Thursday, April 13, 2006


Travellin' Eric

What a day.

Woke up this morning, same as usual, jumped on bed, licked my dad's head, but did the humans get up and feed me? No! They said, "Sorry Eric, no breakfast for you this morning." Well, I miaowed pretty loudly all over the house, but no joy. Then I was allowed out for a walk round the garden (still hungry). When they let me back in the house, I went straight to my food bowls, but they were gone! That's when I started to get really suspicious. I looked round, and saw the Evil Cat Carrier. I turned round to bolt right out the back door again, but it was locked. The next thing I knew I was being bundled into the Evil Cat Carrier (I put up a pretty good fight) and carried out to the house. When they were putting me in the car I noticed a lot of luggage so I realised this wasn't a quick trip to the v-e-t but one of those long trips - I hate being in that box for hours!

Between yowling very loudly and sticking my paws out of the carrier to play with the seatbelt, I listened to my humans talking and I learned we were off to spend Easter with Devon Grandma. I like Devon Grandma and I like her house, I just don't like the four and a half hour drive to get there (which turned out to be over 5 hours today owing to holiday traffic jams on the A303, gah). So I resigned myself. I miaowed all the way round the M25 just to mark my displeasure, then I fell asleep going down the M3 and woke up again later and yowled a bit more just to remind them I wasn't enjoying myself.

Anyway, we got there at last and I finally got fed (at 3.30 pm!!!) My bowls are here, and my litter box, and my giant scratchy mouse, and my toys, so it could be worse. I have made an inspection of Devon Grandma's house and rediscovered the comfy rug in her living room. I'm off now to catch up on my sleep and recover from the stress.

I'll let you know what Devon is like if Devon Grandma lets me get on her computer again.

See I told you that you were going to be going on an Easter visit.

Mum will have to check out your voyage on a map.
Have a fun time at Devon Gramma's house!
That's a long car ride. And wif no breakfast to tide you ofur! Poor Eric.
The cat who came b4 me *hated* car rides. She was a sweet, cuddly little tux, but put her in the carrier... They moved her 2.5 hours away by car, and she howled herself hoarse. She cursed at my woman with every cat curse she knew and a few she made up. I wish I could have learned some of that language she knew! She learned it on the streets when she was little.
So, how's the wildlife watchin in Devon?
Does you throw up in the car? Carsick is not good. But maybe there will be good wildlife in that Devon place and grammas are the best so you will got pettings too.
I only traveled once. Not a fan. I hope you are having fun though.
take lots of pictures and blog again if you can. We howl LOUDLY in the car when we get unlucky enough to be placed inside the uncivilized contraption misleadingly labled transportation. ~Merlin, Shadow, ko Ko
At least you got to go somewhere nice. Too bad you had to be in the carrier so long. I don't like my carrier either. Hope you have a real good visit with Devon Grandma.
Poor, poor boy! I would demand lots of treats and hugs if I were you.
No foord? NO FOOD???? Hecj, even tho I hate going I the car, I get fed first!!!
When we moved, we were in the car for 13 hours!!!! Without food! We did get some water and a few treats. And, Momma let us out of our carriers for awhile. But still...not fun!

It's good that you got to be with your beans...maybe you will get to go easter egg huntin or somethin' excitin! Tell us all about this new place Devon!

My cousin, Zig, had to ride in a car for 32 hours when my auntie and uncle moved from Michigan to California.

Surprisingly, she told me it wasn't that bad!
You did good Eric! Enjoy your Easter visit. I'm sure you'll get lots of good Easter eats.
oh a vacation! what fun! of course i dont' like to travel so a vacation would NOT be fun. but you are brave and will report your adventures to us!
Wow, you take care Eric!

I may be going up to the UK myself this summer. It's just been decided, though details aren't confirmed. Maybe we'll drop by if that's possible!

Holidays are the best... I'm sure you'll agree with me on that, dear kitty!
My human pet should read this right away since she doesn't know what she is doing to me when she lets me see the bottom of the bowl.
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