Sunday, May 14, 2006


Helping Mum

My fellow British kitty Arty posted a pic of him helping his mum to mark test papers. I have been doing this too! My mum’s little monsters at school are doing tests now, and when she brought home papers to mark the other night, Scratchy Mouse and I decided to help her. I know she appreciated it.

FE, Mum says you are such a good helper along with Mr. Mouse. Plus, she loves your foofy tummy. SMOOCHES, to the tummy from mum.

Test, mum says she is glad she is outs of school furever. NO MORE TESTS! NO MORE WRITING LOOOOONNNNNNG PAPERS. Playing with me is much more fun.
That's a lot of papers! Good job helping your mum, lovely Eric!

My monsters will be having their examinations in July, but I would've left by then so no marking for me. Yay.
You are such a furry good kitty! Hope your Mommy gives you extra stinky goodness for all the hard work.

You look like you were a very big helper to your human pet! I'm sure she got twice the work done with you around than she would have had she done it by herself. She should give you extra scritches and stinky goodness for everything you've done!
What a BIG helper you are. And Scratchy Mouse is kind of like Derby's pal Vir-Ginger isn't he?
Eric, you are quite a good assistant. Your mum should hire you out to other teachers who need your help. (Although they might not be prepared to pay with the right treats and scritches.)

Happy Mother's Day to your mum, btw!
Mama sends belly scritchies to you and says thank you for the link.

I just think you are very helpful to your mum and handsome.
Momma wants to rub your tummy too!! Meeko would be attacking the papers and putting the bite on them. I'm sure your mum appreciatded all the 'help'.
My mum says thank you for the Mother's Day wishes, Les Trois Chats, but it is not Mother's Day here - the UK had it in March!
I used to help the Mom grade papers too when she was teaching. It was a lot of fun rolling all over the papers while she was trying to read them. :)

Thanks for linking to my blog!
Nuttin better than rollin' around in the papers. Good ting you helps your Mum out like that. We likes to help our Mum read the newspaper and we helps Daddy do his on-line paper correcting for his students too.
Eric, thanks lots and lots for warnin me bout Edsel's trouble with the customs purrsons. I'm gonna make Mom put a thing bout it in her newsletter even! They shouldn'ta done that. Mom says customs people are weird tho and some places she can't send her joolry cuz it's illegal! Joolry isn't a biohazard unless maybe you eats it and who'd be dum enough to do that???

You look like you're havin fun helpin your Mom. :) Helpin is lotsa fun, isn't it? I like to help Mom make joolry. Them papers looks like even more fun tho.
What a good boy you are, Eric, helping your mom!

I wish I could lay like that but I always tip over.
I hope she appreciates your work, Fat Eric. It looks ike there's a lot there.

Looks like your Mum overworked you and you just had to stop for a break. You sure do have a boo-tee-ful tummie! All poofs! Scritch scritch..we love our tummies scritched.

That is the best way to help, Eric! Lying on my back is my fav-o-rite!

I've never tried helping grade tests while I'm lying like that, though. I'll have to try it!
Eric, you are doing an excellent job of helping your Mum. Our Mum wants to give you a belly rub.

We know, Eric, but we figured that since you are blogging with cats across the pond, your mom could have TWO mother's days! (You let her celebrate twice, right?)
What would they do without us to help them......They would dissolve in a mindless heap.

Patches Lady
Eric: Do schoolchildren in England get te summer off like they do here in Mericky? If they do then your momma can spend more time with you!!!
I want a scratchy mouse!
Jasper - you can get a scratchy mouse in IKEA!
SS & S - Yes schoolchildren get the summer off but they don't get as long a break in the summer as they do in Mericky. My mum's school finishes for the summer on July 21st and returns on Sept. 4th, that's about typical in the UK.
You are a paragon of helpfullness Fat Eric ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO
I like to help fold clothes. Fluffmonster likes to help people read the newspaper and use the computer. I only use the computer when they're asleep or not around. I like to keep my intellect a secret.
My humans saw your pic and they think you look cute and cuddly. Whatever.
Hi Eric,

You are such a gorgeous kitty with *such* a spectacular tummy!

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