Sunday, January 29, 2006


Nap-a-thon In Progress

Ssh! I've gone to the kitty nap-a-thon at The Calico Girls - see you there!

Eric, we're glad you live so far away, because Mom thinks you are just the poofiest thing and she wants to borrow you (so she says). No offense and all, but we don't like that idea one bit. Do you sit on laps, too? Cause we don't do that, neither. (Except Moose, every now and then, and Nala, if the lap belongs to the boy.)
That is one plushy kitty!
Hi guys
Trois Chats, I AM a lap-sitting kitty, but it has to be a comfy lap. One of my favourite things is snuggling up on my mum's lap and drooling on her, but I hardly ever sit on my dad's lap, his legs are too bony! I'd be happy to sit on your Mom's lap if it is suitably padded...
FAT are just the most fluffy kitty we have ever seen! That nap-a-thon...what a great idea!

Our mom has quilts all over the house, so we nap on them. She went crazy on eBay one year bidding on old cozy cutter quilts.

We are going to look at all your other pictures now.

The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South

Welcome to world of kitty blogs Eric! We thought we were big cats at 12 pounds! You sure a good looking cat and we are happy to meet you! Did you know that you really don't live so far away from us? Maybe one day you can catch a flight on Ryan air and join us for a pasta lunch!

Have fun at your cat napa thon. Is it too late for us to join?
Opus and Roscoe
We are so glad you came to our nap a thon! Thanks for coming!!! We had so much funssssss
I need to have your mom email mine, because the code wont work in this here comment box. She can give you structions then.
Email her at
It was fun talking to you at the Nap a Thon Eric. Us big boys have to stick together! There were sure some good looking babes there. -Shaggy
It woz good to meet yu Mr. Eric, Sir. We live furry near to each uther yu know - I am in Loughton, which is only abowt 7 miles frum yu. 'cept I duzzent hav a blogg. Ms Patches' mum and mine mum are frends.
Just look at that tail! Is there any doubt why I wuz snugglin Eric at the wonderful napathon?
Hi Eric,

It was great to meet you at the nap-a-thon. We are the same color but you are a whole lot fluffier.

Hope to see you soon.

I can't believe I missed it! You guys are so sneaky! ; )
awww, Eric is the cutest fluff ball!
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