Thursday, July 27, 2006


Taking A "Holiday" From Blogging

It looks like we are going on holiday tomorrow. The suitcases are out...and so is The Evil Cat Carrier! Unfortunately, I don't get to go on holiday with my humans, but we are all escaping from the horrible sticky heat and humidity which has been making London unbearable for days.

The humans are heading north to the Lake District, where it is rumoured to be cooler. They get to chill out next to a lake and unwind in a comfy hotel here. Lucky humans.

I suggested that they might like me to come with them to the Lake District, but my mum said that as I am not that keen on water I might not feel safe being right next to a great big lake. She does have a point. However, I am off to the countryside too. I am off to the kitty jail holiday camp, which is on a farm out in Essex. I've been there before and it's not too bad as kitty jails holiday camps go - it has countryside all round it and a big aviary full of birds as a form of Kitty TV for us to watch. Plus the people there really like me and comb me so that my long fur stays nice and tangle-free. And I get to take my friend Scratchy Mouse with me, and my blanket, and my comb and a couple of other toys. But I would rather be at home!!!

I shall mark off the days on the walls of my jail cell luxury cat chalet and spend the time bird-watching, napping and composing songs - some of my kitty friends have come up with such great compositions lately!

I get home on August 6th, so farewell to blogging until then. I'll be back to tell the story of my adventures...*
*and if I don't get freed on August 6th, I've asked Zeus to organise the prison break to get me out...OK?

Bye FE, we will miss you the next few weeks. Maybe by then mum will come out of hiding.

I will be happy to join in the prison break gang.
We will miss you. You can count on me to help Zeus if you need that prison break!
oh we will miss you Eric. We will help Zeus break you out if you're not back by then. how many sleeps is that?
We will miss you, Eric. Take care. Let me know if you need to get out earlier. I'm there!

Tell your beans to have a safe trip.
Gosh, Eric. We'll miss you, but it sounds like you'll be at a cat resort, not a prison. Good thing you can take some of your favorite things with you.
Have a good time relaxing and taking in that invigorating county air! See you when you get back.
Enjoy your time in the "holiday camp" and swat at a birdie for me!
My brother, Eric, I promise I will not fail you in this regard. You have entrusted to me a very special task, and I will use all force necessary to break you out. Let us pray with sincere hearts that it will not come to that.
I can't belieeeeeeeve they are locking you up! And on a farm where you can have your mouse and get brushed and stuff!

That is A-BUSE!

I must admit, though, it sounds pretty cool, Eric!
does kitty jail haf a/c? cause if it does we might wanna join you
If kitty jail has a/c I will keep you company! And they feed you and comb you and have birdies for you to watch???

You better make sure to come home on the 6th!

We will miss you till then.
Bon Voyage pal! Catch a few winks for me!
Oh, Eric! We'll miss you so much! I hope the (not-jail) cat chalet is cooler than stayin home. And if there's a prison break, I'll help.
We'll miss you too. You can count on us to help Zeus get you out if you need to. We can hitch hike a lift and be with you in about 4 or 5 hours. Your beans will have to give you loads of extra cuddles and treaties to make up for being mean to you!!
You should cry and moan and make your MOm take you! However, I do that, then wish I had stayed home.

Never been to a kitty jail afore; although Momma says I go to kitty jail when I am real bad at night and she shuts me in the bafroom so she can nap. That is the closet I have come to KJ.

Patches Lady
Have nice holiday, Eric! I have never been to the pet hotel, but Spot says the kitties who came before me used to quite like it.
That looks like a furry nice place your beans are going to. Make sure they tell us all about it when they gets back. An efun though your jail.. uh luxury camp sounds great we'll be watchin in case you aren't out.
Have a nice vacation Eric and family! We will miss you!! And, Zeus, contact me if we need to do a break out!
Tomorrow is august 6,I´m waiting,come to play with me! =^^=
I'm with you Luna!! Tomorrow Eric is back...yea!! Luna I want to see your dvd...How can I get one?
I hope the beans made it back and sprung you from the kittie jail/spa/luxury cat chalet. If not, send and SOS and we will arrange the breakout.
Yes, where are you Fat Eric? We are getting packed and ready to help get you out of kitty jail too.
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