Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Dad's Got The Lurgy

My dad is ill. He has flu. He has to stay at home for the rest of the week. My mum still has to go to work to earn money to buy my Stinky Goodness, so I have been left in charge of looking after dad. I think it is very nice of me to look after a human who is all festering and germy. He's not been much trouble today though, he's just stayed in bed groaning and drinking tea. Not a pretty sight, I can tell you. I offered to keep him warm by sitting on him all day, but that didn't seem to make his chest feel better. So I compromised and kept an eye on him from the other side of the bed. I'm sure snuggling with such a cuddly kitty as I am will make him feel better in no time. Don't you agree? (I just hope my mum and I don't catch the lurgy...)

Ahh, there's nothing so snuggly as a floofy duvet combined with a floofy cat...

We hope your dad will feel better soon . . . you are floofy medicine - keep up the good work!
Ah, Eric, you are so good to your human pets! It's times like these that we show our true powers of the feline persuasion. I hope your human pet feels better soon, and with your help, I have doubt he will!
There's nothing better than being taken care of by us. Hope your Dad feels better soon.
We hope your Dad gets better soon. It sounds like you are taking good care of him.

The Monsters
Eric, I like to help my person get better too. I don't think they really know how much we help. You are a good kitty friend. you might remind him that sharing a little chicken soup is good too!
Our mommy says the same thing - nofing like a floofy quilt and a floofy kitty to make you all better. We hope your daddy gets better soon!
Dr. Eric on call. Cats can cure most everything.
You're doin' a good job takin' care of your dad! We did the same thing for our mom when she had the nasty flu. We hopes your dad feels better soon and that nobody else catches it!
you are amazin'
We agree. Floofy cats are the best medicine.
~ turtle and moose

Any cat is the best medicine.
~ nala
CaTONIC is what you are Eric! The best medicine in the whole wide worlds!

*ABBY(the miniature manx)
Aren't humans so helpless when they're sick? Glad you're taking good care of your dad!
If he tries to get up & do too much at once, sit on him.
Sick humans can be such babies! I'm glad you are there to keep an eye on him. My guess is without you nursing him, he would just lie there, whining, all day.

Maybe he's doing that anyway! Mom says men are whimps when they are sick...
We do make the best nursies! We are warm, our purrrs are calming, what else could they ask for? Well, we could ask for a little bit of the chicken soup as our reward!! That's not asking for much for our services, now is it?
Hey there. You are a fat floofy cat. Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my Nicholas' Meowings blog. BTW I see you too have multiple blogs.
My mom says that she loves to have a fluffy cat cuddle with her when she's sick. I hope your daddy is feeling better.
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