Wednesday, April 12, 2006


This Doesn't Look Good

Uh oh.

It is only 6 days since my mum came back from her trip to Cornwall. Now she has got the bags out and is packing again. My dad's weekend bag is out too. And I heard him saying something about checking the car and getting petrol "before we go tomorrow". Go where??

Wait a minute. Now she's in the spare room getting the Evil Cat Carrier down off the top of the wardrobe and dusting it. What's going on? I'm not aware of any plans for me to travel anywhere!

None of this looks good. I shall await further developments while burying my head in my paws to avoid all the stress.

I'll keep you posted when I find out what's going on.

Oh no! Hope you have a good trip! Don't forget to howl really loud the entire time! - Sammy
Maybe you're all going fishing! That could be fun, couldn't it?
Well, if they were just getting the Evil Cat Carrier, then you know you would be going to the vet. At least you're not going there.

The Mom used to take us on trips all the time and they were fun. I got new humans to worship and adore me. How bad can that be?
Oh no!! Don't leave Eric....unless of course you're coming to America to visit!

I understand the evil cat carrier. I don't like to be put into that thing. It always ends up bad for me. But, it sounds like you're going on a fun trip.Keep us posted, maybe we all want to go wif you.

I say keep your nose in your paws. My experience tells me that if you can't see them, they can not see you.
You're going on vacation (or, as you Brits would say, "on holiday"). Relax & enjoy it.
Hide......Run for your life!!!!

Well hopefully you are going with them and not to some cat sitting place or v-e-t boarder place.
Are you going to visit someone for Easter??
We agree with the Meezers....howl as loud as felinely possible. Hope all turns out well for you.
I hope it doesn't mean you have to travel.. My mom keeps threatening me but I guess it got put off but the carriers are still out. I hope they are just thinking and that you'll get to have a nice holiday at home!
Ut oh. Maybe you should try hiding under the bed too. That helps me when I'm stressed.
I'm worried-what happened pal? I also despise the cat carrier.
Well Eric, if they're packing too, you're probly not going to the vet, unless you get bored at a kennel. My people tried that once, and the kennel won't have me back. My man had to go get me from the cage cuz no one else could.
Oh, yeah! I'm one mean tabby girl.
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