Monday, March 27, 2006


Purrthday Kisses

Today is my mum's purrthday. Unfortunately she had to spend most of it at school teaching the little monsters (Small Humans). But we had a good time at the weekend. This morning I woke her up with big licks all over her face and chewed her hair a bit, which I know she really enjoys. Then I helped to unwrap presents and played in the wrapping paper, which was fun. Now she is home from work, so I am going to give her special purrthday snuggles all evening. Starting with a big sloppy Eric kiss like this.
Happy Purrthday Mum!

P.S. Cornish Grandma gave my mum a purrthday card with a picture on we really like. Does it remind you of anyone??

Happy Purrthday, Eric's mom! And many sweet more.
Happy purrday to yoo
Happy purrday to yoo
Happy PURRday dear Eric's Mum
Happy purrday to yoooooooo .....

Lotsa nosenuzzles frum me ...
Oh Eric, the cartoon captured the "real you".
Happy birthday Eric's mom! Eric, you are such a lovely boy to be nice to your mom on her birthday! Mine just ignore me:(
Happy, happy birthday to your mom, Eric! Give her a whole bunch of kissies!
Happy Purrthday Eric's Mommie!!!
Happy Purrthday Eric's Mom!
Happy purrthday, Mum of Eric! :-)

pandora and charlie
Happy Birthday to Eric's Mum!!!!
Happy birthday Eric's mum!!! Sandpaper kisses and headbutts, Meeko and Kiara
Happy Purrthday to your mum!
Happy Purrthday, Eric's Mum. Smooches from me and blessings from mum.
Happy purrfday to you
Happy purrfday to you
Happy purrfday Eric's Mommy
Happy purrfday to you
I can see you love your Mom lots! That is so sweet......

Tell your Mom happy purrthday....

I cannot sing good like Daisy and The Meezers........
That's a great picture! Happy purrthday Eric's mum.
::waits for cake:::

There is cake...right?
Happy birthday Eric's Mum!!!
We like that card. It definitely looks like some slightly round, handsome fella...
HAPURRDAY to Eric Mom!
She got the bestest gift a poodin' can give. LOTS of love and kitty kisses!

**ABBY(the manx)
Happy Birthday, Eric's Mom!

The card looks a bit like you, Eric, but waaaaaay to "robust." I think you are far more muscular!

Hoppy, Hoppy Birthday FE's Mom ~Rabbie Burns

Happy Happy Litter Day to Fat Eric's Mom ~Poiland Rodentia
Oops, hope not too late! Happy birthday!!! :)

CatDonna & Cats
Ohhh we missed the day - but Happy lat Purrthday! We say celebrate the whole week wif lots of fun and stinky foods.
Happy Belated Purrthday to Eric's Mum!!

The Monsters
A very Happy Birthday to Eric's Mom!
Sorry for being so late! Happy purrthday from all of us to all of Eric's Mum (and many more)...
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