Friday, February 17, 2006


Feathers and Haiku

Yay! My humans have come back from Portugal! They came back smelling of Strange Foreign Kitties and Woofies, but I have decided to forgive them for this because they both said I am much more gorgeous than the other furries they met in foreign parts. My mum took some photos of the foreign furries so I might post them here just to show I am the best-looking!

I tried to convince my mum that I had been fading away in her absence, but actually Uncle Andrew and the Little People were more generous with the food than my diet-pushing mum is, so I am in good shape. I have been giving my mum lots of licks and lap-snuggles since she got back, even though she confessed that she ate loads of custard tarts in Lisbon and didn't bring me back any. She did buy me a prezzie though - it is a stick with feathers on the end just like some of my blogging friends have got. I am not quite sure what to do with it so I have been mainly staring at it in bafflement.
Now that I have got access to my computer back, I have been catching up with the cat-blogs. I like the idea of the haikus. I am a bit of a poet actually, you know. I have done three so far. Here they are:

Max bashes Buddah
While craving stinky goodness
A PsychoKitty.

Brach has a hard life
Bullied and bossed by Kukka
Sisters can be tough.

My fur is ginger
Just like Oscar and Charlie
We glow in the sun.

What do you think?

Beautiful! And I think I'm very glad you also showed your paws to help with the pawtrait contest!
Wow that is amazing
I have never been part of a Haiku before.
I am very impressed by your poetry.
big ginger fur headbutts to you.
Them is furry good. I writed one on my blog today for Miles, The Meezer cuz he wroted a nice one for us girls on his. Now.......if you could give a hint about your paws. We thought we had them figured out and we was wrong! Back to the drawing board, as mom says.
excellent haikus!
Eric, you are quite a poet! We are very impressed. We're very glad everyone is home safe and sound.
Great haikus Eric! I like Max's one especially, 'cause he's bashing his Brat. :)
Very cool, Eric! And, you have one on Princess Mia's (right after your comment). Go look!
Cool! Athena wrote a haiku about moi! (blush)
Glad to hear your humans are back! Those are great haikus, too.

Mom is tryin' to 'member how Teke got his name. She thinks it was Tiki at first but then they found out he was a boy and Tiki sounded kinda girly, so they shortened it. Thanks for addin' us to your links, we've got you on ours too!
Good to see you again!!! We got some haikus going too! Its fun!
Very cool Eric! all our secret crushes are revealed in kitty haiku.
Get your mom & dad to shake that feather stick under tissue paper or under a paper bag....that will make you go crazy.

Lyn & The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South
Hee hee (blush).
Excellent poems. I may try that myself... when I can get Victor away from the puter for more than a few minutes. Substitute me for Max and Victor for Buddah... mmmm.
Wow! We are so honored about the haiku...even though it offers nothing but lies about me bullying Brach.

We are going to have to follow your lead and come up with some haikus of our own. Now that Mom is over the flu and we can stop taking care of her and get back to blogging...
And I thought my fur-brother had to be the softest, plushest, most-pleasing-to-pat ginger-and-white feline around - you appear to exceed him in that department!
I have a toy like that and I look at it funny too. The only time I play with it is when Momma makes it go really fast. Otherwise, I just lay on it :)
Geez - it's really nice to meet a feller kitty who is so good looking and so intelligent with their Haiku's too. We're very impressed and think maybe we need to something besides playing all day. Thanks for stopping by our new bloggie and hope to see you again.
I'm glad they are back for you. Now, what do you MEAN she doesn't know what the Daytona 500 is?!?!?! You don't know what you are missing!
Oh have feathers! I don't have ANY any more since my Sister B's evil dog Shasta ate my feathers from Santa. Maybe I could come and play feather with you.

Maxwell Smartkitty
The Crew
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