Friday, April 07, 2006


Strange Smells

Hooray, my mum is back from Cornwall. As soon as she put her bags down I rushed into her arms to lick her face, hair and ears all over and I didn't stop purring for hours and hours!

I was especially glad to see her as I had been through a bit of an ordeal in her absence. My dad decided to surprise her by having all the carpets cleaned. So he went out and hired this Huge Carpet Cleaning And Shampooing Monster. It was a hundred times worse than the Vacuum Monster, because not only did it make the Horrible Loud Noises but it also Made Everything Wet and Weird-Smelling. He did almost every room in the house with the Huge Carpet Cleaning And Shampooing Monster, I had to keep running into different rooms to hide from it. When he had finished, all the carpets were damp and the whole house smelled wrong. Instead of smelling like me, it smelt of this flowery carpet shampoo stuff. What's worse, by the time I had laid down on the carpet a few times, I smelt like flowery carpet shampoo too!!!

My mum was very surprised when she got home and found everything clean and weird-smelling. Then she picked me up and said "Ooh, Eric smells like carpet shampoo and his fur has gone all clean and floofy." The indignity. I have practically been carpet-shampooed!!! (But my mum thinks I didn't swallow it and she has given me a good comb so I don't groom myself so much).

The other thing my dad did was that when he was clearing the rooms to do the carpets, he picked up all my cat toys and now he can't remember where he put some of them! My mum did bring me a new toy though, it is very yellow. Here it is:

What the heck is that yellow thing?

Maybe I'll be safe if I just kill it between my paws.

I am NOT wearing a feather boa, I am far too much of a macho kitty!

My mum says the weather in Cornwall was sunny and lovely and she took some beautiful photos, mostly of cute animals, which she will post on my blog later, if I let her. Must go and catch up with all my blogging friends now...

Eric, I'm glad that your human mum is home! I hate it when mine goes away (but it isn't often so that's OK). thanks for the nice comments on my site! I made the person work very hard on it. I really like the Gorgeous Gingers
logo. We must stick together!

Purrs to you --- Beezer
Yeah, your mum is home. I have a red feather thingy.

Plus, I sent an e-mail to your mum for Vir-ginger for the Gorgeous Ginger group. It is very nice to make her an honorary member.
glad your mum is home. Sounds like you were very happy to see her, even if you did smell like flowery carpet shampoo (ick! Tell your dad that if he must shampoo the carpet, he needs to find a manly scent - like pork chops).
~ moose
Dude, you need to pee all over everything so it smells like you and not flowers!
Hi Eric,

This is my first time to your blog. Just wanted to tell you that you are one BIG HANDSOME DUDE!

Oh, that monster sounds worse than worse! It probably eated your toys too!

Mom has spent days working on our blog and getting it all different, including Mittens on the profile now!! Anyway to celebrte we are having a party is a secrit.....

yay! your mum is home. Glad she hadded a good time. You do look poofier than 'afore. don't tell our mom 'bout carpet 'pooing monsters, she will get one and use it on our carpets.
Even though you are glad to see mum you look a little grouchy in your picture. We'd be grouchy too smelling like flowery stuff. You know, GK wears boas & looks smashing in them, you might just like them.....
Dude!! I got one of those!! It's WAY cool.....

I picks it up and drags it thru' the house, making sure the stick bit bangs on the walls.......

and what's REALLY good? If you play wiff it hard enuff, the feffers come out and you can leave them all over the house....

Mama has to buy me a new one now.......

Eric, boas won't make you less macho, just ask GK who has a closet full:) He claims they just add oomph to his masculinity.

Flowery kitty! MMMM....
Bad monster. You'll have to shed extra hard to improve the smell of your home. My man has talked about getting the carpets clean... now I know I wouldn't like it.
Here are a couple linkies for your dad - a restored steam engine making practice runs in indy-anna. steamer1 steamer2
So glad you are back, Eric! It's a tragic tale you tell about the carpets being cleaned. Even more tragic is that my mom is threatening to do the same thing the first weekend it's warm enough to open the windows.

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