Friday, August 18, 2006


The Food Report

The curvaceous Mrs. B (another kitty with a tummy almost as impressive as those belonging to us Big Boys) has been demonstrating on her blog how to extract cat treats from a ball. I am a bit of an expert at this. I don't have a treat ball like hers, though. My treat dispenser is a Whiskas Snacky Mouse like this (sorry the picture is a bit small but it's the largest I could find). You can see my Snacky Mouse in this post.

It came with a string on it, but we quickly removed that. It wobbles about on the floor and, if you hit it hard enough, the treats fall out through the holes. When my mum first bought it, I wasn't very interested in it, and couldn't really get the idea of it. I just used to sit and wait for her to shake the treats out of it so I could eat them. But now I am an expert with it and can remove all the treats from within it in approximately 2 seconds. The trick is to hook it up with one of my claws and shake it vigorously in the air until the treats fall out! My mum says that these days it takes her longer to put the treats in the mouse than it takes me to get them out again! Still, we have some fun with it. She usually gives it to me at bedtime with my daily ration of treats (I only get 5 a day because of the whole d-i-e-t thing).

The weather has changed completely again. We are having a lot of rain at the moment. I don't like the rain because it stops me from sitting out in the garden, but my mum says it is good for the plants and saves her having to carry a heavy watering-can around (there is still a hosepipe ban in force despite all the rain). So my mum and I stayed in today and watched cheesy daytime TV. We also watched the water company men outside in the rain filling in all the holes in the road they have been digging. We enjoyed watching them getting wet.

I love my mum but she has a habit of saying stupid things to me. The stupid thing she says most often at the moment is "You wouldn't like this, Eric." This is what she says when she is eating something and I am sitting right next to her, drooling, with my eyes fixed on her plate. How does she know I wouldn't like the foodstuff in question, unless she lets me try it? Sometimes she varies it by saying "Cats don't eat this." Again, I ask, how does she know cats don't eat this? I very well might eat it. Over the past few days, she has said "You wouldn't like this, Eric," about cornflakes, doughnuts, cherries, blackberries, tomatoes, spring rolls, pasta, toast and jam, apple cake, curry and sundry other foodstuffs.

I say, in the spirit of scientific enquiry, she ought to at least let me try a bit of efurrything just to find out whether I'd like it or not. I'm never going to maintain my impressive figure at this rate. You'd think she realise I'm interested in carrying out an investigation just from the fact that I'm sitting next to her drooling. Humans are slow to pick up on these cues.

Mommy says that to me too - then I just steal the food anyway. - Miles
Jasmine's mum says these things to Tiggy too when Tiggy asks to sample everything. Obviously Tiggy wants to decide for herself though, so Jasmine's mum lets Tiggy sniff the food in question. Tiggy said that getting a close sniff is usually enough to work out if it really is something for a poodin or not.
I agree! My mom say "This is not a cat thing" a lot, too. HOW WOULD SHE KNOW??? So I wait until no one's lookin an go on the counter to see fur myself.

PS she was right bout the tomato-flavored rice, darn it all.
We like your treat mousr Eric and are proud of you setting a new record shaking out the treats!
I don't eat people food. I do like to give it a good sniff though.
Once I stuck my nose is a glass, for a good sniff of what the person was drinking, and it turned out to be a whiskey, so I sneezed in it.

--- Beezer
I likes the meats and stuff. You can keep the veggies, fruits, pasta, rice etc.

Scrambled eggs aren't bad either.
Is your Mom very good about cleaning the dishes after she eats? My Mom is very bad at it and I am able to jump into the sink later when she is in the other room and lick things off the plates and such. Maybe that's an option for you?
I always, always get to lick the plate. It is a Rule! I like all people food .
My ma says the same exact words to me when I am staring her down when she is crunching and munching!
I have never seen the mousie treat dispenser before. I wonder if I could convince my human pet to buy me one, but then again, I don't particularly like the idea of having to work for my food.

I agree with you, Eric: You should encourage your human pet to be more scientifically minded when it comes to you and your dietary needs. After all, what if one of those delectable bites actually helped you lose weight? Wouldn't she feel bad then that she had been withholding it from you for so long? ; )
Mom says that to Boni and me all the time about interesting stuff on her plate. It must be in the Mom manual.

We'd like to get one of those mousies. Unless it'd make Mom give us less treats cuz she has to work to get them in the mousie. If that's how it is we don't want to get one after all. Yours sure looks cute and fun tho.

I also find it frustrating when humans tell me I won't like something without even trying me--of course then they insist I will love some hard dry garbage that they put in a dish on the floor! Humans just do not give us enough credit. The woman is fond of saying that her handsome XL ginger loved Taco Bell, particularly bean burritos.(which is perhaps why he was an XL) more than anything else.
I get to sniff stuff and decide for myself. I love chicken (if it's plain), and hamburger and vegggie burgers(that's new), and tuna anything, but mostly I like to sniff and give things the "ok, it's really mama food" stamp.
Our mum says eggzackly the same words to us. The uvver day she was eating king prawns, an she said, Eric you know you an Flynn don't like fishy stuff, so I leaned right over her an she give me a bit, an you know what, it was licious, an she said I'd ate haff of them. So now I fink I do like fishy fings.
Well at least the Mom lets us try stuff. We have to wait until she's mostly done with her food and then she'll put the plate on the floor with little bits of food left on it for us to have. However, the Doofi always seem to get there first and eat up all the good stuff. :(
you know why she sez that, dont'cha? she wants to keep it all for herself.

you drool? me, too! it's not ladylike, but i just can't help it!

That must be a mom thing--mine says the same things to me. And of course she couldn't possible know what I'd like.

Except about bananas and anything with tomato in it. But other than that she can't know.
Mrs. B is not as good as you at getting the treats out, but she is getting better.
She loves people food, but I don't usually give her any. Yes, I know, I am an Evil Mommy.
Bella and Dolce are our official plate inspectors.

Whenever we have our dinner on the sofa in front of the TV, Dolce and Bella both make a point of checking out what is on the plates to see if it is fit for Feline Consumption. My wife says I spoil my two girls but life is short it must be enjoyed and shared with those you love.
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