Thursday, March 02, 2006


We're Gorgeous!

There are now ten ginger kitties pictured over at The Gorgeous Gingers. And I must say, massed ginger kitties look very gorgeous together. My mum is still tinkering with the format of the page. We are hoping to sign up a few more blogging ginger kitties soon.

My mum is off sick from work as she has no voice (well, only a very little funny croaky voice) with which to shout at the Small People she teaches. I have been complaining loudly for hours because even though she is at home, she is still refusing to feed me until the normal time! How unfair is that? Can't she see that the very fact my bowl is polished empty means that I am starving?

It's sunny but cold here. I went and sat by my frozen pond in the sunshine but didn't stay outside for long. It was too chilly. I decided to spend most of the day in my favourite bed next to the radiator. Look how snugly I fit into it - purrrfect!

very nice. I have to admit, I'm a Ginger Admirer. What a handsome bunch!
I saw Brach up on the Gorgeous Gingers looks good (for a page that doesn't feature me).

Eric, you do look snuggly in that bed of yours. Makes me realize I need to head in for the second of my four afternoon naps just about now!
You am sooooo fluffy!!!!

Lovely page of all those ginger cats!
Mom had that croaky voice thing about a month ago. Good job with the gingers.
I don't see how your mum can stand to bother picking the camera up (we are all very glad she does, btw) - you are just the cutest thing!! So snuggly in your bed - and what a perfect fit. I am going to have to feed Moose more...

~ tammara
Eric, I love that picture! So cuddly.
Eric, Your mum did a good job with the Gorgeous Gingers. We have to keep spreading the word.

Hope you mum gets better. Croaky voices are not good.
You look SO COMFY!
oh my, what a cute bed snoozing picture.
Wow Eric - thanks for adding me to the gorgeous Gingers page. We do look a cool bunch, although Dad is a little worried about me joining a gang But I told him it wasn't really a gang.

p.s. You look like you have lost a bit of weight already - Honest.

I will have to take some pictures of my Unclecat Jackson - he is the biggest ginger we have ever ever seen.
That tummy is so incredibly snuggly!
Lovely lovely.

Teddy [a ginger half-Persian] wants to know whether he can join, although he hasn't really got a blog of his own. [He's mentioned in Pip's blogging rants and she's, umm, a tuxedo.]

Teddy wants to contribute pics + captions... his writing's not too good though. He's a bit, you know, *whisper* slow */whisper*. But he'll try his best! :)
woo hoo! The gang is all there! well, almost - there must be loads more gingers out there.....[waves a paw at all potential gnag members]

btw - to those fluffies that asked....ginger is predominantly a male gene, as tortie is predominantly female.

My V E T (Auntie Elena) says I am pure ginger - even my eyes are ginger :-)

You look SO cool in that bed, dude [purrs enviously].....I don't do beds....

Is we gonna get levver jackets with 'Gorgeous Gingers' moteefs? I have asked Mama to get me a hoodie, but all she got me was a belt (photos on my blog later).

[sings felinely] I'm inna gang! I'm inna gang!

Such a furrryy belly - our moms just loves to rub our bellies. Sometimes we lets her sometimes we don'ts.
Hi Eric,

Thanks fur visiting my blog!

I love this picture of you. You really do have a spectacular and irrestible fluffy tummy! This picture makes me want to give you lots of pats and cuddles. =^..^=

(a bean who loves kitties)
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