Monday, June 05, 2006


Summer Is Here!

Maybe. Hopefully. Apparently we've just had the wettest May for 27 years, but this weekend was lovely and warm so we are hoping summer is here. The forecast is that it will be between 73-80F all week. What a shame it wasn't like this last week when my mum was on holiday!

We have had a busy week. Uncle Sim and Auntie Jan came back to stay with us for a few more days before they went back to Mericky on Wednesday. My mum and dad took them to Cambridge and Kew Gardens and on a Thames riverboat and some other places. Auntie Jan and I played so hard with my feather stick we broke all the feathers off it so my mum is going to have to buy me a new one now. We enjoyed having visitors but now it's back to normal; still 7 weeks of school left for my mum before they break up for the summer.

I was such a good kitty entertaining the visitors that my mum bought me a treat - some special cat food I have never had before - Marks and Spencers Luxury Sardine and Crab kitty food! was goooood... The next day when I got my ordinary food back I miaowed and miaowed very loudly trying to get some more of the Luxury Food instead. I miaowed so long and loudly they couldn't watch television, heh heh. But they didn't cave in so in the end I got hungry and ate the ordinary food. But I know they have got another tin of that Luxury Food stashed away somewhere!

Some kitties have been posting pictures of the lovely June flowers in their gardens. Our garden is looking very pretty at the moment. We have also got tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and strawberries growing so there may be some yummy things to eat later!

We thought you might like to see some of our flowers. But Blogger is being very difficult today and it would only let us upload two of our pictures. Maybe we'll try again tomorrow.

We like the 'lelloe roses the bestest! ya "the Yellow Rose of Texas" song.
Eric, mum says she will go find you a Vir-ginger kittie. Do you want one?

Blogger was being real bad to me yesterday too. I could barely even bring up the comments is aggravating sometimes....

Love Love LOVE your garden!! Oh those roses are so beautiful. My Momma has no luck with roses. She says they always get black stuff on the leaves and die.

You have done a fine job helping your Momma wif her garden.

Yesterday I gave up commenting for most of the day and today it's hardly showing any photos at all. Sometimes I see them with comments and sometimes I don't.

I like the pictures you did get up (and show up). We don't have any real flowers here but Momma is hoping to change that sometime in the not too distant future.

Mom says that a package arrived and that it was from you! She hasn't let us open it yet but as soon as she does, we will post the pictures. Thank you!!!!

The Monsters
Those are very pretty flowers, Eric! Are they as tasty as they look??

~ moose
Hi hi hi!

Just to let you know I'm in Wales right now. Wanted to email you earlier but somehow couldn't get through? My account is strange sometimes.

Anyway, we'll be in the UK till 25 or 26 June, perhaps we could meet up if you're not too busy... our plans are still fluid now so it's possible.

If you would like, do mail me at my gmail account [the one on my blogger profile, that's more reliable] and let me know, or just to give us a shout? Thanks! :)

Have to rush now.

*skritchies for Eric*
Blogger's been acting up all week! Anyway, send the rain our way--we're in a very very bad drought. And then find that other tin, Eric!
ohhhh lookit! More roses Mommy! Maybe I'll transport ofer and sniff em.
Oh, yes, lello roses are gorgeous!!

Blogger was being a real butt today!

Patches Lady
Yep, it's summer now. That means my Mommy has gone into hibernation. She's kinda backwards that way. Your flowers are awful purrty tho.
Your flowers are very pretty. Do you know the name of the purple ones? Sardine and Crab? That sounds yummy. Sometimes we get something that has sardines in it, but don't like to eat it if the chunks are too big. Then our human says we are spoiled. -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie

P.S. Blogger is a real pain today (Thursday when we wrote this) too, but post some more flower pictures if you can someday ...
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