Wednesday, May 31, 2006



I got home safely after my big expedition to take the Catolympics' torch to Harper and Ramona in New Hampshire. It was great to meet them and their big brother Brendan. Brendan is a wise kitty and we had some interesting chats. Miss Ramona is very sweet and cuddly. I felt like I had the most in common with Harper though, he is my kind of kitty. He tells me his ambition is to grow up into an impressively huge but sweet-natured kitty like me. I gave him a few hints on how to grow into a fine figure of a cat. The Caturday cats' mum, Zuleme, is a very nice lady and is very generous with the Stinky Goodness. New Hampshire has some beautiful countryside, too.

It is good to be home and to hear that the Caturday cats have already managed to pass the torch safely on to Miles. He is taking it to Colorado - it's amazing how far the torch has travelled already! Has anyone worked out yet how many miles the total torch relay will cover?

In other news, yet more gingers have been added to the Gorgeous Gingers website recently. And I've added a blog link to my new (non-ginger) friends over at the Feline Oligarchy. They live in faraway Florida and have a very cool cat climbing tree. Oh yes, and did you know my fellow ginger Derby has acquired a new ginger friend and he's called it Phat Flower Eric in honour of ME! I am so flattered.

I feel like I need a rest now. My mum has this week off work (half-term holiday) so we are doing some quiet gardening and web-surfing, stuff like that. We have some big burly builders coming round tomorrow to have a look at our roof, I will need to be up early to supervise that. Time to have a really good nap...wake me up when it's dinner time please Mum...zzz...


You did a masterful job of torch carrying. My sisfur Boo is taking notes because she gets to carry the torch next week all the way from Flroida to Tennessee. She is a little nervous, but I know she will do well on her journey, just as you did.

We're glad you made it home safe and sound, Eric! You did a marvelous job, and you should be very proud of yourself!

We saw the PFE yesterday when we visited Derby's blog, and we have to say we do see the resemblance!
Eric, if anyone deserves to have a kitty flower pot named after him, it's you! Congrats!
Eric my buddy. I thought you would like PHE. When mum and I both firsted saw it we thought of you.

You look furry tired from your long torch run. Rest up and we will see you at the games.
You look totally zonked out Eric! Sleep well friend, you did a good job.
Eric, you definitely look zonked! You did good, man. You did good.

~ moose
Man you look comfy there Eric! Do you snore at all?
Good luck with the workmen. They are a pain in the butt-I know, boy do I know.
Cool about the torch too. I look forward to playing tub soccer!
Cos : )
Cosmo - Yes I snore LOUDLY! Sometimes I drown out the TV and my humans have to turn up the volume, heh heh.
You look like the rest was well needed. It was certainly earned, Eric.
A flower pot names after you, teehee.....that is have a cute black spot, you know that?

Patches Lady
Awww poor Eric, you look worn out. I can see why after such a busy time.
Good job with the torch & CONGRATULATIONS you am a winner!! Please send me an email with your address & I will send you your purrize........
You look exhausted Eric. You deserve a really good nap!
Hi Eric,

You were wondering how far the torch had travelled? I posted something on Thursday with distances up till that point.

Canberra BK
poor little cat! ZZZ...Beatiful! Shhh! =^^=
Oh, Eric ! You poor boy- you must be exhausted after that exertion. If your Mum contacts our Mum, she would be happy to recommend things to do around here.
A needed rest is jus the fing for you. You looks so sweet when you're sleepin.
Hi, Eric! We lurve you just the way you are, but there was a post you might be interested in at CatNabbit regarding a d-i-e-t for cats. The beans claim that I snore, but I've heard Victor an it must haf been him. Great job carryin that torch across the big water!
I never knew you were a "mouth-breather" when you slept, Eric!

So cute...I can almost hear the gentle snoring from here!
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