Sunday, September 17, 2006


Starting From Scratch

Bit of an unfortunate disgreement last night between me and my mum.

She decided that she was going to clip the points off my front claws, as she hadn't done it for six weeks and they are all nice and sharp and pointy. She had noticed that having me hugging her shoulder with my paws (as I like to do) was getting a bit painful. I am not very good at remembering to put my claws in when I hug someone.

Anyway, she went and got out the claw clippers, sat me on her lap, and tried to hold one of my front paws.

I am usually fairly co-operative with this process, but last night I decided that I was NOT in the mood to have my claws trimmed. No way. No thanks. Every time she held my paw and got the clippers into position, I whipped my paw away. Heh heh. Then she tried holding me in another position, but I still wasn't having any. Then she cheated and got my dad to hold me while she did the clipping, but I managed to wriggle free every single time. I am a big strong boy, you know! We kept playing this game for a while, I kept waiting till she was just about to clip before I quickly whisked away my paw. I kept purring loudly all the time to let her know that I was enjoying the game. Also I kept trying to lick the claw clippers, which nearly got my tongue clipped at one point!

Eventually we all got too tired to play the game any more. The final score was:
Claws clipped: 1
Small claw holes in mum's shirt: 4
Scratches on mum's hand: 1
Drool on the claw clippers: Lots

As you can see, I was exhausted after all this excitement so I had to have a good long nap. With my claws intact...

That happens to me too(the getting my nails trimmed part, not the wriggling part).
We play that game,too! Toby is especially good at it, with the drooling and purring. I, Tilly, am best at wriggling.
We want know, fat Eric, if your sister Hattie looked like you. Was she a big girl?
Way to show them who's boss Eric! And it looks and sounds like it was quite tiring!
Oh I hate having my claws clipped but I am not as good as you (or Chey) as getting out of it.
Wow! You are awesome. I gotta learn that. You should read my Thursday blog to see what happened to ME when the Lady tried to clip my claws. She won, in the end, but I inflicted LOTS of damage. Still, I have to learn your tricks. Maybe growing bigger will help.
Good job, Eric! I hate getting my claws clipped too. I know beanmom is going to read this and want to clip my claws too. I have to go hide.
Hey Fat Eric, I'm definitely back. Good for you on the manicure thing. I especially like the way you were able to keep score at the same time you were playing. My peeps don't cut my claws at all, and since that time they put those fake fingernails on me, I don't let them get near my paws at all, no way not ever. The lady peep says I'm pretty good at not clawing things now that I've grown up.

The lady peep says she thinks I weigh about 16 lbs now. I've not actually gotten much fatter, but I have a new winter coat on and I'm getting pretty muscular from climbing up my cat tree and racing around the house. How about you? From the lovely tummy shot, you're looking pretty fine too.
Good job Eric in keepin the human jaws of clippers offen yur purty nails. The Mommy gotted me today and cut mine but I let her. She gives me tuna treatsies after I get clipped. Angie on the ofur hand does what you do. She pulls her paw away. It took Daddy to hold her down and Mommy still couldn't get all of them. Then she clipped one a little to close and made Angie cry. That's when she stopped. So you gotta be careful of them evil clippers.
Hmmm, Eric wins another round against the evil cat nail clipper. But bummer that your mum gotted a little hurty.
You naughty boy.
Excellent, Eric! But be careful when you're sleeping. Once my mom got my claws that way. (And you know what? I was too interested in sleep to fight.)
Well done Eric, yoo showed them who's the boss. We don't haf to get our claws clipped cos we climbs trees an fings, an that keeps them short (mum says "But sharp, too sharp")
Hi Eric,
Guess you showed them who's boss.I hate to have my nails clipped also.
I bite,scratch,wiggle and meow as if I'm being killed.Mom had given up so I thought I had won.Yet now mom has the vet do it(sigh).
I'm proud of you, man! You asserted yourself and said "NO WAY" to claw trims. I do the same thing and escape every time! So...I have the sharpest claws in the family. Heh, heh, heh.

Maxwell Smartkitty
Good for you, Fat Eric! I'm glad someone had more luck keeping claws intact (for now, at least). The Feline Americans and I are girding our loins for another monumental battle with Mom ... Yesterday was the Feline Advantage and surely tonight will be clippy claws. Ugh. I work so hard to maintain a fully-functional mani/pedi ...

DaisyMae Maus
Way to go, man. I hate that, but Mom does it to me too. Then they glue those stupid colored caps on there and make me look ridiculous.

But, she says that it makes her more willing to play with me because I don't accidentally hurt her, so I guess I have to take the good with the bad.
Sometimes the Lady clips my claws, but I make sure to nip her often while she's doing it. She says that when I'm purring and licking her, it hurts when I knead her (with all my claws out) in the "chest area". Recently, I've taken to pawing her face while she sleeps. I can't help it if my claws just keep coming out too.

the Lady tried ta clip my claws, but i'm a big time wiggler an i 'scape. of course, furrst i cry so she loosens her hold on me.

No one has effur tried ta clip my claws an no one effur will...
My boys hate getting their nails clipped. They don't like this game. Instead, they try to get away ... but I'm bigger than they are. Hee hee hee ...
Eric, you are my hero!
Hey Big Guy, you let your mum know who's the boss. And a cat never knows when he'll need those claws. Maybe someone will get in the house and you're attack him and save your mum from a fate worse than death. I bet she hadn't considered that...
wow ... you ARE a BIG boy!

I got so bad about my claws that now my Cat Couch takes me to the V-E-T to get them trimmed.

Oh dear Eric ... you can be glad your Hummie doesnt know the secret grip that renders us practically immobile ... by pinching us by the scruff of our necks just lightly (like a mommy cat does to her babies to keep them immobile - remember) ... Shew my Hummy does and its just not FAIR!

At least my Hummy knows not to carry me around like that and only use the grip gently because that is dangerousestest to cats.
Eric, you are the model by which I live my life. I want to be like you when I grow up.
Claw clippin' in this house is every 2 weeks, first my toe nails then the fur kids claws. I do it in the bathroom so there is nowhere to run if anyone gets away.
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