Thursday, February 09, 2006


The Cats (And One Woofie) Who Came Before Me

Lots of catbloggers have been writing lately about the cats who came to their humans before they did. I asked my mum if she had any pictures of the Cats Who Came Before Me, and she found some for me. I don't mind that my mum loved some other furries before me and Hattie. She told me some stories about her other furries.

This is Tigger. He was the cat-in-charge-of-the-house when my mum was a little girl. He was a famous cat in the village where my mum lived. He was a big fluffy cat with an impressive tail - a bit like me, really, except that he was a brown tabby. He really belonged to my mum's mum (Cornish Grandma) and he liked to snuggle with her - my mum says if he deigned to sit on anyone else's lap, he acted like he was doing them a big favour. When he was a kitten he made friends with a chicken. He liked to lick yoghurt off a spoon. He bossed around the other cats and woofies in the house because he knew he was the King. He used to lie in wait for the postman and hiss at him until the postman got too scared to deliver the letters. When he was a very old kitty, he got hit by the postman's van and went to the Bridge, and everyone in the village was really sad.

This is Kerry. She arrived as a kitten when Tigger was quite old, and she would try to play with him but he soon put her in her place. She was grey with little patches of yellow fur. She was named after a Chelsea footballer. She was a very loving cat with a very loud purr. She taught Tigger to purr, which he never knew how to do before she arrived, but he copied her! My mum says she was a lovely kitty but not very clever. She kept falling off things and getting stuck in places. Once she got stuck in a chimney. She would let anyone snuggle her. She lived to be a very old kitty too and went to the Bridge sleeping peacefully on her favourite cushion.

This is Buttons. I am not sure a picture of a woofie belongs on my blog but my mum asked me to put it here. He was my mum's own woofie and I suppose, even though he was a woofie, she must have really loved him because he slept on her bed every night. They went for lots of walks together. (My mum says she was about 14 in this picture). When she went away to university she had to leave him with Cornish Grandma and she really missed him. When she came home for holidays he went crazy with excitement. He lived to be very old and did not go to the Bridge until my mum was grown up and working at her job. I suppose he was sort of cute for a woofie. My mum says he was really friendly to cats.

After Buttons went to the Bridge, my mum and dad lived in different flats in London and did not have any furries for a while. Then they moved house and they really wanted some kitties so they adopted me and Hattie! Hattie is at the Bridge now with Tigger, Kerry and Buttons. I bet they are having fun there. Meanwhile I am making sure that my mum still gets lots of furry love.

Thanks for sharin' about Those Who Came Before You, Eric. We thinks it's okay to have the woofie in your blog, 'specially since he was nice to kitties!
Our Mom had lots of kitties and some woofies when she was growin' up (including two kitties who looked a lot like us!). Our Dad only had woofies. We'll have to post 'bout them sometime.
Aww the woofie is cute we must admit! Tigger was a big boy! And Kerry sounds like she was adorable and a good companion. What a lovely stone cottage!
I, too, say thanks for sharing this with us.

I'm sure your mum is glad you are in her life now, Eric. You look like a most lovable kitty.

~ tammara
Oh, thanks for letting us see the "cats who came before." We also love the cottage and all the flowers! Mom loves flowers! I love to sniff them.
A very sweet tribute, Fat Eric. It's good to know your humans practiced loving animals before they got you.
Hi everyone! The house is Cornish Grandma's house, she still lives there. My mum has only taken me there once because I don't get on with Cornish Grandma's current woofie!
Such a bunch of great stories!

Buttons looks like a very loved Woofy!

The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South!
The before pets were all good looking and you could tell they were loved. You know you've got a great home in a lovely setting! Some dogs are okay. Mom had 3 in her life before me. They and a bunch of before cats are all waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge someday! Thanks for sharing!
That was wonderful...I'm gonna get my Momma to write about her furries before me...cause I think she learned a lot about cats that way and that's great for me! Puuuuurrrr...My momma is writing this for me, so in case you don't know who it's Sweetie here!
It was real neat to see and read about the ones who came before. Nice woofies are ok to blog about. I have a link to IndyPindy on my blog cuz Indy's nice.
It's nice to recall the good memories of our old friends. If history is any indication, Eric, you're going to have it made for the rest of your life...
It's really nice to hear about all the cats and even woofies that our beans knew, because that way we know they are the bestestt kind of beans. Your mum is lucky to have had such good animals (especially you!) to take care of her. And Cornish Grandma sounds like a good one too!!

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