Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Farewell To A Friend

There is a lot of sadness around the cat blogs today. Our friend Silas has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Our thoughts are with all of Silas's family at Caturday. Silas is with his brother Fergus again, and with my sister Hattie and all those other kitties who have gone on ahead to wait at the Bridge. We know they will be waiting to welcome him with their purrs, and hope that he and Fergus are playing and snuggling together again. We'll miss him.

We love that picture of hjim with his toy collection. He looks so proud doesn't he? And the one with Fergus is precious. They sure were best buddies!
What a wonderful nice tribute! It is a sad sad day.......
So sad-such a pretty kitty. The tribute was so visual too.
Songs from our house for Silas and the family he had to leave behind.
Thank you for sharing Eric. It is indeed a sad day for those of us in the catblogging world.

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