Tuesday, May 16, 2006


More Prezzies!

We got a card from the Royal Mail to say there was a package at the sorting office addressed to...ME! My mum was scared to go and pick it up in case she got arrested by Customs (she's heard about the difficulties Edsel has been having lately). So my dad went and collected the package. I hardly ever get post addressed to me so I was excited!
Ooh, it's from Knightly, Lizzie and Firenze, all the way in Mericky!
Wow...look at all these presents they sent me...ShrimpNip! (never had that but I've heard it's yummy!) Feline Greenies! A Cat Dancer!
And look! An octopus just like some of my blogging friends in Mericky have! This looks like fun! Quick, Mum, could you take my octopus off this card please?
Hmm...the box is good too...I wonder if I can fit in it...uh...oh...well, maybe not quite. It keeps flipping up when I try.
Mmm...I'm worn out after all this present-opening fun...I think I need to take a nap...zzzzz...
THANK YOU SO MUCH, Knightly, Lizzie and Firenze! I really like my presents!

Yay! You got it and no one was arrested.

We are soooo glad that you like your prezzies. Looks like you got a great supply of Greenies already - that is our absolute most favoritest treat!


The Monsters and the Monsters' Mom
Hey Eric -- these presents things look like so much fun. Lookit how much fun you's havin wif your new toys. Mommmmm how do we get and give some presents??? Me really wants the octopus thingy.
Great loot Eric! And good timing for you too since you've been working so hard helping your Mum. You deserve a break! What do you think of the octopus? I've been wanting one but my Mom can't find one anywhere!
Concatulations on those great pressies, that was a funny story about your Mum ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO
Wow! Super presents you got there, Eric! It looks like you're going to have a lot of fun with them. I'm so glad Customs didn't come after you like they did Edsel!
*whew Eric glad you don't have to be on da lam like Edsel. You sure hadda fun wif your prezzies. Tuckered you right out, didn't it?
Well, you deserved em after all da help you wuz to her Momma.

Enjoy Eric!
Oh wow, those are nice pressies Eric! We gots one of those octopuses and they're lotsa fun. The nappin looks good too.

PS. I'm furry worried bout Edsel bein on the lam. If you hears from him will you please lemme k now he's ok? Thanks lots!
Wow, those are shur nice purresents Eric!!!

We are also furry worried about Edsel.
What good presents you have there Eric. Glad that you are enjoying them
How cool is this!!! Presents for the big guy! Our octopus is purple & green exactly like yours! We think with a little practice you can fit in that box. Try it sitting up...that counts too!
So...your Mom didn't want to get arrested, but it's OK if your Dad was! Good thing he wasn't or you might have had to sell all your great new toys to bail him out! Hahahaha.
This is way beyond exciting!!
Eric, you look so very plushy and happy!
You have got the goods now! I still need my mom to get us an octopus. They are so cute, I find myself pawing at the screen to play with them!
Careful there, buddy. Too much excitement.
I don't have any toys. Woman threw them out during her germ and choking phobia phase when Princess was crawling and putting everything in her mouth. I heard her say she was going to buy some new ones now. Maybe I will get one of those octopuses (octopi? whatever).
hehehe You look cute gettin in that box Eric. You got some fun pressies! Lucky Eric :)
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