Thursday, August 10, 2006


5 Weird Things Tag

I have been tagged by Derby and Gemini.

Here are the rules: The player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about yourself and your humans." At the end you need to choose 5 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

5 Weird Things About Me:
1. I like to start every morning by jumping on my dad's pillow and licking his hair.
2. Whenever any human (even a complete stranger) picks me up and holds me near their face I immediately start licking their hair until it is nice and soggy and standing up in spikes.
3. When my dad comes home I meow loudly until my mum picks me up and holds me near his head so I can lick his hair hello. (OK, I have a hair-licking fetish, but I can quit whenever I want to!)
4. I like to sleep upside down with my paws sticking straight up in the air, or otherwise sleep hugging my Scratchy Mouse. I sleep in my fleecy catbed from October to March but ignore it in the summer months.
5. I have a very loud PURR to go with my large size, and am famous for purring down the phone to my humans' relatives far away - I can be heard in Cornwall, Devon, Montana...pretty much anywhere! Oh yes, and I snore pretty loudly too.

5 Weird Things About My Humans:
1. My mum teaches sticky little people; her least favourite subject to teach is PE and her favourite subjects to teach are computers and history.
2. My dad works for the government saving people from food poisoning.
3. My dad doesn't like woofies and didn't really like kitties until he learned to love me and my sister. Now he loves kitties.
4. My mum loves all animals (except spiders) but hates celery and courgettes.
5. My mum has a hard time buying shoes because she has big feet.

I tag Beezer, Arty & Velvet, Fat Eddy, Oscar and Sultanfus & Guy.

My mum is still on school holidays but my dad has to go to work every day. My mum and I have been chilling out, doing a bit of gardening, cleaning the house, tidying up, watching trashy daytime TV and generally taking it easy. She likes having lots of quality time with me. I am still slightly worried about what the lady at the kitty jail holiday camp said about seeing me again soon. Just in case, I have been trying out some new hiding places. Under the spare bed is a good one. But I have also managed to hide myself behind the recycling box in the garden...
...and in the flower beds. I'm bound to find somewhere to escape being taken back to That Place...I hope!

you do has a hair fing. interesting.
Eric, what are courgettes?
A hair fetish? Hopes you don't have to go back to the kitty jail.
My mum has looked up courgettes, she says Mericans call them zucchini, but efurrybody else calls them courgettes!
Thanks for the invite - We will join in - but unfortunately mom and dad are going on hols (we stay at home and a nice friend feeds us).

Sorry for the delay

Velvet and Arty
Oh Eric! Should we start a support group for your hair problem...or do you think you can keep it under control by yourself? Good work on turning your Dad into a cat lover. I am personally responsible for doing the same for my Dad 'cause I'm his special boy.

I don't like the sound of courgettes or zucchini either. Mom says they're yukky but they grow like crazy here in the summer and lots of people eat them.
Nice to meet you Fat Eric. You certainly do have hair issues. And since you are from Britain I just have to ask: "Do you like cricket?"
Yes, under the bed is good. Have you tried behind the sofa?
Being a robust kitty, it is hard to hide, I know. I have yet to find the perfect place, but I had Momma fooled a long time when I went in the closet and tucked under the shelf where the shoes are. She is amazed a big kitty could get in a small space like that.
Your garden looks like the best place to enjoy lazy summer days. Actually my mom says she would like to curl up there too!
does ya like ta lick offur kitties too or jus the humans? Midnight likes ta bite their hair if it's long but only cause she's tryin ta pull it outta their heads fur fun.
You really do haf a fing about hair don't you Eric. I used to like chewing my mums, but only when she came out of the shower. She's had it cut now, so that's not so much fun. Flynn likes to lick his own tummy fur. He licks it so much, it's gone all short.Dad said to mum,"Are you sure he hasn't got fleas" The cheek of it!!! We get nasty stuff put on our necks effurry month so they don't try to attack us.
Eric we could be brothers. Even if you don't munch the garden greens you like to hide out in gardens and that's pretty much what I'm doing there too-I just munch here & there. I am concerned about the hair thing too...... -Shaggy
You gonna start hair lickers anonymous, Eric? *giggles* I likes your hiding places. Hideyness is good!
~~ Boni
You have a hair fetish, Eric? I never knew! I wondered why you were obsessed with bathing me when I came to visit, but I just thought you were being friendly!

My human pet also has a hard time buying shoes because of her big feet. Maybe our human pets can commiserate together!
ed sez:

hullo, fat eric! how nice of you to come visit our blog all the way from the U.K.--thank you!! yes, i weigh a fair-ish 23 lbs, so we are definitely in the same class, you and i! superb, are we not? regal? majestic? oh--all of those and more! can we add you to our list of poodin' friends?

tee-hee---zucchini. lots of beans here grow them, then never eat them. sometimes our He and She come home from work to find brown paper bags full of zucchini abandonded at our door. no one ever 'fesses up who left 'em. poor, orphaned zucchini. and then, in the dark of night, sometimes those self-same bags quietly find their ways to other doorsteps--He and She don't like 'em, either;-)

you are lucky to have such a lovely back garden, and so many hidey-holes. so many cats have lived in this house so many, many years that He and She can always find us. they know 'em all. no fair!

one time long ago, uncle eeker (who only nelson can remember) got sandwiched between the outer and inner windows in the spare bedroom. he had been sitting in the sill and accidentally kicked the release that let the inner window down. They could hear him calling, but couldn't see him (for the curtains over the window). finally, He went outdoors and walked around the house, and there was uncle eeker, glaring angrily from behind the pane!

you and shaggy and i all sleep just alike, on our backs and waving our paws in the air. we should start a club, or maybe a photo album of our favorite poses!

i like to lick bean hairs, too, but He and The Boy (when he visits) don't have much to lick, and She doesn't let me lick her long hairs much 'cause she's afraid i might get a problem if i swallows it and it comes out the other end instead of in a hairball. uncle eeker had that problem with christmas tinsel strands, once. they called him "the silver flash" well into the New Year, poor fellow.

speaking of calling names, what nicknames do you have? the male beans call me Ed, the Edmeister, Sir Edmund the Rotund, Edtundo, Fat Ed, Edboy, and You Hairy Grease-blob. how demeaning. but She just calls me Ed, and when She cuddles me and lets me knead her hair, She hugs me tight, and whispers that i am Her good boy, her bestest boy, and the Very Best Edmund that Ever Was! and i'm certain that i am!!

come see us again when you have a chance--we'll be glad to see you!
Kitty jail sounds aweful ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO
Jail is jail no matter what when you has to leave your pretty gardens. Look how happy you are all rolled up among the fleurs. No jail can be that good.

Oh an tell your Mum that maybe she might want to teach the brats, uh children, about the board game Senet in ancient Egypt. It can even be found online. It am a fun game. Mom let us watch how to play.
Hi Eric,
Tell your mom thanks for the donation to Ramona's Top Cats! I appreciate it very much. There is still a month to go before the Walk!
It was fun having you visit us for the Torch Relay. I had such a good time at the Lympics!

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