Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Why Tuesday Was Not A Good Day

So. On Tuesday morning I was languishing in my cell as usual, waiting for breakfast to be served, while exchanging a few miaows with the cats in the neighbouring cells. It was still early, so I was pleasantly surprised when the lady who works at the kitty jail turned up – was I getting an early breakfast? Then the bad stuff started to happen. I was seized and thrust struggling into the Evil Cat Carrier. I watched through the bars as my Scratchy Mouse, comb and other possessions were thrown into a bin bag. I barely had time to mew “Help!” to my fellow prisoners before I was carried out of the gate. What was happening? There was no sign of my human servants arriving to pick me up. Then I saw a man with a van. The lady said, “Bye Eric!” and handed me over to this total stranger! I was put in the back of the van and my bag of possessions was thrown in after me. The door was slammed shut and we drove off. I started to panic – I realised I was being catnapped! We drove down a bumpy lane and then drove fast down the motorway. I was really scared, in fact so scared I peed in my cat carrier! After what seemed like ages, we stopped. The man got out of the van. He opened the doors and lifted me out. As we walked up a path I realised I was in a place that was starting to smell familiar. The man rang the doorbell…and my mum opened the door! I thought he was an evil catnapper but actually he was taking me home! I was so relieved that when the carrier was opened I threw myself at my mum. (She did wrinkle up her face a bit when she smelt the smell of cat pee issuing from the carrier). She was very happy to see me, but she looked pale, and she told me she had been feeling a bit sick since getting back from Mericky the night before (she thinks she ate something bad at the airport). She washed out my carrier, then she gave me a bit of a sponge down too, which I didn’t mind as it stopped me from smelling like cat pee. Then we had a cuddle, and then she had to go upstairs and throw up. I’m sure that was nothing to do with cuddling me, though. Then she threw up again. Then I felt a hairball coming so guess what…I threw up too…all over the hall carpet! Then my mum cleaned up the cat sick. Then she threw up again…My dad had gone to work (although jetlagged) so when he got home in the evening he found my mum lying pale and wan on the sofa and me lying on her stomach to make her feel better. He looked after us in the evening, and I was fine although my mum was still throwing up.

This morning (Wednesday) things have improved a bit. My mum and I had a long lie-in snuggled up in bed together and she is feeling a bit better today. I’m just following her all over the house to make sure she is OK. She says I am a very good nurse. I have been checking out the things she brought back from Mericky by sleeping all over them. She is going to tell me all about their adventures in Mericky when she is better. She obviously needs me to look after her.

We couldn’t blog before because looking at the computer screen made my mum feel ill, and I couldn’t leave her alone. We are so sad to hear the news about Trixie and Luna. We will try to catch up with everyone soon and hope things cheer up in the cat blogosphere. It’s nice to be back in touch with my friends.

Poor Eric. Yoo must haf been reely sceerd when the strange man catnapped yoo.We don't blame yoo fer peeing in the evil cat carrier, I fink we would haf done the same. It must haf been such a reeleef to see yer mum again. We hopes she is feeling better, but we knows yoo will look after her. We hopes they haf brought yoo home lots of toys and fings too make up fer you haffing to be locked up again.
Phew, what an adventure. Glad you are safely home. Hope your mum's tummy feels better soon.
Poor Eric- what a bad day! Too much frowing up going on at your house. Hope efurryone feels better soon!
We are so glad you have been sprung from kitty-jail. I hope your Mum feels better soon. Give her headbutts and purrs. And try not to throw up again.
Oh,dear. We're very glad that you are home safe and sound. Our Mum is concerned that your Mum got sick in Boston. She feels really bad and hopes all is well by the time you read this.
Tilly and Toby
what did you get from boston? I am glad you are home and sad your mommy is not feeling well
OMG Eric! Thank heavens you made it home safely. Now rest up from your terrible ordeal.
I would have thought the same thing had I been in your paws, Eric. That must have been such a terrifying ordeal. You would think those homo sapiens could at least have informed you they were taking you home!

I'm glad your humans came back from America. I can't wait to hear about their journeys. I bet they had a wonderful time! Get some rest and keep your human lady pet company, and we'll hear from you soon! :)
Eeeek! Eric, you had me all scared there for a moment! I'm glad you finally got home all right.

I'm sorry your mum has hairballs. I hope it's not from Mericky. Although, my mom says if your mum had to listen to the politics, that's probably it.

Don't ask this while she's still not feeling well, but did your folks get to have clam cakes n chowda?
I throwed up Tuesday too. And then I hyacked up a hairball. Isn't it nice when you feel comfy enough with your furrends to be able to discuss such things? I think so. We're glad you're back!
That sounds perfectly beastly Eric. I'm glad you're home and can enjoy a good lie in.
Oh Eric, the indignity of it all! I am so sorry American airport food made your mum sick. I am not surprised as my own mom says it is quite vile as well as expensive.

We hope you both feel better soon.
I frowed up this week after my booster shots. -Scout
Beware Eric! Sometimes Lady People throw up for other reasons that get solved in 9 months time...........
ps: I'm getting fat agian!!!!!
What a dreadful expierence!!! We're glad that efurrything turned out well....except for efurryone feeling poorly.
I too threw up Tuesday and last night too. Mom mentioned the evil vet if I do it again so keep your paws crossed.

I am very glad that you escaped the kitty jail. I used to pee in the carrier too since getting in the carrier always means that I am on my way to the evil vet.

what a harrowing experience, that pseudo-catnapping--one would think that one might get an explanation before being whisked off by someone NOT their mum! so good to see you back in the free world again.

hope your mum will stop urking soon. have you tried giving her some hairball medsin?

come visit when you can!

sir edmund p. when is your mom having those kittens?!??!
Oh, Eric I'z so sorry yu had such a horribull expeereenze but I'z glad yur home to take care of yur momma. If'n yu lays on her tummy, itz like a hot water bottle and she'z going to feel better.

Poor Mum! I hope that everyone is feeling better now!
It's so good to have you back out of that horrible jail. Yur poor Mum though. It is the WORST fing to frow up like that but she has to get all the yucky buggies out of her tummy.
You know what you missed? There is a new cat in our bafroom and momma is fussing, fussing, fussing over her and her belly is shaved and she is very thin and I hiss at her.

We are all sorry your momma is sick.

Patches Lady
Guy pees in his carrier all the time. He is a stinky boy. I hope you all are feeling better!
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