Friday, June 09, 2006


50th Post

My mum says this is my 50th post since I started blogging. Wow, that's quite a lot of posts! It has taken me about 6 months to clock up 50 posts, I wonder if I can manage 100 posts in a year? I haven't been able to blog for the last couple of days because Blogger was being very badly-behaved.

The Catolympic torch relay is still going on, not long now before the events begin. I am still in training. The torch has just got to Princess Mia, it's so exciting!

It is very warm here now, temperatures in London are going to be around 82-84F for the next week at least. My mum took all her little monsters on a trip to Westminster on Wednesday, they had to take 2 Tube trains to get there and 2 to get back. They visited this museum, dressed up like this, and sat in a garden eating their sandwiches and looking at Big Ben on the other side of the river. When they got back and she had returned all the little monsters safely to their parents, she was so tired she went straight to sleep when she got home!

My dad has gone away this weekend, to see Devon Grandma. So my mum and I are going to spend quality time together, although she says she might not be able to play with me much because she has 25 end-of-year school reports to write by June 23rd. I am spending a lot of time lying by the pond at the moment, it is one of the coolest places to be when you have a furry hot long coat.

The Feline Oligarchy wanted to know the names of the purple flowers in my last post. They are "Purple Sensation" alliums. Here are some more pictures of our pretty flowers.
Pale purple clematis, "Dublin Bay" roses, Arum lillies.
Giant poppies, "Peace" roses.
Yellow lupins.

Great flowers! You know, Eric, if your mom has the patience to withstand the onslaught of little monsters, she might have the strength to handle me.

Maybe I should move to England! I speak American with a Meow accent. Will I stick out like a sore thumb?
Happy 50th post. Mum says your flowers are nice. Her poppies haven't bloomed yet , but her climing rose looks quite lovely.

Plus, mum says it won't be an issue to send you Mandy. She says you need your own honorary ginger.
The Peace rose is absolutely beautiful! I love the color of your poppies too. All of your flowers are gorgeous. Oh, I must get out and tend to my garden! Thanks for posting such pretty pictures.
Beau Beau & Angies Mom
You're flowers are furry pretty. We call your Arum lillies Calla lilies. Are they the same thing?
Your mum is a brave woman to escort all those monsters across town just to expose them to a little culture. She probably went to bed because she was tired AND because her nerves were totally shot! We'd love to come and lay down in your garden & chase bugs! Plus it seems like you have the warm weather this weekend!
We all love to see pichers of you garden! Our clematis hasn't bloomed yet, but the neighbor has popplies and they are blooming, so are the lupines (cept Momma, she just put new ones in this year)

The torch run is most exciting!

Patches Lady
Fat Eric-
Please tell your Mum that the flowers are so pretty. Lupines grow wild where Grandma lives, but Mum has never seen yellow ones. She says she thinks whales would be seen in July, especially if you can do the Isles of Shoals off the coast of New Hampshire. She can also recommend places for beans to get human food, if you like.
Congratulations! At the rate my mom helps me post I will be lucky to get 20 in a year! She is very busy with the b-ness she owns with my dad. Maybe I should learn to help out like you do?
Congrats on your 50 posts, Eric - that's a lot of typing! Your garden is lovely. We are so jealous. We mostly just have grass. Mom says she doesn't have a green thumb. We think she just doesn't have any luck growing stuff - we don't know about any green thumbs.
50 posts - Congratulations!

You're mum's flowers are very beautiful - our girl has a black thumb!
Our mom made us come back acoz she wanted to take a look at the pretty flowers again.

Mom: Sigh. They are so pretty. I've started a couple of rose bushes this year so they have some growing to do yet but they sure smell wonderful.
Oh such wonderful flowers, what a salad that would make. Mom loves the calla lilys (her fav) and the poppies (another fav). ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO
Thank you for posting more flower pictures. My human really likes those Purple Sensations and the Yellow Lupins. We hope your Mum has rested up from all the time spent with the little monsters. She's lucky to have you there when she comes home -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie
Fanks for coming to mine party!! I REALLY enjoyed it!

Those are really lovely flowers. We wish we had weather that allowed us to have such a beautiful garden. Right now we have a strong storm off our coastline and we are kinda worried about what is going to happen over the next few days. I fear this will be another long hurricane season in Florida.


Con-CAT-u lations on your 5oth posting!! Keep it up!!
50 posts is impressive and so are your flowers. They look so perfect. I wish I could sit in your garden. My humans don't have flowers like this. They do have "native grasses" (also known as "weeds")and a gopher sanctuary. (They are the only ones around here who won't put out poison so guess where all the gophers live.) Woman used to have some indoor plants but she killed a couple and I tried to kill the rest. Her mom came and rescued them at the last minute, and says she will give them back when they are well. But I don't think she will.
We hope you make 50 more!
Thanx for stopping by the party. I love the flowers in your yard!
Happy 50th!!!
I love your flower photos and would be sniffing around in your garden if I could!
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