Tuesday, February 21, 2006


A Day For Snuggling With Those You Love

Outside in our garden we have snowdrops and crocuses, so I thought that Spring was coming. But now it has gone all cold again. And not just cold, but cold, wet and windy. Brrr... I woke up this morning and it felt cold to me, even though I have a very thick furry coat. I thought my humans might need some extra snuggling today, because they don't have fur coats to keep them warm. So when I went upstairs to wake them up this morning, instead of just jumping on the bed, I decided to crawl under the duvet and share all my furry warmth with them. I'm not sure my dad totally appreciated it (he muttered something about "two's company, three's a crowd") but my mum was happy to snuggle with me. The only trouble was, we got so snuggly and warm that she dozed off again and overslept, then she had to rush to work to get there on time!

When my mum got home again, she was all cold and tired. She was cold because she had just been to walk the senile woofie from down the road, and the senile woofie walks really slowly, and the cold wind was whistling through my mum's coat. And she was tired because the small humans she teaches had worn her right out. She was so tired she fell asleep on the sofa, so I did my kitty duty and climbed right aboard for a lovely warm snuggle. This is how my dad found us when he got home.
It is still cold so my mum and I will be mostly spending the evening snuggling in front of the radiator and the TV. Hope you all have someone to snuggle with while it's cold!
By the way, I'm trying to think up a bit more kitty haiku, because all the blogging kitties seem to be such great poets! I just found one that Cosmo wrote about me!

Furry nice that you kept the mom warm. Little people have a way of making you tired.
You are so good at taking care of your mum!
You are a very thoughtful kitty to take such good care of your mom!
There's nothing better than a cat blanket on our moms!
you get an A+ for snugglin'!
You look like you have the snuggle pas de duex down Fat Eric ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko
That am a wonderful picher of you and your mom.......I can tell you love each other a whole lot! Those little wafers tired your mom out real good. I think that is what wafers are for, tiring people out and pulling kitty tails! I stay far away from wafers!!
Like William said, you make a very nice cat blanket. I aspire to be just as fluffy and big as you when I grow up! (Mom said "Awww, what a sweet picture!" and felt the need to hug the daylights outta me when she saw it. Sheesh. Moms are very huggy sometimes. Okay, fine, I guess that's a good thing...)
~ moose
We do that to our mommy too- crawl under the covers and snuggle her when the 'larm is going to go off. Mommy calls it "cat magic" when I crawl on her and she goes right to sleep on the couch. She says that one who came before did that do her all the time, and now I'm the only poodin in the house that can do it, so I'm special! - Sammy
I don't get humans. My mom has fur on her legs to keep her warm, but she shaves it off! Then she complains about being cold.

Eric we bet you're better than a hot water bottle.'s nice that you took a nap on top of your mom too, so you could help her get warm. Thanks for the link!
I like to sleep on my Mum too!

Be on the lookout for our Mum - she's going to be in the Heathrow Airport while on her way to and from Aff-ree-ka!

Ahhh...I get caught in that position way too much, esp when I need a 'warm up'.
I like to sleep right beside the heaters in my house. It keeps getting warm and then cold in Virginia so I am sleeping all over the house!

Hi from Scooby too!
Looks like everyone wants to snuggle and keep warm this month. Kitties are so nice to keep their peoples warm.
Great photo. I have a big kitty on my lap now!
Hard to type!

Come by to read Blackie's story.

The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South
Hmph. I sleep on the humans to keep ME warm, not the other way around. The Mom doesn't seem to complain so I'm going to keep on doing it.
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