Monday, May 29, 2006


The Catolympics' Torch Is Here!

This is a furry exciting day for me! The Catolympics' Torch is here and I have the honour of continuing the torch relay. Bombay and Bangles have managed to bring the torch all the way from Singapurr. I was up before dawn looking out of the window to see if there was any sign of them yet.

Finally I saw the glimmer of the torch coming up the path in the back garden, being carried by two very weary kitties. I rushed to wake up my mum, who was still asleep.

Mum, quick, Bombay and Bangles are here, we have to let them in!

You can imagine how happy we all were to see each other. My mum served up Stinky Goodness and crunchies for all. After some breakfast, Bombay and Bangles settled down for a nap. They are going to rest here for a while before setting off on the long journey back to Singapurr. My mum is going to keep an eye on them.

Meanwhile I had some extra food to keep me going on the long trip to New Hampshire in Mericky. I shall hold the torch very carefully while I teleport across the big pond. Then I have to find the Caturday house so that I can pass on the torch to Harper and Ramona. I am looking forward to meeting them and their big brother Brendan! I hope their mum has some food ready because I expect I will be pretty hungry by the time I get there.

I'm poised to leave now - the torch is on the way to Mericky!

Eric, go Go GO!!! It was cat-tastic meeting you, my ginger furriend.

The air in the United Catdom shure smells different. The flowers here are furry purretty! Bangles and I hunted down a whole bunch for our Mommy, Daddy and Foster Mommy.

And Eric's bean Mommy, thank you for your furry furry kind horse-pi-tellity! Stinky goodness was excellent... bed was just as excellent... loving skritchies was bestest!

We hope to meet you again!!!

Hi Eric,

We'll be looking for you. And we'll have a whole collection of our favorite stinky goodness to blow your diet on! Grammie's Pot Pie and Cowboy Cookout. Yum!

Harper and Ramona
Oh, boy, things are going just as planned. Are you as excited as we are??

The Girls
Go, Eric, Go. You are doing a fine job, and making the rest of us ginger kitties furry proud.
This is furry eksiting!! We can't wate for the torch to make its way to Norf Carolina so we can do our part.

Eric, you are a good torch carrier! Hold it high for all us gingers.

Purrs on your journey. Give kisses to Harper and Ramona for all of us, then settle down for a nice nap with berndan.

I'm sorry I missed watching you on your leg of the torch run. I heard it went really well though.
Eric, we're hoping you make it unscathed. Traveling across the big ocean is a very frightening thing to do, but you're handling it like an old pro! You're so brave.

Who knows? Maybe in the process, you'll have a name change from Fat Eric to "Lean, Mean, Running Machine Eric". However, after hearing about all of the yum-yums you have waiting for you in New Hampshire, maybe not so much.

Good luck, friend!
Go, Eric, go. I'm so excited that the torch is getting closer to me! Good luck, Eric!
Onward my man! Don't drop it in the pond!!When you get there watch out for little Ramona. She is a cuddler and especially likes big boys to cuddle with.
Eric, are you fibbing just a little? You say YOU woke your MOM up when Bombay an Bangles arrived, but they had it the ofur way around... oh well, what's important is you have the torch an are carrying it on to Mericka. Haf a safe journey, furiend!
How furry furry excitin! You go Eric. You will be in our thoughts constantly while you make your journey across to Meriky. Connect-a-Cat isn't too too far from New Hampshire. Godspeed furry friend.
DUDE!! What a star! And well done Bombay and Bangles!

Mum has taken a break from her revishun to see how the torch relay is going!

Take it easy in Mericky.......and come on home soon.....

[cheering from the sidelines]
Woo hoo! Eric is coming!! We're so excited...
turtle, moose and nala
We didn't realize you would be so close- New Hampshire is right near us! We're cheering for you as a torchbearer and ALL the kitties who are taking part.
P.S. Tilly says " Ginger Pride Rules!"
Oh how exciting. I was to little to be in the catolympics this year, but I am going to have fun watching it.
You did a really fine job my friend. How did you like your trip across the BIG pond?

What an honor, Eric, and what an important responsibility! Bon voyage, dear friend. We look forward to your arrival in the "colonies".
We have been following your journey across the pond and are really impressed! Hopefully you are back safe and sound and that your humans have the foresight to have a good stinky meal waiting for you. Thanks for visiting us over in the Oligarchy. We would be very honored to have you include us in your bloglinks. We are sorry we didn't ask you first. We enjoy reading your blog and wanted to remember where it was. --Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie
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