Monday, April 10, 2006


Eric's Wildlife Watch

This weather is weird. One minute it is sunny and we are planting stuff in the garden, the next minute it is freezing and there are reports of snow all over southern England. Weird. Anyway, the good news is that my mum is at home all day to play with me. Plus, the flowery carpet shampoo smell has faded and the house smells like me again.

Today my mum and I decided to copy Timmy and do some wildlife watching. We have a bird table down the bottom of the garden, which tends to be hogged by the fat wood pigeons who don't let the little birdies go there. So my mum made a feeding station for the little birdies in a tree nearer the house, with different kinds of food hanging up for them to try. Unfortunately, so far the little birdies have been mostly ignoring the feeding station, but today we saw some! We sat by the window with the digital camera this morning and we saw the following wildlife:

1. A tabby kitty with white paws who looked very like Bonnie Underfoot. My mum said she was a pretty kitty, I said she was an Evil Intruder Kitty because she was strolling through my garden.
2. A fox cub playing in next door's garden. We often get foxes in the gardens here but this was the first of this year's cubs we have seen out and about. Unfortunately it ran away before we could get a pic.
3. The fattest wood pigeons in the world scoffing feed on the bird table.
4. A magpie.
5. Two blackbirds.
6. A starling, and it came and started eating the fat ball on the feeding station, the first birdie we have seen there!
7. Two blue tits, and one of them also had a nibble on the fat ball, the other had a little peck at one of the seed feeders.
8. A robin, it came and pecked around on the ground under the feeding station.
9. A little bird the same size as a blue tit, we don't know what it was but it also nibbled the fat ball. (Having looked at bird book, think it might possibly have been a coal tit).

We are quite encouraged that some birds have found the feeding station, maybe there will be more soon. We have also seen the frogs and newts for the first time this year but they are sulking now because my mum disturbed them when she cleaned the pond out on Saturday (phew, that was a stinky job!).

OK, I have to go now because my mum wants to take over and show you some pictures she took of cute animals while she was in Cornwall. Aren't I cute enough to satisfy her?

Friend's guinea pig mum and fluffy baby

Wild bunny playing in the sand at Marazion

More of his bunny friends

Otters at the wildlife park

OK, that's quite enough of other animals being cute. Normal kitty blogging will shortly be resumed...

APRIL 15 Is my Purrday Party!! welcome too! I will be one!! =^^=
Those animals are cute, but you're definitely cuter, Eric!
those animals look delicious. I mean cute. yeah, cute. - Miles
That's right, Eric. YOU are still the cutest. (Those are pretty cute, though. Better than our current LIZARD invasion. Ick.)
~ moose

YOU are a real cutiekitty.

We didn't know they had wild ginny pigs in Cornwall, Eric. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko
Be glad she didn't bring any of those otters home. I used to date an otter--what a handful!
The guinea pigs were pet ones, just so as you know.

Thanks for the visit Eric..Puuurrr. Those other animals can;t hold a candle to you, you know? Puuuuuurrrrr.
HA HA HA! I thought you came to visit me, but you didn't...and that's okay...I must have been drunk on catnip! Good to visit you though. So glad I stopped by. Puuuurrrrrr.


(A little late but as you know my Mommy was sick so I couldn't tell people April Fool!)
We have 6 guinea pigs. they are so cute.
(Don't say "tits". This is a family blog.)
Hi Eric and all my Ginger (& other) pals!

Our friend Frisky Interviewed me for his blog. Click on my name to see all the spicy goodness.
Well I guess those animals are cute, but your Mommy should realize that kitties are much cuter.
Oh, hey, you saw me? I was trying that transport thingy to see how far I could go. I want to go visit Bombay in Singapore, but since that's really far, I'm practicing. If I'd seen you in the window, I'd have waved.
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