Monday, September 25, 2006


Double Trouble

I don't care if my mum thinks it is "cute" when the Small Black Kitty comes into my garden and chases butterflies around my lawn. He is NOT cute, he is an Evil Intruder Kitty who should stay in his own garden.

Today, it got worse. He arrived with another, identical, Small Black Kitty. Yes, that's right, he has a twin! Unfortunately my mum thinks that two Small Black Kitties playing on the lawn is even cuter than one Small Black Kitty playing on the lawn.

We are being invaded. And what if he turns out to be triplets?

we're triplet black kitties, though we isn't small any more, an we'd be cute playin an chasin butterflies but we wouldn't do it in sumone else's yard. that would be furry rude.
Hmm. That's nuthin but trouble. I hope that you don't get extra kitties every day. That would not be good. Next thing you know, your Mom will be FEEDING them, or petting them or rubbing their bellies. You gotta be careful.
They're mutating in the garden!!!!!!!
well, at least they don't make rude noises like those froggies!!
Hey Eric,

Sorry to hear of your troubles with other cats. Maybe your Mum will run them away one day.

I will join the Ginger cats when my Meowmy gets a better picture of me.

Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog!
I think this is a potentially dangerous situation. Those black kitties could be planning to move in, sleep on the bed and EAT YOUR FOOD FROM YOUR VERY OWN DISH! Watch out,my friend, it happened to me and it could happen to you. Cute newcomers are NOT to be trusted.
maybe they're not twins - maybe the small black kitty is kloning itself. it could make squillions of himself. YIKES
Doesn't your mum understand that the garden is YOUR territory and she should help you keep evil intruder kitties OUT.

But you know, it might be OK. My bro once thought that way about me. And then I moved in! And see? Everything worked out!
Oh no you have mutant black kitties on the loose....we better call in superninjacats fur a rescue.


Does anyone know a superninjiacat?
Oh that is horrible that there are all sorts of black cats in your yard. This could be a bad thing. Be careful!
Oh, no. The attack of the black triplets!
Oh NO! Encroachers! What are you gonna do, Eric?!?
~ moose

(Although black kitties are inherently cute. I'm just sayin'. ~ turtle)
We have them small black kitties here too. And yes, they are multiplying.
Oh no! Triplets? That would be efun worser. We knows you are the king tho so no matter what they do you are No. 1.
Oh oh - this is sounding serious. Hopefully these intruders got a home already so your mum doesnt' get any ideas here. -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie
I goes out and gives them intruder kitties a big, scary "HISS"...then I runs off and I hides in the front garden (under the beans' car or in the front flower bed are my bestest hidey places). Well, "diskreshun is the better part of valour", as my lady bean says.
You go show those kitties who is the boss!!!!!
thanks for the very sad update. we hadn't been able to make our blog rounds yet :(
This certainly deserves your close attention, Eric. You simply can't have anyone invading your personal space, no matter how cute they are. Don't they have homes? Why do they have to play in YOUR yard? Perhaps if you explained things to them, in a gentlemanly way of course, you can get control of this before the 3rd one shows up!
I agree you should'nt turn your back on these two kitty's.They could be trouble.Cute or evil in disguise good work for staying alert and protecting what's yours.Humans where would they be without us cats.
Fat Eric ... You are being invaded by small black kitties. I sympathize, but there's not a whole lot that you can do about their frolicking in your garden other than join them.
DaisyMae Maus
Oh no! It sounds like the werld is being taken ofurr by small black kitties. Do yoo need sum Ginger back up. We can get up theer wiv yoo reely quick if yoo need us.
Two black kitties in your yard, hmmmm - let me make sure Buzz & meep haven't been using our frequent flyer miles and trying to visit you across the pond! When you say "small", do mean less than 15 lbs each?
Buzz & meep's mom
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