Monday, September 25, 2006


Happy Dance

Luna is safely back home and all kitties are furry happy about it. So happy, that some of them are doing a Happy Kitty Dance. Click here, make sure your speakers are turned up, and wait a few seconds for the music to start...enjoy!

that's an excellent dance an furry happy music - YAY fur Luna!!!
Thank you my friend!
o, fanks fer askin me ta come to tha Happy Dance for Miss Luna.

What a gurrrr-reat idea u haf for happy moos-sick 'n cats a dancin'. I danced too, rights along wif 'em.

I's so happy Luna's okay 'n home again wif hers family. My mommie cried she wuz so fankful 'n happy.
This is absolutely perfect!!!!!! We all feel like dancing!!
YAY! you can bet i'm shakin' my ample fuzzy booty right along with ya!! thanks for the dance!!

Thanks for supplying the Happy Kitty myoosik,FE!
A happy dance that we all are joining in. Nice to have some good information.
Happy Happy Joy Joy dance all around. we are so excited Luna is home with her momma
I know we have already posted but we wanted to send extra purrs and headbutts to fat eric for sharing all this wonderfull and blessed news with us today. Fat Eric, may there always be sun in your window, fresh air in your garden and stinky goodness in your bowl. That goes for all the kitties.
*dancin dancin* Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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