Friday, June 16, 2006


Adventures With Zeus

Zeus came to visit us as part of his TV series, The Amazing Zeus! We had so many adventures together as we explored London. You can read Zeus's description of our day out here. Zeus was just as cool as I knew he would be. My mum thought he was a very polite and handsome Merican kitty too. I love reading about Zeus's adventures, he is off to New York next to see the Meezers!

The Catolympics is finally starting and I am so excited. My mum and dad are off to Birmingham tomorrow for some sort of gardening fair so they probably won't miss me too much when I am off at the Catolympics. I have warned my dad that a massive gardening fair is probably not the safest place to take someone with a serious plant-buying addiction such as my mum. He just laughed and said he would fold down the back seats in the car to make more space for her purchases.

Ah well. I'm going to settle down now, close my eyes and teleport myself to the Catolympics. See you there!

Transport me to the 2006 Catolympics.
Transport me to the 2006 Catolympics.
Transport me to the 2006 Catolympics.
Transport me to the 2006 Catolympics.
Transport me to the 2006 Catolympics.


Welcome and good luck. Help yourself to the food and make yourself at home here in Mericky. So glad you could come!!

Patches Lady
We'll watch over Fat Eric while he's here at the catolympics. We sat down togefer for quite a feast last night. Cat grass and all.
Man, we messed up the Catolympics good! Mom and dad went to Walmart and forgot all about the tub soccer game that I missed.
Mom has a serious addiction to buying plants too. She can so relate.
We have been out of the loop for a while due to an illness in the family. Darn humans kept us off the computer for almost two months! But hey, you cant keep a good cat down. Looking forward to catching up with everyone. Looks like you have been busy!

opus and roscoe
I had a lot of fun with you while in London, Eric! I sent your postcard out today so hopefully, you'll get it soon. I can't wait to hear about how you did at the Catolympics!
Hey Eric, concatulations on your bronze medal. YOu did good. Plus you were such a help for most of the kitties needing extra fur for the hurling.

Mum didn't put a GPS in the box with Mandy, so who knows where she might be.

Mum looked at the garden thing. She would have like it too. She could have seen that Alan Titchmarsh guy from Ground Force. She watches that when it is on the TV.
We haded lots of fun wif you at the 'lympics! Hope you didn't have jet laggie too bad.
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