Sunday, June 25, 2006


Psycho Eric!

It was a calm and peaceful Sunday in north-east London. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. Fat Eric was relaxing on a garden chair, admiring the flowers and watching his mum working hard weeding the garden.
After a while he got a little too hot and decided to go indoors. Lying next to his Scratchy Mouse he saw one of the presents Derby had given him earlier in the week. It was a small mousie with feathers on it. A strange feeling started to come over Fat Eric...the feeling that something had to be done about this mousie...his eyes flashed red...he started to stalk towards the mousie, then...he pounced...and suddenly! he had turned into -


(Be very afraid!)

You are not Pyscho, just being a regular kittie. Mum saved me one of those mousies for me to play with too.

I bite and pounce on this mousies, mum wishes I was more feisty with real mousies and kill them.
Those mousies are AWESOME! I turn psycho with 'em, too !
Those feather mousies make me psycho too. Maybe psycho is regular for kitties with mousies toys. It looks like you're havin a lotta fun bein psycho, Eric.
~~ Boni
good job Eric! Show that mousie who the boss is!
Well, mousies must be taught a lesson, that's for sure. And a mouse with feathers (?) ... that's certainly asking for it!
Psycho Eric. Hmmmm. Not so sure you're actually a psyco Eric although you do look mighty crazed there. We finks maybe we need one of those kinda mousies to pounce on too. I bet they would make Beau Beau a psycho too.
That last picture is an image just begging to be captioned... :)
And this is a bad thing?
Go, Eric, go! That mousie didn't stand a chance against you!
You look so happy there Fat Eric! We aren't afraid of you, cause we have that happen too!
heeheehee... I get that same look in my eye sometimes...
Maybe Eric is really a superhero underneath his ordinary fur? His alter-ago came out when he saw that evil mouse, and he knew justice needed to be served!

You look like your takin care of buziness! We do that wif our mousies too. Lub da mousies!

It was probably ALL that neglect you suffered while your mum was doing those school reports. It just drove you over the edge, didn't it Eric? Poor fellow. Just relax a bit and life will come back to normal -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie
love to eat them mousies
mousies what i love to eat
bite they little heads off
nibble on they tiny feet
Wow, psycho Eric, you're so cool. I hear you man. Those strange critters on strings that our peeps bring into the house must be eliminated before they breed and take over the world. I'm so glad to see you're doing your part.
Now we have to psycho and Max! Maybe never know.

Patches Lady
Freaky eyes, Eric!! That's one way to keep the peeps under control! If they think you are crazed, they will pretty much let you have the run of the house.

Thanks for your letter! I've posted an answer to your query.
I love that crazy face!
Go Eric, go Eric, go Eric, ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko
Oh, oh! Someone must have slipped some illicit materials into that mouse!
Feather mousies are lots of fun
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