Monday, August 21, 2006


I Don't Believe It...

...but it's true. After only a few weeks of freedom, I am back behind bars. What have I done to deserve this? My so-called loving human carers have decided that swanning off on another holiday is more important than staying at home to lavish attention (and food) on ME! Clearly any kitty must agree that there is something very wrong with their priorities.

My humans are going further afield this time, too - they are going all the way to Mericky. Here, to be exact. No doubt my mum will go mad shopping and they will get sore feet sightseeing. I just hope they don't get lost, being so far away and efurrything. I know I can rely on my Mericky friends to point them in the right direction if you see two confused looking British humans wandering round with cameras. Toby and Tilly live in Mewsachusetts, perhaps they will keep an eye out for them!

The only consolation is that the lady at the kitty jail holiday camp was so pathetically glad to see me this morning. Having an internationally-famous blogging cat to stay is probably the highlight of her year. She even remembered where in my cell holiday apartment I like my Scratchy Mouse to be positioned, and where to put my special chair to help me get up to the high-level sleeping quarters (I find the climbing ramps rather narrow for a cat of my dimensions to negotiate safely). And I must say, the company seems fairly congenial. The occupants of the next cell apartment, Treacle and Pudding, seem very charming, and there's a very pretty grey Purrrsian called Ruby on the other side. Perhaps we can have some cosy chats to while away the long, long hours.

My release date, apparently, is August 29th. Unless my friends on the Escape Committee can get me out before then...

Well, if you have to be there at least there are some attractive ladies to talk with.
we are standing by wif files for breaking you out of jail. just say the werd and we will be there.
Do your new furiends blog? You could teach them so much! I guess yur camp sounds good fur repeat guests. I like the looks of that hotel yur beans picked fur themselves. Peeps in Boston talks funny.

Um, I fink if I sees yur beans here in Whiskonsin, they're too lost fur my help.

Ok, who's up fur Mission: Liberate Eric? Don't worry, my largest furiend, we'll help.
You look a bit grumpy in that jail picture there. Are you giving your beans the Evil Eye fur leaving you there again?
Eric, this is totally outrageous! I might just go searching for your human pets while they're here in America and have a word with them! How are you supposed to live in these type of conditions? For how much longer do they plan on oppressing you?

It's time to take action! It's time to fight back!
Eric! This is terrible!! The beans say they luv us,then go gally vanting while we get locked up. If you need help escaping, get a messij to us an we'll be there to help you. We'll be needing help in a few weeks time when our beans go to Merricky. They are going furr nearly a month, so we will be looking furr a new home!
my dear fellow! how ghastly! shall i bring this up with your MP? perhaps i could throw a bit of my copious weight around, don'tcha know . . .

Sir Edmund
What is with all our humans?! Are they trying to traumatise us?! I say, bite them jailer. But only after she gives you the food.
we heard that Awww-gust 29 is like a squillion naps from now an so we's ready ta help break ya out too!
Eric, I can't believe you're back in kitty jail again! Although, I have to agree with you, about the fact that the cattery should be thrilled at having a cat of your stature gracing them with your presence.
You bet we will be ready with the jail break. Hope your beans enjoy their trip. If they get this far west, they are really lost.

Your kitty jail is much better than I got when I go to the kitty spa. So consider yourself lucky.

But sounds like you have some purrty ladies to chat up.
Poor boy! But I bet your mum and dad will have fun in Boston. That's where my mom went to school about a squillion years ago (but spent a lot of time at Filene's Basement).

The time should just fly for you with all that interesting company though!
lol.........poor Eric. I`m sure he will be spoiled silly. Have a great trip.

Where do I mail you mail? I will hide catnip and a file inside a cake! Of course, if the Meezers need help on the jail break, I'll be there!
Oh dear, it's not a great time to go flying off to Mericky with all the hassles going on at the airports. Hope they get here with no aggrivations.
Isn't this the same spa where you get stinky goodness twice a day? It sounds tolerable and maybe you'll get some neat Mericky toys & nip that you don't have in the UK when they get back....They better bring you something!
Oh my - back in the jail again! Maybe we can send a catnip bag with spechul powers so you can frow it on the capturers and it will send them off into la la land and you can escape back home.
Poor Eric, we have been left several times this year too. How sad. Our 'beans putting vaycayshions before the care of their beloved poodies, *sigh* it atrocious actions ~Merlin, SHadow, Ko KO
At least your jail, no strike that out, holiday cell is so much nicer in England than the ones we have over here.

Mummy & Daddy are going away for a long trip in Oct too. Mummy's Mummy will be coming over to take care of us so we'll be spared the jail, no strike that out, holiday cell. I think we will go bully her. Hehe.....

From fat Kim Kim
Let us know when you need us to break you out!
Be sure to ignore those silly people when they get back! Don't jump up and get all excited like a puppy dog. Play hard to get. Then, after awhile, rub up against them and show them that you are a forgiving cat.
You should have come. I live in MA. Actally my mommy works in boston and could have brought you to stay while your people toured the city. Also tell them you want clams and lobster. Boston has great seafood and they should bring you back some. Oh and to make you feel better it has been unseasonably cool here.
Luna is lost!! sniff
Only one more day, Eric! Hang in there!
Boni, Sanjee, Mini, Gree and Pepi
Eric it is August 30. Do we have to come and spring you out? Or have the beans reclaimed you?
Eric, are you back yet? Do we need to team up with Derby to get you out?

The Monsters
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