Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Home Sweet Home

It's good to be home, although my holiday was quite interesting.

I had a good game with my humans yesterday morning when we were about to leave Devon Grandma's house. I knew what was coming this time (luggage packed, no breakfast for Eric, it was clearly only a matter of time before the Evil Cat Carrier appeared) so I hid behind Devon Grandma's big sofa and it took them quite a while to get me out (two people moving sofa while one person grabbed fleeing kitty).

Unfortunately the journey back took even longer than the journey down, due to all those queues of cars full of people going home after their Easter holidays. I got so bored with sitting stationary in traffic jams that I fell asleep and slept most of the way home, which meant that my mum told me I was a very good kitty for being so quiet.

When we got home and I was set free at last, I rushed to the kitchen and sat on the empty space where my food bowls should have been, screaming "FEED ME! FEED ME!" at the top of my lungs. My mum started unpacking my litter box first in case I needed to relieve myself after the trip. "NO! JUST FEED ME NOW!" I screamed, in ever more anguished tones. She quickly got the message and unpacked the food bowls and the kitty food, which disappeared in 5 seconds flat. Hey, it was 4 p.m. and I hadn't eaten ALL DAY, I was fading away.

(I should explain, since Max asked, that the reason why I don't get fed before I travel is because of what happened the first time Hattie and I went on a long car journey. We had had breakfast first and I protested at the travelling experience by pooping all over the inside of my carrier 10 minutes after we left home. Having been through that stinky experience my mum now never feeds me before travel, and always travels with an "emergency clean-up kit". There has never been any repeat of the Pooping Incident...)

Yesterday evening I helped my mum do some gardening. All the flowers are looking so pretty now, I will have to post some pictures of them. We also planted lots of new roses for the summer. My mum bought loads more plants in Devon, she is a plant-o-holic.

My mum tried weighing me a few times in Devon because my grandma's scales are not very reliable. (We don't have scales in our house). She finally worked out that I am either 21 or 22lb. I was 22lb at Christmas, so I have either stayed the same weight or lost 1lb since then. It's hard to tell. Just have to keep on with the diet, I suppose.

This picture might make you laugh (it makes my mum laugh). My best friend, the Giant Scratchy Mouse, came to Devon with me. But then he started getting over-friendly with me...I had to turn round and tell him to watch where he was sticking his nose!

Eric, glad you got home OK. But don't let that big mousie get to familiar with you.
tee-hee...tee-hee-hee! You poopied in the monster with wheels! I'm happy that you am home. And I am coveting your mousie in the picture.
Ah, Eric...some mice just don't respect boundaries and personal space! Especially the large, wicker variety!
Silly Mousie. That thing you are laying in front of looks nice & warm!!
Wonder if the mouse is doing the "stinky face"??? Tell him to go way!
Too bad that mouse isn't a real one 'cause you could have eaten it and had plenty! Glad you're home and you finally got fed.
I'm glad you're back and the trip wasn't too too bad, and I hope you've been able to get back to your regular mealtimes!
Hello Eric! Nice to make your acquaintance. I'm sorry your feeding schedule was interrupted but it looks like you haven't missed too many meals. We are of similar girth. My humans find me quite cuddly. They tried to put me on a diet but I was impossible to live with and the vet said don't worry, I'm healthy. Nice man.
you are very brave to travel like that, kinda like Timothy Dickens. i woulda had a heart attack!
I think I would have to smack that mouse to put him in his place. sheesh. I'm 21 lbs which is the perfect weight tell your Mom. ~Merlin
GLad you're home Eric. Look slike someone needs to teach that mousie some manners!!
I's furry glad you am back Eric!
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