Sunday, April 30, 2006


Helping Out In The Garden

Mum, from up here I can see a few more weeds you missed over there...

Oh you are such a help on finding the weeds for your mum.
It's verry good of you to help your mum wif the gardening, Eric. Efurrycat knows that beans don't see as good as pussycats, so we have to help them whenefur we can!

You look very regal climbing those ginormous rocks!

Oh that's a purdy spot and you look like you are helping a lot-not! ; )
The only thing? I think your mum needs to plant more ginger-colored flowers!
Teriffic pose Eric! Do you get frogs there?
You look so regal, perched on those rocks! Stay on those humans about the weeds...
You look furry hamsome and stately in the picture, Eric. Good job!
We gingers do so much for our persons. you are a good kitty for helping! (ps. my person sez you are a handsome guy)
--- Beezer
Magnificent pose there, Sir Eric.
That is a very impressive picture of you Eric. So what 'xactly is a bank holiday? Mom says we need those here whatever they are. We should have one a week. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko
Looks like you're doing a lovely job of helping with the weeding, Eric. Hope your dad is feeling well soon. Mom and I will say prayers for him. (And hope your mum enjoys her holidays.)

Me thinks you would make a good souper-visor and you have such a eagle eye too. I know your Mom appreciates all your help.

Our mom says that you look very regal in that pose, Eric!
DonĀ“t have garden,only a balcony sniff! =^^=
SWEETIE HERE: Hi Eric..You look like you are having fun in the garden with your Mum...Do you chase butterfly's ever? I don't go out cause there are big bad animules out there who would have me for breakfast, lunch or dinner...It looks so nice in your garden....You DO have long beautiful fur....Puuuurrrrr.
Eric you are so helpful. It was nice that you could get away from nursing your Dad and get a little fresh air and help out your Mom. We wouldn't want her to feel left out if you were giving all your attention to your Dad. I'm sure she greatly appreciates your help!
You've been tagged. Come to my post to see my birdies. Then you show/tell us about your's and tag 3 others.
You look great as usual Eric. I think there should be more ginger colored flowers too.

you know, your yard kinda looks like my yard, lots of places to wander around and 'xplore. maybe you should come and visit me and i'll show you 'round, then i could come to England. my Mom's grandmother was from Bath and her friend lived in London a loooong time ago (she drinks a lotta tea still. and eats Dundee cake)
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