Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I'm Melting, I'm Melting...!


And yes, I know some kitties live in places where it is often hotter than this, but those kitties are used to it! I am not! This heatwave is getting ridiculous. Today the record was broken for the hottest July day ever in the UK, the previous July record was back in 1911. Someone measured the temperature in Trafalgar Square to be 100F. It certainly feels like it!

My days are getting very monotonous. I get up, feel too hot to climb the stairs to wake my humans, and have to wait for my mum to come down and feed me. Then I go out and lie in the garden while it's not so hot yet. Then my humans go off to work and I have to come inside and I have a choice of two places to lie - on the kitchen floor next to the fridge, with my ice bottle, or in the living room next to the fan, which is left on all day for me. It's so hot I just lie there and snooze all day until my mum comes home. Thankfully I have not lost my appetite! Then I go out in the garden where it is still boiling, and crawl under my favourite shady bush. When it gets dark it gets nice and cool outside and I lie by the pond talking to the frogs until I am forced to come into the hot house for the night. Then it starts all over again...can't wait till the heatwave is over.

My humans are not a pretty sight when they get home each day, dripping with sweat. There was an ugly scene yesterday because the water company are digging up our road, and they had turned the water off. So when the sweaty humans got home there was no water and they couldn't have a shower, they had to stay sweaty and disgusting for another four hours until the water was turned back on...they were not happy! (Nor was I, it made the house very smelly!)

Some of the schools in London were shut today because it was too hot in the classrooms. My mum's school is still open and they are trying to cope with the heat. Only two days to go till school finishes for the summer, my mum says they aren't even doing any real work, so I say, what's the point of her going in there and leaving me? Her class spent all afternoon having a table football World Cup tournament (Poland beat Germany in the final, she says, but England got knocked out early, just like the real World Cup then!)

I seem to have upset a few kitties' mums by giving Johnny Depp to the Empress Kukka-Maria. I didn't realise so many humans would get jealous! Zeus's mum seemed particularly upset. Maybe I acted a little hastily in choosing my present for Kukka...As it happens, I have now stumbled across something else which an Empress would surely love...

"Our Red Royal cat bed is designed as a throne to suit its aristocratic feline owner. Covered in luxurious red velvet on a sturdy wooden frame. A stylish, elegant and very comfortable piece of cat furniture to enhance any room...only £195!"

They make it in blue, too...and some other very fancy cat furniture...anyone want a leopard-print kitty chaise-lounge?? Have a look on this page but you have to scroll down quite a bit to see the furniture pictures...

What do you think? Can you picture the Empress relaxing on one of these?

It seems the whole world is having heat problems! We broke our really hot days (several of them) today. Even though the humitity is high, it rained all day (we definitely needed that) and at dinnertime it is a respectable 74 degrees. Don't know what that is in celsis, but it is a lot better than the 98 we had! Even with the humidity.
our mommy tolded us about the heat wave in england too. we're sorry it's so hot there. today it was a little cooler here, but they were sealing the road wif tar, so it STUNK all day long.
We think that's a pretty good gift for the Empress, but don't think you'd get away with taking back the pirate/slave/eye-candy. No matter what Zeus's mum thinks. Sorry it's so hot for you but that part about being under the shady bush talking to the frogs in the pond sounds pretty good. -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie
What a gorgeous throne, Eric! I can't wait to sit on it--WITH JOHNNY DEPP!

I'm not giving him back. He's already gotten quite comfortable here. While I love Zeus' Mom dearly, she'll have to wait a few more weeks until I have my fill of him and get tired of him hanging around the house.

Until then, with the power of GOOGLE, I'm sure she could locate a Johnny Depp impersonator.

Plus...doesn't she have something hot going on with Phil Keoghan from "The Amazing Race?" I must not be the only one trying to stock my "Tomcat Stable..." ;)
Yes, it seems that Johnny Depp guy in his pirate outfit is a big turnon for many Moms. But your alternate gift is just grand, Eric! Kukka will look very regal reclining upon in.

Question: How long is the summer vacation in England? School's been out here since early June and kids don't return until about the last week of August. British kids must not get as long of a break.
Eric, I've updated my gift receipt log to update this new addition (lovely cat throne). Plus, I address the whole Johnny Depp thing.

Thank you for BOTH of my gifts. You are the best huge ginger cat in Great Britain (and I should know...I've dated most of them).
I like the chair for Kukka. I hope that it starts cooling off for you Fat Eric! I hate it when it's too hot too. Fortunately we have a downstairs that's furry shaded and stays cool most of the time and I sleep there. It's supposed to be hot here this weekend--like the hot hot that you were having.
Oh my Eric I is so sorry to hear about your heat wave. IT is hot here too. But it is always hot here in Florida. We are use to it. Of course we wouldn't be if Momma turned off the A/C! I did read that kitties can withstand temperatures far about what is comfortable for beans though. See we are the superior beings!

Love the chaise you found for Kukka -- now that is purrfect!

Oh, Fat Eric, that is the mostest byootiful royal cat bed I have ever seen! But it duzn't appeer to come in pink, my faverit colur.

It's way hot heer, too, in Castro Valley by the big forest.
we are so sorry you are miserable! Oh gosh, and all that lovely fur! We hope it will cool down SOON!! Mom said she would have had thoughts of running down the road to choke the water company people... but she wouldn't have been able to move after a day spent in heat like that.

It is horrible here, but we have AC, which just makes all the difference. We'll keep wishing for cool breezes headed your way.
Hang in there dude. Have your mum freeze water in a jug. Then wrap it in a towel for you to hug. Hope you get some cool temperatures soon.
Eric, this is a perfect opportunity to teach your mom and dad how to bathe themselves. That way, a disruption in water wouldn't be quite so bothersome for them.

Hope it cools for you soon. When you're not used to it, it can be absolutely unbearable!
I could try it out, Eric!

Don't forget my birthday party! Starting in about an hour, bring drinks and snacks and nip (if you take it, I prefer shrimptinis myself)
Everyone is invited (although, given my age, I may retire frequently!). Paws up, charlie is in charge of the games, he says he got some ideas from recent parties.....[shakes perfect head] actually, for a snotrag he's done a good job!

Mum is going to let me host a party in October for all of us October kitties.

Save the weekend of Oct 20-22, stop by the blog for details.
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