Saturday, April 01, 2006


Just Us Boys

My mum is abandoning me. No sooner does she break up from school for Easter (she has two weeks off from teaching the little monsters) than she is taking off to go and stay with Auntie Joodes and see Cornish Grandma. She is flying from Stansted to Newquay tonight. I asked her if I could stow away in her luggage and go too, but she said I have to stay here with my dad. I suppose I should look on the bright side - my dad is not quite as good with the scritches and cuddles as she is, and he doesn't have such a comfy lap, but he is more generous with the food! (I think he has bigger "handfuls" than she does) So I will probably get some extra rations while my mum is away. She is coming back on Thursday night, and then she will still have a week off, so she will be at home to give me lots of fuss, which is good. My dad won't let me blog, so I won't be around blogging till Thursday.

I can't remember who started it now, but a while ago kitties were posting pics to show they could touch their noses with their tongues. My mum finally managed to get a pic to prove I could do it too, so here it is...

Good job with the tongue Eric. Mom hasn't caught us yet. Maybe your Mum will bring you a present........
Well extra crunchies are good. Your Mom will be very happy to see you when she gets home. We'll miss you while you're 'way from the puter!
The Mom left me with the Dad for a week and it just wasn't the same. Dads are good for some stuff, but the Moms always give better pets and scratches.
I started the tongue on nose thing months ago. Nice to see one pop up. Take advantage of your mum time once she gets home.
yeah, Mom's are way better than Dads. sorry you won't be able to blog. is your Dad mean or is he just dumb around computers like my Dad?
mummies are the best. you will get her back soon. as for the tongue thing, only Rosie has managed that in this family.
Eric, if you lived in New York, you could be on David Letterman's stupid pet tricks-of course it's not really stupid what you can do!
Hope your mom has a nice trip and brings you a goodie back. ;)
That is SOOOO need to really let your Mom know you am upset...should be good for lotsa extra treats.
You am such a handsome boy - tongue and all. Have some good bonding times wif the Daddy. Tell em you need to get your bloggin time in though or you'll demand extra extra treats!
Yeah, I've heard dads are better with food distribution, but less likely to allow blogging and provide stellar snuggling.

Oh, well! Count your blessings with a full tummy and get your scritchings when your mom returns!

That was a good photo of you. I know you have missed your Mum while she gone. She has missed you too. Just think of all the possibilities,she'll want to spoil you when she sees you -- lots of hugs and scritches and TREATS!

Cool ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko
Good job with the nose lickin! Did you see my picture?
Eric, you're quite the handsome fellow. Sitting there, so dignified, even if your tongue is outside your mouth.
Hey Eric! Give your mom some extra purrthday nuzzles from us! Sorry we missed it. Maybe you and your dad can do a guys bonding thing while your mom's away.
Good job Eric! You look very handosme in that picture! Hope you and your dad have a good time together while you're mum's away. I know you will miss her.
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