eating every day but still not as much as I once used to. Actually I was out in the garden the other day with my mum and I sort of ate a slug just to see what it tasted like. Then I yakked all over the hall carpet. That wasn't very much fun at all really.

I am getting a kidney pill every evening now. I am napping a lot too. I still have some tangles and knots in my floof, even though the v-e-t shaved some of the matted bits. I used to enjoy being combed but I don't like it any more and I run away when I see my mum coming with the comb; I remember it hurt when she tried to comb out the mats before. She is hoping I will get back to liking being combed again because it is all a bit stressful at the moment. I am still happy to have some cuddling and some laptime, though.

It has been quite warm here. I am mostly choosing to stay in the house and nap when my mum goes out and does sweaty things like gardening. Leo does a good job snoopervising because he is so nosy he can't stand it if people are doing gardening without him. Here are some pictures of his snoopervising techniques.
The flowers on our patio are looking very pretty at the moment. They were supposed to be all yellow and white this year, but some of the white ones my mum bought sneakily came out blue instead. Can you spot some of the rogue blue flowers?
We also had a jungle of potato plants but most of the potatoes have been dug up and eaten by the humans now.
I am worried about something - yesterday my dad went up in the loft and got the two big suitcases down. Why do you think he did that? They wouldn't, would they?!

Eric, we hope you get a little bit better at eating; that's very impawtant! And we luff the flowers. Very pretty, even the sneaky blues.
Eric, we're glad you are doing okay. Keep eating...eating is important!! Your mom's flowers are very pretty! Now don't tell us they are leaving you!! Oh no!!
Eric, I hated hated hated when the suitcases came out here. I don't like it when the humans leave.
Paws crossed that you continue to hold steady, Eric. Do keep eating! Except for slugs, since they don't agree with you.

Oh, I hate those suitcases. Maybe they are just airing them out.
Eric you continue to get better and eat lots. Your mum can find all sorts of tempting foods for you.

Your mum's flowers look all nice, mum goes to purple/orange with her purrenials.

Hummm, suitcases? Does this mean a trip to the kittie spa for you?
We gots hanging flowers that look like yur yellow ones! You have furry pretty flowers.

If'n yur beans come to Montana, we'll be on the lookout for them!
~Meeko & Kiara
You continue to eat! We'll be happy with a "Middle Weight Eric".
Mommy says that Chuckles' appetite was spotty too with his kidney problems as he was nauseated; so he had an anti-nausea medication for that.

Good for you that Leo is willing to take up the gardening slack.

Your flowers are lovely and so is your Mom's footwear...MOL!
You look like ya had a GREAT time outside! I love hangin aroun TBT when I am outside too.

Lovely flowers...
Eric, we are vewy glad yoo are feeling better ~ we have been worried. Are yoo coming to see Devon grandma? Is that why yoor suitcase is owt?
Eric, we are happy you are feeling a bit better and hope you get your appetite back soon. Kidney problems can make a cat feel a bit yucky foodwise, the vet might give you an anti nausea medicine that will help there.

The lobelia are gorgeous, even the rogue blue ones (never seen that before) Your Mum is lucky that Leo can supervise her whilst you are resting.

If you want more types of fuuds to try, give us a shout and we'll send you some of our Bozita in jelly - no cereals, grains, sugars and it's pretty yummy too.

You take it easy big fella.

Healing schlurps to you

& Gerry
We'll keep purring and purraying for you, Eric!!
Continued purrs and healing Light to you, Eric.

The flowers are just lovely, even with the blue, and Leo is a great snoopervisor. Love his technique. LOL.
We're glad that you're feeling okay Eric.

Our mum has that trouble with those type of flowers as well. She calls the blue ones non conformist.
Leo has got a good technique to stop your mom running off by holding her foot to keep her at work in the garden.
We hope you stop feeling so nauseous Eric - was it the sight of those two suitcases that made it worse??
We're very glad you're eating something Eric and hope you start eating more soon. Could the kidney pills make you feel sick to the tummy? Maybe that is why you aren't so hungry?
Thanks for the heads up about slugs. They look slurpy and yummy, but now I know not to try it. Yacking is no fun.
Leo is a good snoopervisor. I'm glad he is on call so you can take naps when you want. It is good you can trust him.
purrrrrrrrrrrs to you Eric. Maybe your beans are are throwing those suitcases away so they can never leave you again?
We're glad you are feeling a bit better. Make sure you eat GOOD things....slugs probably aren't in that group!

We never like it when those suitcases show up.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
So glad you are feeling better and are eating again. I'll continue purring for your health.,
Eric, we are glad that you are feeling better. Those flowers are beautiful!!! Hmmmm....we don't like the suitcases either!
Those aren't gardening techniques, they're distraction tactics!
Such a beautiful boy!
Hugs & purzz, Eric.
You will be much missed.
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