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I have been released from the kitty jail holiday camp. Ohh, the tales I could tell of my sufferings. Marking off the long, weary days with clawmarks on the walls...staring out between the bars...listening to the mews of my fellow prisoners holidaymakers...starving on the meagre daily was tough.

(Eric's mum interrupts) If you were having such a tough time, how come the lady at the kitty holiday camp said you were such a good boy and that you drooled with pleasure every time she groomed you and gave you scritches? And if you were starving, how come you don't seem to have lost any weight, Fat Eric? That tummy still looks pretty well-filled to me...

Ahem. As I was's been a long time away from my cat-blogging friends. I am just about to go round the blogs and see what's been going on while I have been locked away from the world. It's soooooo nice to be in my own home again. I purred all the way home in the car even though I was shut in the Evil Cat Carrier. Then when I got home I got lots of cuddles and licked my mum all over her face and washed her hair for her. Then, after I had enjoyed my welcome-home menu of Tuna Whiskas, I decided to play Traumatised Kitty and went and hid under the spare room bed, which I never normally do. Today things feel a little more normal, so I've been enjoying hanging out with my mum, watching TV, sleeping on her, putting some clumps of Eric hair on the too-clean carpets, etc.

There's just one shadow on my happiness, and that is, as the prison warder lady at the kitty holiday camp was waving goodbye to us, she said "See you in a fortnight, Fat Eric." What? She can't be serious.

But just in case she is, I have been trying out some good new hiding places in the garden. (And I'd show you a photo if Blogger would let me upload them. Silly Blogger!)

Hey Eric!!
We's so glad to see you back.It must haf been awful furr you locked away furrom all your furriends. We was all ready to help Zeus spring you if ness...neseres...nessar... needed.We haf got to be locked up next week furr a few days,but at least we gets to stay home, an a lady comes to feed us an look after us. We haf made lots of new furriends while you were away.
Welcome home, O Great Orange One!
We have a feeling that the fortnight comment has something to do with our Mum telling your Mum about Boston restaurants...
Tilly and Toby
welcome home Eric! we was gonna help break you out of jail too. how long is a fortnight? we build forts at night in the blankies, is that the same fing?
Welcome back! A lot of kitties were going to be rounding up a rescue crew and teleporting over to assist in your dire need. So glad it wasn't needed. A fortnight? That's a lot of naps!!
Welcome back, my brother! I was getting slightly concerned that I would need to come in with the Royal Guard in order to free you, but I am certainly glad it didn't have to come to that. I knew your greatness couldn't be contained by mere bars of steel. Thank goodness you're home safe and sound!
Ok, so the jail break needs to be ready for two weeks. Mum translated the 'fortnight' into Mericky talk for me. Shesh, why do you guys have such fancy language.

Glad you are back. You gotta check my blog and the car they named after me.
We're gald that your back Eric!! We're happy that we gots to stay at our house when mooma & dady wented on vacation. We're not to sure about 'kitty jail'.
Good to see you Eric. OH my another stay at the kitty 'spa'. I am sure they are good to you there, it's just not home.

We're glad you didn't starve, Eric. "Skinny Eric" wouldn't sound nearly as good. Hope you don't have to go back to kitty jail in a fortnight too. Now I have to go look up fortnight in the dictionary.
Boni, Sanjee, Mini, Gree, and Pepi
I'm glad you are safe and all the signs I made to protest your imprisonment can sit in the garage. I'll keep them in case there is something to this fort thingy.
why does they say fortnight ta mean 2 weeks? shouldn't they say a "fourteen-night"? glad you're back. we checked out the pic-shures of that jail an it looked like they was tryin ta trick kitties into thinkin it's a nice place. did they effur let ya chase any of those birdies or are they there just ta tease you like we finks?
Eric...welcome back! We've missed you and are glad to see you've returned safe & sound. Your jail doesn't sound too bad, but we'll see once you post a picture. Are you a shadow of your former self, ribs sticking out and all? Did you get any tatoos while you were in there?
Eric, Mums don't understand, its not the jail place or the people there, its that we should be at home with the beans that we love most. The beans that feed us good stinky and crunchy food and cater to our every whim.

Welcome Home!

You need to give your Momma the cold shoulder for a while, teach her a lesson. Should be good for extra treats as well.

Patches Lady
How traumatic Eric! So glad you have been released and can kick up your heels at home again.
We're having problems with blogger too. We are so glad that you are out of kitty jail! We hate going there so Mum gets us a pet sitter. She says it's cheaper for us too.

Welcome back, Eric! I hope you don't have to go back to the kittycamp so soon. We miss you!
Home sweet home! I bet you missed your mum a bunch!
Just stopping by to say hello. Welcome back home! We have never been to kitty jail. Poor Guy would spend the entire time crying and hyperventilating in a corner. I might like it but only if my Ma could come with me.
Welcome back, Fat Eric. It's kind of scarey to think that I cood be sent to prizzin. I don't think I wood be, becuz I'm always a good boy, but yoo never know! Hope the prizzin warden ladey was just joking abowt seeing yoo agin.
You're tagged, come by my blog and see what you need to do.
I know you are just back, but I tagged you! Come and see!
Yes, jails are EVIL. So are CAT CARRIERS. Ick!
What's a fortnight? Is that sum kinda different cat cage? Be careful what you go into for awhile, 'kay? I fink you drooled fur the warden cuz you were so starved fur attention an skritches. Are you havin any trouble readjustin to life on the outside?
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