Sunday, March 19, 2006


A Busy Weekend In The Blogosphere

Before today, I'd had a couple of days without much time to blog, so today I decided to do some catching up with my cat-blogging friends. It turns out that everycat has been pretty busy. Here's a quick run-down of what I found out today:

Finnegan and Buddy had a party to mark Finny's birthday and St. Patrick's Day. It seems to have got kind of wild. Unfortunately I missed the party! Firstly, my mum was disorganised and got confused with the time difference and she didn't realise the party had started yet. Secondly, there was a bit of an unfortunate incident yesterday. You see, my mum was asleep and I was trying to wake her up so she could turn the computer on so I could get to the party! So I started tapping her on the head going "Wake up, Mum!" but it didn't work so I got worried and tapped her a bit harder...anyway, I accidentally stuck my claw out and did a big scratch on her forehead and she woke up going "Ow!" and saying bad words. Then she wouldn't let me go to the party. But we are friends again now - she apologised to me for being disorganised and sleepy, and I apologised to her for scratching, and we had a big cuddle. Maybe I'll make it to the next party. And my mum has lots of hair on her forehead anyway so the big red scratch doesn't really show...that much.

Meanwhile, my friends the Calico Girls are excited because their geese have come back. So spring must be on the way at last! Also, the Calico Girls introduced us to a human friend of theirs called Jasmine. She doesn't have a kitty but she seems like a nice human.

Victor Tabbycat is very happy because his sister Bonnie seems to be getting to like him a little bit at last. She let him sleep on the same bed with her. This is positively friendly from Bonnie, we will have to wait and see how their relationship develops.

The glamorous Princess Mia is trying to make a list of when everycat's purrthdays are. So, if you haven't done it already, go over to Mia's and let her know when your purrthday is!

George from Crew's Views is thinking of starting another kitty gang. This time it's for solid-coloured or bi-coloured kitties who aren't able to join the Gorgeous Gingers, House Panthers, Attack of the Tabbies or Tuxedo Gang. So, if that applies to you, go and join up with George, it sounds like fun!

Knightly, Lizzie and Firenze had a terrible experience. They had to go without food for two weeks! That's right, TWO WEEKS! We are so glad they are OK. I do not know how I would cope with such a thing. I love food. I hope they are eating lots and lots to make up for lost time.

I found some new cat-bloggers this weekend! And they are British kitties like me. Their names are Arty and Velvet and they are both black kitties so they have joined the House Panthers gang. You can meet Arty and Velvet here at their mum's blog.

So, all in all it has been a busy weekend. Before I go, I just have something to say to my friend Sanjee. Sanjee heard I was training to fit into boxes at the Catolympics. And Sanjee said she didn't think I would be able to squeeze into small boxes like she can. Well, Sanjee, check this out - is this a perfect fit or what? I hope you're impressed.


Hi Fat Eric...You can come visit anytime and sit in one of my condo's, if you like...My mommy says you are across the pond...What does that mean? Is there a big lake of water or something? Anyway, thanks for a-visiting me. Purrrrrrr.
Looking good Eric! Sorry you missed the party.
We am furry impressed that you fit into that box!
Wow! Eric, looks like you're in great shape for the Catolympics. I must quickly shape up too! But... somehow... napping seems so much more urgent at the moment.
WOW! I'm furry furry impressed, Fat Eric. I'd better practice my squeezin in really tiny boxes.
My, you fit so nicely in that box, Eric. You are going to be a stong competetor. I am practicing my balance beam daily!
I love that photo -- you look like you own the world. Well, of course you do.
Nice job, Eric. You are an impressive fitter-in-small-boxes (or something like that...)

~ turtle
That's a great roundup of goings-on in kitty blogland. Thanks Eric. You box-fitting skills are impressive. Go for the gold!
Gosh Eric, so much was going on this weekend. Good thing we have you to keep us up-to-date.

Judging by the picture, you'll do very well in the fitting-in-boxes competition.
Mum promised me that if she lets me have a party for my purrthday, we will post the time in local and GMT times. Hope that will help you gets there.
my neighbor lady used to live in england, i wonder if she knows your Mum?
That was a wonderful synopsis of what's been going on with efurryone. We thought it was awful busy but seein it in print confirms it. We don't thinks we can get into a box that small either. That is a furry good job you did!
Hi Fat Eric, that's a super round-up of the cat blogging.

We've had a busy week and could do with a box like yours!
Boxes good. Bags good. Baskets good. Boxes really good.
Mom's first cat was big (17 lb) and would get into a box like that, then stretch out and break the sides so he had more room. He did that to boxes for bored games. What are bored games?
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